Signs of pregnancy

What are the early signs of pregnancy

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Getting pregnant is a blessing. It is a period of 9 months which a woman faces in order to give life to her baby. This time period has many challenges. A common question is – “How to find out that you are pregnant?”. There are many signs of pregnancy which a woman should observe in herself to find out whether she is pregnant or not.

There are some early signs of pregnancy as well as some early pregnancy symptoms which can help you determine pregnancy state. Let us go through some of the most important signs of pregnancy.

Spotting or implantation bleeding

Spotting is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that occurs after the fertilization. This bleeding can be in shape of small spots and sometimes it can be referred to as cramping also. It is considered as one of the first signs of pregnancy. One important thing about the pregnancy symptoms is that it can vary from woman to woman.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is also one of the signs of pregnancy which happens with some women. The time frame of this sign is within one week of getting pregnant. Vaginal secretions in early pregnancy are usually thick white or milky white but can also be clear. The reason for this discharge is that after pregnancy the walls of the vagina thicken.

Some women face this issue throughout all the time period of pregnancy. Some women also feel some unpleasant smell along with this discharge which refers to some bacterial infection which needs to be checked.

Breast changes

One of the common signs of pregnancy is that the condition of the breast changes. The breasts get swelled up and they are not in normal position. They get heavy, swollen and sensitive to touch. It can start during the first two weeks of pregnancy.

Areola Color change

As we discussed about the breast condition changing here are is another part which is around the nipples of the breasts called areola its color start to change and it converts into a very dark color.


This is also one of the most common signs of pregnancy as mostly pregnant women get tired very quickly. They become lazy and if they do anything they will feel burden on their bodies.

Morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting

These are the first trimester symptoms of pregnancy. The main cause for morning sicknesses is higher HCG levels. Most pregnant women experience relief from nausea around the 14th week (second trimester), but others may have nausea persistent throughout the pregnancy.

Increase in urination

This pregnancy symptom is also found in a lot of women. They start to pee a lot of times in daily routine. Some women get worried but it is normal as it shows that they are pregnant and it happens due to pregnancy time period.

Mood swings and Headaches

This is normal for a woman going through pregnancy. She will not have control over her mood. She will have mood swings and also, she will be feeling headache.

Food cravings

A food craving is also a part of the list. Many women want to eat food that they don’t like in normal routine. Things which contain citrus are loved by women in this state.

So, above explained are the signs of pregnancy. These are most common signs that you will find in most of the women while in pregnant condition.

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