Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 23 Weeks

As you are 23 weeks pregnant, there is yet another improvement that has happened to your baby so far. It is quite interesting to know that your baby looks much more like a human now. The only thing is that he will be looking skinnier.

It is also worth noting that your little baby, by now, will be developing billions of brain cells in his brain for the next few weeks. The essence of these cells are to control everything about your baby’s movements as well as his sensory. And then, the basic things he will need to do in life like breathing. He will also produce a substance called surfactant. This is the substance that makes his air sacs to inflate and also enable his lungs to expand fully.

While your baby will breathe in air by the time he is born, at the moment, he is breathing amniotic fluid. It is also much likely that there is still space for your baby to do all of those acrobatics, even though it is only going to be for a while. If you check your tommy, you are likely to see his movements if he chooses to be active.


At your 23 weeks pregnant, your baby will begin to add some serious weights now. In fact, he should be able to double his weight for the next four weeks. Looking at his skin, it will look somehow saggy because of his fast growth but you can be sure that as soon as he begins to get some fat deposits, he will fit in.

Moreover, still at this time, you will be able to see the organs and bones of your baby through the skin. This is because the baby still has a red hue skin because of the development of the veins and arteries underneath. But by the time he gets some more fat, the skin will become less transparent.

And then, now, your baby will be big just like an eggplant. His length will be around 11.38 inches while his weight will be about 1.10lb.

But on your own part, it is possible you will be feeling some back pains now as a result of the growth of your bump while your hormones will be making your ligaments and muscles to relax. You need to take care of your back some more.

It is also possible that you feel so stressed out even when you have not done much things. And at other times, it could be as a result of pressure put on you at work, or wherever; it is just advisable that you take care of yourself so well.

Another thing is if you discover you started snoring, while this may be as a result of nasal congestion because of the extra weight or a swell up in mucous membranes inside your nose, you may try to wear a nasal strip when you are going to bed.

Make sure you have water around you always. This is to ensure you stay hydrated always so as to increase the volume of your blood, bolster the production of milk and renew your amniotic fluid.

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23 weeks pregnancy guide


23 weeks pregnancy guide