Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 28 Weeks

Having gotten to your 28 weeks pregnant, the other developments that have happened to your baby include his ability to respond to light. While you were told last week that your baby could open his eyes and see light, now if you point a flashlight on your belly, it is possible that he will move away from it. This is to let you know how responsive he can be to light now.

One main thing going on at the moment is that your baby is trying to put some finishing touches to the development of major organ systems in his body like the lungs, brain, and his liver.

Unbelievable but true, at this time, your baby has developed the capacity to dream. This is a result of the development of his rapid eye movement (REM). This is the best time to work on the eyesight of your baby. According to research, it is advisable that you could help your baby develop a better eyesight while in the womb. Apart from eating leafy vegetables and other things that are rich in vitamin A, by staying in the sun, the rays have proven to be helpful also in building their eyesight.

More so, the thalamocortical complex of your baby is becoming active gradually. This is that part of the brain that is said to responsible for his consciousness; it is a very important part in the process of the brain’s development. Put it this way, the brain of your baby is developing for the activities that he would be involved in once he gets to the outside world.

And in considering the size of your baby, he should be like a Kabocha squash, and if he stretches fully, while his length will be about 14.80 inches, he should weigh about 2.22 pounds.


Then, on your own part, you will discover that your tommy is getting larger by the day thereby giving you some form of discomforts. Don’t worry, it will all be over by the time you deliver. If you feel discomfort while sleeping, you may try using a pillow. Use it to support yourself to the best you can.

Also, if you feel like you want to faint or you are often feeling dizzy, talk to your doctor. But if it is something that is not too serious, then you may consider lying down when you are feeling dizzy or you raise your feet immediately when you feel as though you are lightheaded.

And if you get some form of uncontrollable urge to exercise or move your legs, it is likely it is restless leg syndrome. Well, you don’t have to panic, it is common with pregnant people. By the time you are delivered of your baby, these things will disappear.

So for now, try to exercise yourself daily for like a half-hour, it will so much help you and your baby. Start preparing for your baby. Think of the color you want to paint his or her room, and the necessary items you need to put in there. And very important, you need to start processing your maternity leave.

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28 weeks pregnancy guide


28 weeks pregnancy guide