Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 37 Weeks

Now that you are 37 weeks pregnant, at this stage, your baby is said to be full term now. He is more or less at the final stage of his birth weight, even though he will still be adding some extra fat each day. This will help him to regulate the temperature of his body as well as make his sugar level remain even.

It is possible he has further dropped down now into your pelvis while he is preparing to meet you face to face. So, if he has actually dropped, there is the possibility that you will be feeling more pressure around the region of your pelvic. You can also feel the urge to urinate most time now.

However, if your baby has not dropped yet, it is possible for you to feel short of breath. Also, in preparation for the delivery, your baby’s umbilical cord will start passing some antibodies to him. The essence of this is to get him better prepared for the various germs and diseases he is likely to come by once he steps into the world.

More so, his senses are getting set to begin their full operation. So, you will not be surprised that after birth, when you talk to him, he can hear and recognize your voice, and even turn his head in the direction where he hears you. Everything about him including his eyesight, fingers and others are improving by the day so that after birth, he can easily engage them.

And then, the intestines of your baby are building up this greenish-black substance that is made up of his by-products like amniotic fluid, dead cells and shed lanugo, called meconium. All these would be flushed out of him shortly after birth as a means of cleansing.

In terms of his size, he is as long as a stalk of Swiss chard. His weight is about 6.30 pounds while his length is around 19.13 inches.


But on your own part, if you suddenly discover that you have pile, there are other women who get it during pregnancy. It is a result of the downward pressure coming from the bump. Just try and get a cool cloth and ease it. Then, make sure you talk to your midwife on how best you can manage it.

You may also notice a heart burning sensation, bloat or you becoming burpy. This is because of the fact that your womb is pressing on your stomach. You may also feel some pressure on the lower part of your abdomen and pelvis, or your baby pushing against your bladder; the effect of this is more urge to pee compared to what you normally do. Don’t, because of this, reduce your water intake because you must stay hydrated. These are just for a while.

By now, you should be fully prepared for the delivery day of your baby. Don’t think you still have time as some babies don’t come at the EDD given. So, get your bag ready; let the nursery be set, and whatever is still left among your must-haves, make sure you get them now.

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