Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 32 Weeks

The moment you become 32 weeks pregnant, the toe nails of your baby is likely to become visible, and also you may feel him when he hiccups at times. At this stage also, your physician is likely to book you to always see him like every two weeks instead of a monthly thing like before. This is because you are fast approaching your delivery day.

Also, your baby is most likely going to be in a head-down position. Now that there is less amniotic fluid inside your uterus, to some extent, it will be easy for your baby to make different switches like moving head-up or head-down in position. So, before his birth, it is possible he makes this switches different times. As your baby keeps growing, the amniotic fluid will gradually decrease.

More so, in readiness for the time he will eventually begin to feed with his mouth, the digestive system of your baby is ready for work. Now, the baby looks more like a newborn. So, as he accumulates fat under his skin, it will look less transparent and more opaque. Then, in preparation for his eventually arrival, he will start practicing his sleeping cycle, hence, you may notice that his movements have reduced.

As virtually everything is set now, if any baby is born at this stage or later, there is an assurance of survival and a healthy normal life. For now, the only thing that still needs some more time for a full maturity are the lungs.

In terms of size, your baby has the size of a Napa cabbage. By implication, his weight is around 3.75 pounds while his length is about 16.69 inches.


But then, considering your own part, if you have some itches around your tummy, it is a normal thing. This is because of the stretches occurring in your skin. But if you discover it is becoming severe like you feel it on the palms of your hands or feet; or if you find it worse at night, then you need to see your midwife for the necessary actions.

If you constipate, it is because your uterus that keeps growing is cramping your bowels; this is why you are experiencing such. So, in this case, try to exercise yourself like walk around and co, and then drink as much liquid as you can.

Another thing is if you notice your breast is leaking some yellowish-like fluid called colostrum, it is normal. That’s the first nutritious milk your baby will take once he gets into the world. So, if you feel uncomfortable about it, simply stock some breast pad to help you out on that.

Because of your much growing belly, if you find sleeping uncomfortable, just sleep by your side and at the same time, use some pillows to support yourself.

So at this stage, it is advisable that you start learning signs of an early labour. And then, instead of big meals, try to take them in bits from now on while ensuring that the food is enriched with the nutrients you and your baby need.

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32 weeks pregnancy


32 weeks pregnancy