Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 34 Weeks

Now that you are 34 weeks pregnant, you need to understand that the brain of your baby is still so much developing, and that now, he is likely to turn head-down which is his way of preparing for the birth. So, if you begin to feel Braxton Hicks contractions, you need to understand that it is simply an early sign that is trying to send a signal of preparation for the big day to you.

While there is the probability that your baby will be born with dark eyes, at this stage, his eyes are most likely going to be blue. This is because of the development levels of pigment. In fact, the colour of his eyes could still change on different number of times before birth and it may also continue to do so until he gets to about one or two years old.

And because of the growth of your baby, he is most likely going to be feeling some little cramping because of his size. So, it is possible you don’t feel much of his movements again, although on a few occasions, you may feel his elbows, foot or arms trying to push against your uterus.

Also, if you are having a baby boy, at this stage, his testicles will be making their way down to the scrotum from the abdomen. But then, there are some baby boys who are born without their testicles descending, but before their first year birthday, it most time would have dropped. However, this only applies to about 3 to 4 percent of the babies.

Most likely, those tiny fingernails of his would probably have reached the tips of his fingers with a preparation for the first postpartum manicure to take place.

In terms of his size, he should be like a cantaloupe, so while he weighs 4.73 pounds, he is like 17.72 inches in length.


However, on your own part, you will possibly feel heavier on your breast. In a situation like this, wear a light weight maternity bra so as to stay comfortable. There are those that come with adjustable straps, so you may get that. You can wear both night and day to support yourself.

You are also likely to feel some lower back pain at this your 34 weeks pregnant. This is because of the extra weight that you are carrying and gradually, your pregnancy hormones are relaxing your muscles, joints and the ligaments while they are preparing for the birth of your baby.

You may experience some vaginal discharge as your day of delivery approaches. This is because the pregnancy hormones are increasing the flow of blood to the area of your pelvic and they are stimulating the mucous membranes. In a situation as this, get undies that have breathable cotton liners so as to maintain dryness and curb odors.

So, from now, start packing your hospital bag and make sure that it contains the must-haves. Then, you may consider having a birth plan if you don’t, and if you already do, you may just review it at this time.

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