Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 31 Weeks

Now that you are 31 weeks pregnant, counting it by months, you are almost seven months pregnant. There are also some interesting development that comes with this stage as far as your baby and your body are concerned.

It is expected that by now, the major aspects of the development of your baby would have been completed; the major thing that would be happening to him now is gaining more weight rapidly on like before. In fact, he will add on close to two pounds in the coming weeks while he is preparing to meet you eventually.

The brain of your baby will also be working virtually at all times now while it is also developing on a fast rate compared to before. By implication, he is developing his five senses so well that he can now process information, perceive signals and even track light. Although he cannot smell anything which is because the only thing around him for now is the amniotic fluid.

As noted in your 29 weeks pregnant, it is important you track the movement of your baby. This will help you monitor the state of your baby and how active he is performing. Interestingly, the taste bud of your baby would be forming already so that even while in the womb, he will be able to detect what is sweet or sour in the amniotic fluid. So, be sure that some of the flavors you take would be transmitted to your baby as well.

Talking about the weight of your baby, at your 31 weeks pregnant, he is the size of a coconut and by implication, while he is about 16.18 inches in length, his weight is around 3.31 pounds.


Then, on your part, it is possible you experience shortness of breath. This is as a result of your uterus crowding your lungs so that it becomes more difficult for it to expand as expected. But then, while you are experiencing this, your baby is busy enjoying himself because he gets his own oxygen straight from the placenta.

Don’t feel troubled if you go to the bathroom frequently. This is because of the pressure your uterus is mounting on your bladder, thereby not giving it enough room to hold up urine. Then, you could be one of those pregnant women who experience diarrhea at their third trimester. Well, if this happens, just ensure that you take enough water; then, carry your doctor along in case it persists.

Moreover, if you get hot in your baby, it is because the amniotic fluid is hotter than other parts of your body. You may just try and take a shower to cool down yourself.

It is also probable that you experience a contraction called Braxton Hicks. It is just a sign your body is preparing for labour. This one is not the same as preterm labor contractions. How to know is when the contraction disappears after you change positions or try walking around when you feel it, then it means that is Braxton Hicks. But if you find it difficult to decipher, then consult your doctor.

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31 weeks pregnancy


31 weeks pregnancy