Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 35 Weeks

The moment you are 35 weeks pregnant, it is good to know that your baby is quite ready to land in the world. One of the things that he will be doing at this time is having a lot of practical on how to suck in preparation for the first feeding after birth. He will also be moving down gradually in preparation for the birth. And by virtue of this, it is possible you start feeling some little pains; it is a normal thing. But the moment you become so uncomfortable about it, visit your doctor.

Another beautiful thing about him is that the fat he has been gathering will make him add some weight so that the baby that used to be skinny will now look plump. More so, that fat will equally help in regulating his temperature. But then, note that while his brain power is developing, his skull will still be very soft so that it will be easy for him to pass through the birth canal during delivery.

At this crucial stage of his, your baby will be building up stores for iron, a crucial mineral that he needs to absorb from your body. This is one important reason why you have to take lots of food that are rich in iron. You know, most of the absorptions he will be taking in will happen in this final month when he is about to step into the world.

By now, it is expected that your baby should have had his head facing down towards your cervix and vagina. While about 97 percent of babies have this done at this stage, any child who has not done so is said to be in a breech position. A breech position is a situation whereby the feet or butt takes the position of coming out first. Well, if your baby is in this position, there is a way he could be turned around manually after pressure has been applied on your belly.

At your 35 weeks pregnant, your baby is the size of a honeydew melon. And while he is 5.25 pounds in weight, he is 18.19 inches in length.


By now, your breasts will still be growing and getting fuller by the day. So, you need to get a fitting bra. But be careful not to get too much of it at the moment because after delivery, about three to five days, your breasts are still likely to get fuller.

If you feel headache at this time, take time to rest and reduce your stress. But then, try to find out what exactly causes it by noting what you do around the time it triggers up. This will help you avoid it in future. If you use paracetamol and it does not go, try to massage your head with cold towel or a warm compress.

Then, take time to find out different childbirth pain relief options and breathing techniques that are available. Avoid traveling as much as you can, and ensure that you have your pregnancy note beside you always.

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