Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 22 Weeks

Now that you are 22 weeks pregnant, there are nice updates you sure want to know about your developing baby as well as your own body.

By now, the skin of your baby that used to be so transparent would have become opaque now. Although, it will still look red, wrinkly and also be covered with vernix until the period when he is able to get more fat that would help out in the process.

Then, the gum of your baby would have started developing tooth buds in readiness of the first teeth that would come in a few months after his birth. And also, their eyes would have formed, only that because of the absence of pigment in his or her iris, there would be no eye color yet. If you are conversant with babies, you will discover that it is possible for a baby to be born with an eye color and then change it later around the first few months.

Another beautiful thing about the development of your baby is that his sense of touch has developed better by now that you are in your 22 weeks pregnant. And funny enough, because there is nothing else he could grab where he is, he bounces on the umbilical cord. But don’t work, there won’t be complications.

More so, his sense of sight have become more fine-tuned now. You will be glad to know that he can perceive light and darkness better now even though those eyelids are fused. He can also hear your voice, the beats of your heart and as your blood circulates round the body with those whoosh-whoosh sounds it makes.

Oh! Wondering what the size of your baby is now? Your baby is now like the size of a pawpaw (papaya). So, while his length is about 11 inches, his weight is under a pound or 15.17oz.


However, by now, it is possible you feel dizzy; this can be as a result of the decrease in your blood pressure. The rate at which your blood moves before won’t be as such again, so you may likely feel as though you are lightheaded when you are standing up or after you have stood for long.

If you find yourself having more desire for food, it is normal as your growing baby also needs to feed. So, as much as you can, make sure your home is stocked with healthy snacks like nuts, veggies and fruit so you have something to bounce on each time.

Moreover, if you suddenly discover that your ring or shoes feel tighter, you don’t have to worry. This may be due to the fact that there is more fluid in your body. This is also called oedema. However, if you find out that suddenly, you have severe swelling, bad pains below your ribs, or your face and your feet together with your hands are swollen, you need to get medical advice.

So, at this stage, ensure to work on your pelvic floor muscles. Make it daily stuff. It helps to ease the coming of your baby and to recover quicker once you deliver.

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22 weeks pregnancy


22 weeks pregnancy