Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 33 Weeks

At your 33 weeks pregnant, the bones of your baby continues to get harder as each day counts except for the skull that will still remain soft so that the baby’s head could come out easily when the delivery eventually is taking place.

Also, the brain of your baby is rapidly developing as his five senses are getting set for the outside world. At the moment, all he sees is the liquid (amniotic fluid). All he tastes is the amniotic fluid. All he hears is your heartbeat and the extraneous noise around you. He can also feel the sensation whenever he sucks his finger or takes hold of his toe. If it is possible for him to feel air, he would have breathed it.

At this stage, you need to pay more attention to the food you eat. You are expected to take food that has more of protein and fat much more than other things for the next few weeks. As the day of delivery approaches, the uterine walls will be getting thinner, and so, more light can penetrate through your womb making your baby to differentiate between day and night. Consequently, it is now easy for him to close his eyes will sleeping and open it when he is awake.

In your 33 weeks pregnant, your baby is like the size of a pineapple. His weight should be about 4.23 pounds while his length will be around 17.20 inches. In the next seven weeks, he is likely to double that weight, anyway. Those fine hair called lanugo which was keeping him warm in his developmental process are fast disappearing, only that there could be some patches of it around his shoulders as well as the back.


And coming down to you, there is the possibility that you feel tired easily especially when you find it difficult to sleep. One thing you can do is try to raise your legs up as much as you can. And then, reduce as much as possible whatever kind of work you engage yourself in.

You may also find yourself adding some more weight. Don’t try to reduce it because your baby needs to add up some more. After delivery, you have the freedom to do whatever. Watch every move of your baby. In fact, monitor it at least twice a day so as to know how he is doing.

Another thing is you may notice your nails are growing faster and they may even become brittle; that’s the work of the pregnancy hormones. What you can do for this is to make sure there is, in your diet, a lot of biotin. You can get this from bananas, whole grains, nuts and avocadoes. You can also take gelatin capsules, it is safe for pregnant ones.

So, by now, if you plan breastfeeding your baby, you should start attending breastfeeding classes. And then, practice yoga. It helps to work on your muscles and it does not put much pressure on your joints. Learning breathing techniques is also good as it will help you during labour.

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