Is It Safe to Carry Your Toddler While You are Pregnant

Should you avoid carrying your toddler while pregnant

It is common to find pregnant women who still have a toddler who needs to be cared for as well. So one child cannot be assumed at the expense of another. During the early months of pregnancy, many women have no problem with carrying their toddlers. Sometimes there is no other way. It is okay to carry your toddler when you are pregnant if there is no other way. But there are a few health conditions in which you better avoid lifting your toddler and carrying him/her around.

How to carry your toddler during pregnancy

During pregnancy, your belly definitely expands. This means that your center of gravity shifts putting a lot of pressure on your back. In addition, your body experiences change especially in the first stages of pregnancy which makes you prone to lightheadedness. Reaching out for your toddler while you’re straight up can make you feel weak or knees.

So, you can indeed carry your toddler during pregnancy but there is a way to do it. You have to pick them up with your legs so that you don’t strain your back. Bend your knees rather than bend over completely. Always endeavor to keep your back as straight as possible.


Furthermore, wear flat and comfortable shoes. You can also use pregnancy back support products that can help you reduce the strain on your lower back which may be experienced as you lift and carry your toddler during pregnancy.

The most comfortable place of holding him or her would be on your hip, below your bump. There is really no weight limit but you need to be careful. Don’t overdo it. In case you feel pain or spotting, that is a sign that you are overstretching yourself. Nothing bad may happen necessarily. It is only a warning sign that you need to tone it down.

Sometimes, you might be unable to carry him or her. Creativity is something that you will need. When you get the opportunity, ask for help from your family and friends e.g. when taking the baby upstairs to sleep.

Even if you are able to carry your toddler, don’t walk too far. You will get tired and be unable to carry them.

When should you avoid carrying your toddler?

Some women with certain conditions (also when having a high-risk pregnancy) should completely avoid carrying their toddlers.

These conditions include:

  • Women with a short cervix or a history of preterm labor
  • Bleeding
  • Early contractions
  • Any other pregnancy complications

The best approach is to ask your doctor about the restrictions that apply to you. Remember that every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. You might see other women doing it but this does not necessarily mean you can do it as well.

Also, your pregnancies may be different. Just because you were able to do it when you were pregnant the second time doesn’t mean you will be able to during the third pregnancy.

In conclusion, remember to make your toddler feel special because they may not understand why you are not carrying them. Don’t let them feel left out. With whatever decision you make, always be careful and sensitive about both your life and that of your unborn child.


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