Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Husband

20 cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant

Your husband will be the first person to know when you are pregnant. Since you get to tell him only once, you have the opportunity to surprise him with the big news. Some of the creative and fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband include:

1. Buy him a manual


For a first time dad, a manual will come in handy. Get the “how to be a dad” manual and nicely wrap it up. Surprise him when he least expects.

2. Wrap up the pregnancy test


This one is simple but very memorable. Wrap your pregnancy test together with a “you’re going to be a dad” card and then give it to him.

“We’re Having A Baby” – Free Printable Pregnancy Announcement Card

free pregnancy announcement card by urban mamaz

3. Wear an “I’m pregnant t-shirt”



One of the days when he is late from work, prepare him a wonderful dinner and welcome him home with a “Guess What?! t-shirt”. How long will he take to notice it?

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4. Swap out his cup for a bottle

The next time you serve him dinner, don’t place a cup by his dinner table. Use a baby bottle to serve his drink. His first expressions may be of confusion but he will soon get the hang of it.

5. Put a surprise in his dessert

Gift him with a box of his favorite treat and then write “I’m pregnant” on the inside of the box. It will be such a sweet surprise.

6. Put a message in a picture frame


Find a frame or create one with the caption “I love my daddy” accompanied with a note written “picture coming soon”. This one is especially good for your first baby. Here is a cute “I love my daddy” frame available on Amazon.

7. Message in a mug


Get a personalized mug with the beautiful message at the bottom. Once he is done with his drink, he will be excited with the message at the bottom. There are “You’re Going to be a Dad” Coffee Mugs available on Amazon.

8. Ultrasound photo


Give your baby the chance to announce it herself. Print your first ultrasound with an accompanying sweet note of the news, place it in an envelope and surprise him with it.

9. Let your child announce it


If it is your second or third pregnancy, you can have your child wear a t-shirt that announces a new addition to the family. Another option is to give your child the ultrasound to give to your husband while you shoot a memorable video.

Check out this awesome T-shirt for your toddler.

10. Hide the pregnancy test

Hide the pregnancy test in a place that he can find it but where he won’t see it coming, for example, his shoe.

11. Pregnancy reveal poem


You can write him a pregnancy reveal poem and craft words that are just right for a memorable delivery that he will always cherish.

Here are a few poem ideas:

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, On [due date], Our little miracle is due.
  • Roses are red, Diapers aren’t fun, But sometime in (month), We get to see baby #1.
  • First comes love, then comes marriage, in (month) we will be pushing a baby carriage.

Here are a few pregnancy quotes that you can add:

  • The best is yet to come… [due date]
  • And then there were three… [due date]
  • And soon the world shall know… (with an ultrasound photo)
  • We’re adding a new little pumpkin to our patch in (birth month and year)
  • All because two people fell in love
  • Shit just got real

12. Cereal bowl reveal


Have your breakfast cereal in a pregnancy reveal bowl. Watch his reaction for the most memorable morning breakfast.

13. Pizza pregnancy reveal

Homemade pizza inscribed “you’re going to be a dad” makes for really good homemade dinner.

14. Welcome home husband pregnancy reveal


Set up your home with décor or a giant poster that announces your pregnancy. It is simple yet absolutely incredible. Check out these options: “WE’RE PREGNANT“, “READY TO POP“, “TWICE BLESSED“, “BABY ON THE WAY“.

15. You’re Going To Be A Daddy Spoon


Surprise him during dinner with this “You’re Going To Be A Daddy” spoon. It’s a stainless steel spoon that you can keep as a memorable pregnancy announcement item for many years.  

16. Give him a scratch-off announcing lottery ticket


This pregnancy announcement idea is quite special and if your husband loves the casino, he will be thrilled with this cute gimmick! Scratching the card with a coin or a scratching tool will reveal the exciting news. Watch your husband think he’s going to win the lotto, but instead is getting even better news!

17. Pregnancy announcement with your dog


If you have a dog, this pregnancy announcement idea is really cool. Get this pregnancy announcement bandana and let your dog walk around until your husband notices the exciting news. 

18. Custom baby announcement wine label 


Surprise your husband with a customized wine label during dinner. Put the bottle of wine on the table and wait until he’ll notice the news!  All you need to do to reveal your pregnancy with these labels is to buy a bottle of wine, remove the front label, and apply a new one for the perfect personalized gift. Grab your customized wine label here

19. Crack the egg pregnancy announcement


Give your husband to crack the egg and discover the thrilling news! Once your husband cracks the egg, he’ll see the note with the message. Get your golden egg here

20. Surprise him with the new daddy survival kit 


This one is my favorites! A super creative way to announce your pregnancy that your husband will love is to get these beer labels and apply them to a pack of beers. Serve the beers to your husband while he watches his team play. There are more examples in this Etsy shop – check them here

No matter how you decide to announce your pregnancy to your husband, do something that you can talk about with excitement even years to come.