13 Pregnancy Announcements to Kids

Fun and Creative Baby Announcement Ideas to Kids

One of the bonuses of being pregnant is announcing it to your loved ones, and an added bonus is announcing your pregnancy to your children if you already have other children. Kids run on zero filter, you can never know what their reaction will be when you announce your pregnancy, that is part of the fun.

Here is a list of fun games and gift ideas to help you announce your pregnancy to your kids.

Baby announcement book

An easy way to tell your kids that you are pregnant is by either giving them a book with a story about a new baby or reading the book for them as a bedtime story. Books are great at saying the words that we struggle with so this is an easy way to spill the tea. Amazon has a great new baby book here.


Big brother/sister t-shirt

Give your kid a t-shirt that says that they are going to be a big brother or sister and in the same gift bag include a nicely framed picture of your sonogram and maybe a little sibling onesie. This gift then doubles as a potential photo-shoot outfit. Two birds, one stone. Amazon has some amazing t-shirt ideas like this one here. And make sure to read this article we published about 19 pregnancy announcement shirts for the whole family.


Scrap booking about baby

There are a bunch of things that you as a parent (or potential new parent) need to do before you announce a pregnancy. Things like the obvious, at home pregnancy test, then the doctor’s confirmation, then a sonogram, etc. Why not put all of these memorabilia into a scrap book along with photos of you and your own siblings (if you have siblings that is) and give that to your kid as a present. Here are some amazing scrapbook sets on Amazon.


Educational kids friendly show about being a sibling

You could announce your pregnancy to your child by way of an educational video. Now if you are adventurous you and hubby could make one. Or, if you are less adventurous you could head over to Amazon Prime and show your children some of their videos, like this one.


Baby word search

Another way to announce your pregnancy to your children is to make them work for it, not too hard because we want to keep it fun. A word search is a fun and interactive way to announce that they will be a big sister or brother. You could create your own word search with the words: new baby, I’m pregnant, or potential baby names.

Mom’s pregnant word build

Let’s stick around with the words and letters for one more. We bring you the word build. This one is super easy, you write out the words Mom’s Pregnant and cut out each letter. Then you get your child to rebuild the words to reveal the announcement. Or you could head over to Amazon and buy the letters here.

“We’re Having A Baby” – Free Printable Pregnancy Announcement Card

free pregnancy announcement card by urban mamaz

Hidden secret cake

Say it with cake. Cake is believed to be the language of love and a bonus is that kids love cake. So you bake a cake and hollow out the middle, fill it with sweets and a note that announces the pregnancy. Or you fill the middle with sweets and a baby (a toy baby of course).

Piñata with a surprise

Now we want to start this one by saying we don’t promote violence, but smashing a piñata is fun. You could get a piñata and like with the cake surprise, fill it with sweets and note or a toy baby. That way your child has a great time smashing something and gets something sweet out of it. Of course, Amazon has piñatas here.


Baseball bat with a glove gift

If your child has been looking for a baseball playing partner for ages then this is the perfect gift. A baseball bat and glove set, customized to announce that your child will be a big brother/ sister. You could write big brother/sister on the bat and write little brother/sister on the glove. Here is a personalized baby announcement Mini baseball bat.


Baby treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a great game for all ages, well preferably ages that can read the clues. Actually, you could use pictures as clues too. You can work your pregnancy announcement into the treasure hunt and make it as long or as short as you want. Then you could either have the last clue lead to a crib or to a gift for your child that announces the new family addition.

Get dolled up

If your child still plays with dolls this gift would be right up their alley. You can find dolls that are pregnant (like this one here)… you read that right, pregnant dolls. Their bellies are like a compartment that the baby doll is kept in. So you can give your child this 2 in 1 doll as a gift and while they play with it, you could announce that you are pregnant as well. Or get this super cute Barbie nursery playset.


Picture this

Pictionary is a great game that you can use to announce your pregnancy to your child. You could start withdrawing a baby and then a tummy around it and finally yourself and hopefully, your child has guessed that you are pregnant by then. You don’t need a Pictionary set but here is one anyway.


Special hospital trip

This last one is not so much an announcement than it is a meeting of sorts. You could take your child or children to your next sonogram and when they hear that heartbeat for the first time you could announce that that is their baby brother or sister’s heartbeat. This is a very special and intimate way of announcing that you are pregnant to your kids.