15 Best Refrigerator Storage Ideas and Organizing Hacks
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15 Best Refrigerator Storage Ideas and Organizing Hacks

When you open up your refrigerator, is it a complete mess? Disorganization is easy when you’re busy, tired after cooking or just putting your groceries away. However, you also need the right refrigerator storage ideas and equipment to make organization as simple and easy as possible.

The following organization hacks will make it intuitive and easy for you to keep your refrigerator in order.

15 Best Refrigerator Storage Ideas and Organizing Hacks

1. Pull Out Fridge Organizers

Fridge drawer organizers allow you to organize your fridge by using space that is often unused. For example, my top shelf has taller drinks on it, and then underneath, there is a massive space that goes unused because you can put an entire crockpot in there. Attach these pull-out drawers and you will have space for cherry tomatoes, peppers, etc.

If you have a lot of empty space, like in my fridge, it only makes sense to add one of these organizers.

2. Storage Boxes

You’ve added pull-out organizers, but now you want to make even better use of the space that you created. The storage boxes above allow you to stack them neatly on top of each other and open up effortlessly.

Stock them with your fruits, vegetables and other items.

The best part?

Amazon sells similar trays or boxes like the ones above, and they’re BPA-free, come with lids and a full set of seven containers. Multiple size options are available in each set, and you can even use them outside of the fridge, such as putting them in a pantry to store all of your spices.

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3. Drain Basket in a Tray Storage

One of the best refrigerator storage ideas is a basket in a storage container. You might be thinking, “well, that’s redundant,” but they’re absolutely great. First, the clear design allows you to see an array of colors when you open the fridge door.

However, the drain basket is perfect for berries, tomatoes and other fruits and veggies that you want to wash.

Simply take the basket out of the container, and wash the produce off in the sink. Closing the basket inside of the airtight container will ensure maximum freshness and keep foods for longer.

4. Snack Tray Organizer

A snack tray organizer will help you make sense of your refrigerator’s snack drawer. These drawers are the entire width of the refrigerator and sit at the lowest level. Most people fill them with cheese, meat slices and other snack items.

Yet, these spaces are commonly cluttered and in disarray.

A simple solution is to save small plastic containers from the grocery store and use them as storage bins. However, you can also use these nifty wire organizers from Amazon. I do want to mention that it’s a good idea to know the interior height of your snack tray to make sure that these organizers will fit neatly.

5. Full Refrigerator Storage

You’ll find a lot of fantastic storage solutions in this pin, and it starts with the wine bottle organizer. Next, the person makes extensive use of storage bins on the top and second shelves. This 8-piece set is a great option for clear plastic storage.

You’ll also find soda can holders, which add a nice, designated space for soda cans and anything similar.

Add in a stackable egg holder and you’ll have a masterfully organized space the next time you open your refrigerator. You can also use organizers and dividers in your freezer if you like.

6. Simple Tray Solution

Refrigerator storage ideas revolve around trays that help you keep food items separated. If you eat a lot of produce, you’ll love these trays. Provided in a ten-pack, you can quickly and easily stack these bins on each other in your fridge.

You’ll find multiple sizes available, including a large bottom tray for longer items, such as carrots and cucumbers.

On top, you’ll find three trays for medium-sized options, such as Roma tomatoes or green beans. Finally, the top six bins are meant for berries and smaller items. You can also fill them with nuts or other perishable items

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7. Side of Refrigerator Narrow Rolling Rack

Not all of the organizational hacks for a refrigerator have to be inside of the fridge. If you have space between the wall and the fridge, why not make use of it? This rolling rack is the perfect solution. You’ll find a variety of alternative options, too.

Fill the rack’s shelves with:

  • Cans
  • Goods that only need refrigeration after opening
  • Spices

Some manufacturers also sell rolling racks that are the full height of the fridge, which is another great solution.

8. Carry Can Container

If you have kids or parties often, you may need to bring out an entire six-pack of soda at a time. There are refrigerator storage ideas for this purpose, too. While one of the last hacks had something similar, this one is unique because the can holder has its own handle.

Simply pick up the soda cans all at once and bring them outside for a barbeque or something similar.

If you don’t drink from cans, you’ll also find a similar holder for bottles. Put bottled water or plastic soda bottles (small ones) in this holder.

9. Magnetic Spice Rack

While we’re on the topic of outside fridge storage, you may also like this magnetic spice rack. This four-tier spice rack allows you to keep all of your spices right on the refrigerator, so you always have pepper, salt, oregano and other items within reach.

Put all of your favorite seasoning items in these racks.

If you don’t need the space for all four racks, you’ll find plenty of people using them to store their paper towels, cleaning supplies and more. You can use these multi-purpose magnetic racks on any major appliance – as long as it’s metal.

10. Refrigerator / Freezer Wire Basket Storage

Whether you need to organize your fridge, freezer or both, you can with these wire baskets. You can also put these baskets in bedroom closets, pantries or anywhere that needs some sprucing up, making them a worthwhile investment.

The wire basket comes with handles that allow you to easily remove all items at once, such as frozen peas and veggies.

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11. Wall Pockets and Egg Baskets

One of the largest areas of open space is on the inside of the fridge walls. You may even have space below door cabinets that goes unused. You can make the most of this space with organizer bag sets.

These tiny pocket organizers allow you to store small items on the inside of the fridge or even hanging off from one of the built-in shelves.

Add packets of ketchup, spices and other items.

If you’re struggling to find space for your eggs, you can also take inspiration from these adorable egg baskets. You’ll obviously find smaller ones, too. However, if you have your own chickens or like to stock up on eggs, this one is adorable and functional.

12. Tension Rods

Who would have thought that tension rods would be part of refrigerator storage ideas? In this picture, we see how the yogurt is held up using some type of custom rack. You can also use small tension racks for your fridge storage, like the ones linked above.

Simply space the rods out to store items on top of them or hang them.

You will need to take some time to figure out the proper spacing for your most common food items, such as yogurt, cottage cheese or the like.

13. Zip n Store Organizer Bins

Food storage bags can be a pain to organize, and they can make your refrigerator look messy. It’s also easy for bags to get tucked away in the back of the fridge and forgotten about until it becomes a science experiment.

But the Zip n Store organizer makes it easy to keep all of your food bags up out of the way and within easy reach.

This organizer installs in less than two minutes with no tools. You’ll save so much space and won’t have to go digging around for leftover snacks and food.

14. Lazy Susans

One of the best refrigerator storage ideas for jars and condiments is Lazy Susans. They make it easy to get what you need without having a dozen jars take up space on your shelves.

Just spin the Lazy Susan around to find the jar or container that you need.

You can store so many items on a Lazy Susan, so you save valuable space in your fridge. It also makes it much easier to prevent jar and container clutter. Everything you need is in one little space.

15. Plastic Bins for Like Items

One great way to keep our fridge organized is to use plastic bins to store like items. For example, you may have one bin for yogurt and another for cheese. Maybe you keep all of your condiments in one bin.

You can even use bins for storing fruits and vegetables outside of the crisper drawers.

Keeping your refrigerator organized doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Use these 15 ideas to keep your fridge neat and tidy all year long.

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