15+ Cool and Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
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15+ Cool and Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Living in a small space has its perks, but when it comes to keeping your wardrobe organized, you have to get a little creative. Finding a place to store your shoes can be a hassle if you don’t have a lot of closet space. We’re going to share 15 clever shoe storage ideas to make your life easier – and your home more organized.

15+ Cool and Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Store Your Shoes in a Display Cabinet

Looking for a creative way to store your shoes? Use a display cabinet. You can show off your shoe collection and keep it organized without taking up too much space in your home.

We also love that the glass doors let you see your shoes, making it easier to pick the perfect pair for your outfit.

This idea is a great way to repurpose a cabinet you already have, but you can also find lots of options at local antique and thrift stores. We recommend looking for cabinets with wooden shelves instead of glass ones.

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2. Add a Storage Bench

If you have a small shoe collection, a storage bench is a great storage option. Plus, you can use the bench as a seat. They’re perfect for entryways or even as additional seating in your living room.

We love this bamboo storage bench from Wayfair. It’s so compact, but there’s still enough space to store six pairs of shoes. And because it’s so small, you could easily put two benches side by side to extend your storage to 12 pairs of shoes. Plus, this bench also has another storage slot underneath the seat, making it even more versatile.

3. Hang Your Shoes in Unused Closet Space

We all have space in the corners of our closets that we don’t use. This idea makes clever use of this space for shoe storage.

And it’s so easy to install.

Because you’re hanging them in the corners of the closet, they’re out of the way yet still easily accessible when you’re getting ready in the morning.

Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to hang heavy boots from these hangars, but they’re great for most footwear.

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4. Hang Picture Ledges

We love shoe storage ideas like this one because they’re simple and inexpensive. Hang picture ledges on the wall, and store your shoes upright.

The great thing about this idea is that it keeps your shoes off of the floor. Plus, they look neat and organized when they’re sitting on the shelf.

The only drawback is that you can’t really store boots on these ledges.

Just make sure that you choose picture ledges that are wide enough to hold your shoes and sturdy enough to handle the weight of multiple pairs of shoes.

5. Use a Shelf Tower

Looking for a simple way to store your shoes? Use a shelf tower. Depending on the size you choose, each shelf can hold one or two pairs of shoes. And typically, they’re small enough to tuck away in a corner near the front door or even in a closet.

You can find shelf towers in all sizes, styles and price ranges. The great thing about this shoe storage idea is that you can usually configure the shelves however you want, which means that you can store big winter boots if you want. Just remove one of the shelves, and you’ll have plenty of space for them.

6. Use an Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

One simple way to store your shoes without taking up any extra space is with an over-the-door shoe rack. It will keep your shoes organized and easily accessible, but it will also keep them out of sight and off of the ground.

You can find a wide range of options for over-the-door shoe storage, including those with clear plastic pouches (the most affordable option) and those with metal shelves. The one you choose will ultimately depend on the size of your closet and your shoe collection.

If you don’t have a deep closet, a pouch-style organizer may work best.

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7. Get a Modern Shoe Storage Ottoman

If you’re looking for shoe storage ideas that are versatile, this one is for you. Use a storage ottoman to keep your shoes organized and out of sight.

If you already have a bench ottoman, you can start using it for shoe storage today. You can get fancy by creating a little storage grid inside to keep each pair separate. Or you can just sit them inside. If you have lots of shoes, you’ll probably want to go with the “fancy” option.

You can also find bench ottomans that already have shoe storage, like this one from Wayfair.

8. Use an Underbed Tray to Hide Shoes Away

Want a quick and easy way to store your shoes without taking up more room in your home? Make use of the space underneath your bed.

You can store your shoes on a rolling cart, or get a shoe storage bag. Storage bags are a nice option because they will also protect your shoes from dirt and dust.

9. Hang a Shoe Cabinet on the Wall

The best shoe storage ideas for small homes make the best use of vertical space. That’s exactly what this shoe cabinet achieves. It has built-in shelves that pull out down, allowing you to store your shoes neatly. Just close the drawer to hide your shoes away.

You can hang your shoe cabinet on the wall next to your front door, or anywhere you have free wall space.

10. Hang Shaker Pegs

Here’s another great way to store your shoes without taking up too much space or cluttering your floors. Hang shaker pegs on the wall, and start hanging your shoes.

You can find pre-made racks, or you can attach pegs to a wooden board you already have on-hand.

As long as you have free wall space, you can easily recreate this shoe storage idea in your home.

11. Hang Towel Bars on Your Door

Here’s a clever use for towel bars – shoe racks. Mount them to the back of your closet door, and you have instant shoe storage for multiple pairs of shoes.

Towel bar racks are especially great for storing heels, but you can also tuck in pairs of sneakers and sandals.

If you’re renting your home, consider buying racks that use strong adhesives to stick to the wall. These are no-drill bars, so they won’t damage the door. But you may be more limited in how many pairs of shoes you store on each bar.

12. Make a Wooden Crate Shoe Organizer

Wooden crates are inexpensive and make great shoe organizers. Grab four, and hang them on the wall to make a rustic shoe rack that will hold plenty of shoes.

If your shoe collection grows, you can add more crates to extend your storage. Add a shelf to each crate to double your storage.

With four crates, you can easily store 16 pairs of shoes – more if you have sandals.

13. Hang Coat Hooks Low on the Wall

The best shoe storage ideas are simple, and this one fits the bill. To keep your shoes organized, hang coat hooks low on the wall. This will make it easier to take off your shoes and hang them up right away. But it also keeps your shoes off the floor and mostly out of sight.

You can use whatever coat hooks you want. If you already have hooks that you aren’t using, then this storage idea will cost you nothing. You can also find coat hooks online that are inexpensive and will complement your home’s décor.

14. Use Storage Baskets

Wire storage baskets are a great way to store sandals and flats in an organized way. You can tuck your baskets away in a closet, under the bed or even on a shelf.

You can find baskets in a variety of sizes and styles, and they often come in multi-packs.

If you plan to store your baskets under your bed, make sure that you have enough clearance. Otherwise, you can keep them on shelves or even tucked away in storage ottomans if you want.

15. Install Shoe Shelves

We love this shoe storage idea because it looks like it’s built into your home. All you have to do is hang floating shelves on the wall, and start storing your shoes.

What’s great about this idea is that you can hang your shelves in a corner to tap into that unused space.

Just make sure that your shelves are wide enough to hold a pair of shoes and that you have enough space to accommodate your shoe collection.

We really love that you can customize this storage solution however you want, which means that you can space the shelves further apart to make room for boots, or keep them close together for sneakers, sandals and flats. The possibilities are endless!

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