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Design Your Home With the Traditional & Bohemian Home Décor Items by Jemma

Welcoming spring with JEMMA’s outstanding home decor collection

Jemma textile brand, created by Yemima Bar Carmel, was born out of her passion for design, textiles, and aesthetics.

Jemma’s designed line ranges from traditional to Boho chic styles, made from fabrics and patterns which are selected one by one, in order to create an authentic colorfulness that illuminates the house spaces and adds colors of joy to our life.

“I thought about our current new collection for a long time,” says Yemima Bar Carmel. “I got inspired by the ancient and tribal textiles when creating Jemma.”

The Spring 2019 collection includes rugs of various sizes, decorative cushions, quilts, and unique bedspreads.

Like the rest of Jemma’s beautiful products, this collection includes handmade items, which are made by using traditional techniques.

A large part of the collection was produced using the block print technique. The uniqueness of the current collection is also expressed by the use of another traditional technique — named as “Indigo Blue Dyeing”. This technique is one of Yemima’s favorites, therefore it was important for her to implement it when designing and producing her latest collection.

This fascinating Indigo technique, also known as Mud Printing or Dabu, enables deep color printing, with a manual process, which is similar to creating a film’s negative.

According to Yemima, one of her greatest loves is to see how this kind of technique, which was developed hundreds of years ago in distant lands, is still in use today.

“I learned a fascinating fact during one of my trips to India”, says Yemima. “The Indigo color symbolizes the sixth Chakra, which according to the believers, includes the third eye. This Chakra is responsible for intuition and logic”.




This collection will be soon expanded with a few more additional stunning items, designed especially for spring, which will include new quality linen products such as aprons, kitchen towels, and many more useful and decorative items for home.

Feel the spirit of the upcoming spring, as Jemma invites you to enjoy the spectacular collections and the new recently launched website!