15 Insanely Smart Craft Room Storage Ideas
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15 Insanely Smart Craft Room Storage Ideas

Crafting is fun, but it can get messy. If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated craft room, then you know just how easily things can get out of control. Don’t fret – we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up 15 craft room storage ideas to help you get organized.

15 Insanely Smart Craft Room Storage Ideas

1. Drawer Organizers

If you store your crafting supplies in drawers, organizers will help you keep everything tidy. You can find organizers in all sizes and shapes, making them ideal for storing:

  • Pens, pencils and markers
  • Scissors
  • Cricut accessories
  • Thread
  • Paper

Drawers are great for keeping your supplies hidden from sight when you’re not crafting, but things can easily become chaotic and messy if you’re not keeping your supplies separated and organized.

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2. Use a Peg Board for Supplies

Peg boards are insanely useful for storing craft supplies. You can hang almost everything, from scissors to mini storage baskets, thread, ribbon spools and more.

For this storage idea, you’ll need:

You can also find mini storage jar organizers that hang on peg boards to hold all of your little items, like buttons, beads, pins, thread and more.

Peg boards are so versatile, which is why they’re such a great option for craft room storage – no matter what type of crafting you’re into.

3. Storage Baskets and Dowels for Paint

Finding craft room storage ideas for paint can be challenging. Those little bottles of paint can be a pain to organize, but this idea is genius.

The great thing about this storage idea is that you can grab the exact color you need without having to dig around.

You may need to fiddle around with the dowel placements to get them at the right height and angle for your paint bottles.

4. Use PVC Pipes to Store Paint and Other Supplies

Looking for an easy DIY storage project for your craft room? Grab some PVC pipe and start building a wall organizer. Round PVC pipes are great for storing paint, markers, pens, brushes and other similar supplies.

They can hang easily on your wall, and you can even customize the design of your organizer.

Make sure the PVC pipe is wide enough to hold your paints or whatever supplies you’re storing.

If you don’t have any PVC on hand, you can use tin cans instead. You likely have cans in your home already. Remove the label, clean the can and hang it up on your wall for instant storage.

5. DIY Hexagon Shelves

Hexagonal shelves are great for storing craft supplies, and they look like works of art. You can arrange them in different ways to maximize your storage space and expand as needed. From paint to glue and brushes, you’ll find that you can store a wide range of crafting supplies on these shelves.

Hazel and Gold Designs has an excellent tutorial on how to build these shelves yourself. If you’re not a big DIYer, these hexagon floating shelves from Amazon are a great alternative.

6. Over the Door Storage

If you’re short on space, an over-the-door storage rack is a great option for organizing all of your crafting supplies, from ribbons to brushes to paper and more.

These organizers are great for closet doors. If you hang them on the inside, they’ll be hidden away when the door is closed. Hanging the organizer on the outside of the door will make your supplies easily accessible whenever you need them.

This over-the-door organizer from Amazon even has hooks at the bottom, so you can hang storage buckets and other crafting supplies.

When choosing an organizer, consider what you’ll be storing. If you have a lot of big supplies to store, then you may need deeper shelves or a bigger organizer.

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7. Rolling Carts

Looking for small craft room storage ideas? Invest in at least one rolling cart. Rolling carts are great for storing craft supplies because they’re:

  • Compact
  • Mobile
  • Easy to keep organized

You can find carts in a wide range of styles and sizes. And because they’re made of metal, they’re highly durable and can hold a lot of weight.

Today, you can even find rolling cart accessories to expand your storage and keep things organized, like:

You can also put storage baskets and other organizers inside of your cart to keep all of your supplies neat and tidy.

8. Picture Frame Ribbon Storage

Ribbons can be a pain to store, but this idea puts them proudly on display and makes it easy to use each spool.

The idea is simple:

You can paint your dowels if you like, or keep them as-is.

9. Spice Rack Storage

Wall-mounted spice racks are the perfect size for storing craft supplies, especially if you store your supplies in jars. You can store just about any crafting item in a spice rack, from buttons to ribbons, glitter and everything in between.

If you have a peg board, you may be able to mount the rack right to the peg board to make installation even easier.

We love this three-tier spice rack from Amazon because it’s just the right size and style for storing jars of craft supplies.

10. Turn an Old Stool into a Wrapping Paper Holder

Instead of getting rid of that old stool that’s collecting dust in the basement, why not transform it into storage for your wrapping paper.

  • Turn the stool upside down.
  • Attach wheels to the seat.
  • Add your wrapping paper rolls.

You can even hang bags from the footrests and clips for extra storage for your scissors, tape, gift bags and more.

11. Use Space-Saving Hangars for Fabric

Need craft room storage ideas for fabric? Here’s a great one – space-saving hangars. These hangars have multiple levels (4-5), so you can hang several panels of fabric on a single hangar.

If your craft room has a closet, you can use these hangars to store your fabric neatly inside and out of sight. You don’t have to worry about taking up shelf space or taking up floor space with big fabric ladders.

You can also use these hangars for storing other supplies, like ribbons or spools of thread.

12. Hang a Coat Hook Shelf for Ribbon and Supplies

Coat hook shelves can double as craft room storage. Hooks are great for storing ribbons, scissors, storage buckets and more. You can use the shelves to store little jars of supplies, like buttons, beads and more.

There are tons of options for coat hook shelves out there, so you’re sure to find one that’s just the right size and style for your home. We like this organizer from Amazon because it has a built-in storage crate and extra hooks.

13. Use a Filing Cabinet to Store Fabric

If you have a filing cabinet with file folders, you can use it to store your fabric. Fold each fabric over each divider, and you’ll have quick and easy access to your collection.

The file folders will make it easy to find what you need at a glance, and you don’t have to worry about the weight of the fabric.

The key most important thing is to make sure that your filing cabinet drawers are deep enough to hold your fabric.

14. Use Hanging Closet Organizers for Yarn

If you love to crochet or knit, you know just how quickly your yarn collection can grow. At some point, you have more yarn than you can use in a lifetime.

How do you keep it all organized? A hanging closet organizer. Hanging closet organizers have storage cubbies that are perfect for storing your yarn collection. Best of all, you can hang your organizers in a closet where they can be hidden from sight.

15. Build a Craft Table

One of the best craft room storage ideas out there is to build your own craft table. Sure, you can find premade craft tables in big-box stores and online, but when you build your own table, you have control over the design.

It’s an ambitious project, but you’ll be able to add as many storage cubbies, drawers and cabinets as you want. Plus, you can add wheels to make your table mobile.

Fabart DIY has a great tutorial on how to build your own table. If you’re really not feeling the DIY route, then invest in a good craft table that has all the space and features you want.

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