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How to Clean Up the Room In 5 Minutes

Organize your room in 6 simple steps

Your bedroom ought to be your personal sanctuary, a place in which you can lie down at each day and allow all your worries and troubles drift away. However, because your bedroom is not properly organized, you have turned it into a store-like area where no one is allowed to enter.

Your room is a big disaster, books on your bed, clothes all around the floor, necklaces and hair ties, and cords and chargers, all snaking around your room, hairspray sticky surfaces, empty peach bottles, hardened snot tissues, and a dresser which is buried under a crap mountain.

You out to have clean and tidy your room during the week however you did not, and now that very cool person you will want/like to impress and build your reputation is visiting you in the next 10 minutes to hang out or study for the very first time and you had just got back to your room. The following are things to do in order to get your room organized quickly:

1.Cover your bed with a bed quilt

Of course, I know there’s a major debate on whether or not to cover your bed with a quilt. After all you will probably go back into it within few hours. But in case we make use of that mentality, for other places in our home, then there’s also no need to clean dishes, floors, or do our laundry.

Why do you have to wash something when it will be used again? Covering the bed using a bed quilt changes and transform the look of your room. It makes the room more uncluttered looking and inviting.

Your bed is the largest thing in the bedroom; covering it will give an impression that your room is a lot more uncluttered. Do not spend too much time on this, just pull the quilts up and then drag and cover it over the bed. In case you desire it to look just as if you didn’t just make the bed, lie down on it, and then get out of it again to leave an “I have sat on this bed” imprint. Place that item you had obviously engaged with such as, book of poetry, laptop, and collage on your now-tidied bed close to the pillows.


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2. Arrange all the things which are scattered around the room in a large basket

In case it is shoes and clothes that are all over the room too. Then go and get a laundry basket, put everything inside it (let the shoes be kept at the bottom), and then set the basket against a wall. You were just about doing a whole lot of laundry! Rather you can get a storage basket and stuff everything in that, and then throw it inside your closet.

If it is papers and books that are flying around the room, you should be making sure every single book and all sheets of paper are picked up, irrespective of what they are, and then put all of them in tidy piles on the bed floor or on your desk with the trendiest and smartest magazines and books on display.


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3. Get a storage bench to arrange the rest of the things

Since you are in hurry, do not worry too much about unrolled socks, and pulling your shirts out. These tasks are much easier to carry out while you sort the laundry. Just get all the dirty clothes and put them in a storage bench.

In case you have a large amount of clean clothing lying and waiting to get hung and folded, then skip this step and put the clothing basket semi-neatly on the bed after you must have made it. You can also keep your bed as a hostage and keep reminding yourself to always take a few minutes so as to put away the clothing before going to bed.


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4. Get an easy floor cleaner

Carefully select the cleaner you want to use in cleaning the floor in order to get rid of any dirt. This step can be difficult, because knowing the right floor cleaner to use for cleaning the house is not as easy as it may seem. A clean floor space will bring out the beauty of any room, making it look less untidy.


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5. Use Disinfecting wipes to clean the room

If you have decided to clean the room, then make use of wipes that do not contain any infections in them. A disinfecting wipe is the perfect choice if you want to tidy your room. Not only does it make the cleaning process easier, but it always gives you 100% guarantee that your room is changing for the better.


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6. Use an automatic spray air refresher

Do not opt for a manual air refresher, rather go for the automatic air refresher spray type. If you are someone who always have a busy schedule, but you would have wanted your room or office to have that breathtaking smell, then I will advise you purchase an automatic spray air refresher, as it sprays automatically with or without you being present.


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