1950s Home Décor That Is Full of Style
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1950s Home Décor That Is Full of Style

Looking for 1950s home décor to transform your space? Vintage is still in, and the 50s is still a favorite decade for home décor. We’ve rounded up some of the best décor from this decade that is full of style and will instantly transform your space.

1950s Home Décor That Is Full of Style

Yellow Vintage Kitchen

Pale yellow and blue are the most iconic colors of 1950s home décor, and they make this kitchen feel so cheery. The mini stove and fridge make this kitchen better suited for smaller families. They make excellent use of vertical space in this kitchen and balance the yellow and blue color scheme well so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

The stove is similar to the vintage New World cooker, which has a handy built-in dish rack. Check thrift stores and online marketplaces for this model if it’s something you want to add to your kitchen. Simple modern cabinets can be made in this yellow/cream color. Add blue worktops to complete the look.

Blue tiled walls and décor pieces will bring the whole look together.

Add a few vintage canisters on the counters along with an old radio and hang some pendant lights and a retro clock on the wall.

Midcentury Modern Living Room

Midcentury modern décor was all the rage in the 50s, and today, it’s back in style. This living space creates different sitting areas, allowing you to enjoy a movie with the family in one area and chat with guests in another. Earthy tones keep this room grounded, and the tasteful décor keeps everything balanced.

It won’t be easy to find a sofa and armchair with the same upholstery as the one in this room, but you can find similar pieces in shops that sell midcentury modern décor. This 3-piece living room set from GDF Studio may be a great alternative, or you can spring for a Weiman-style sofa if budget isn’t a concern. Finally, add some vintage window treatments, a coffee table and some plants to complete the room.

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A Cozy Sitting Space

This cozy little sitting space will make room for more guests or serve as a cozy spot to chat over some tea. If you have a bare wall in your dining room, you can easily recreate this 50s-inspired sitting space.

Place a sideboard at the center of the wall and a mid century modern dining chair on each side. Hang a sconce above each chair, hang a piece of vintage artwork, add a few table lamps, and you’re good to go. Painting the wall a lovely sky-blue color or a similar retro color will tie the whole look together.

Colorful Living Room

1950s home décor was far from bland. Living rooms like these were common, where bright colors reigned supreme. This cheery living room features layered curtains, curved furniture and lots of greenery to make the space feel welcoming.

The yellow and coral armchairs pair well with the teal sofa, and all of the seats in this room have vibrant throw pillows that match the other colorful furniture in the space. Add a modern coffee table, lamps and some plants to complete the look.

Blue Kitchen

The blue in this 1950s kitchen creates a calming space and provides room for entertaining guests. A few stools and a round bar give you a place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.

If you’re redoing your kitchen and want to go with a retro style like this, modern flat cabinets will do the trick. Pick a pale blue color and choose a darker shade of blue for the worktops. If that’s too much blue for you, go for a butcher block or even a dark gray color.

Undercabinet shelves will give you space to store spices and essentials. Hang vintage wallpaper and a clock above your cabinets. Don’t forget the pendant chandelier.

Mid Century Modern Lounge

This lounge space features 1950s home décor in the mid century style. There’s a lot going on here, but all of these pieces work together somehow.

The rose-colored modern chaise gives you space to relax, take a nap or read a book. The sofa and armchairs create space for entertaining and conversation. The round coffee table complements the sputnik chandelier. A trippy striped rug adds some character to the space, and the potted plants bring natural elements into the room to soften things up.

Vintage Tropical

Tropical décor never seems to go out of style. This 1950s inspired room features rattan furniture, retro armchairs and palm chandeliers. Peach, pea green and beige and are dominating colors in this space.

We love the floral artwork and tree trunk side table. The arrangement of the seating encourages conversation among guests.

1950s Minimalistic Living Room

This minimalistic living room is perfect for entertaining and has a cozy retro vibe that will instantly transport you back in time.

The club tub style chairs add comfort and style, and the cozy sofa helps soften up the space. The two minimalistic side tables add function without taking up too much space. The blue rug and curtains tie the room together.

Curved Living Room

This living room features curvy 1950s home décor to create a more welcoming and inviting space. The fireplace is the focal point here, but the rounded sofa and chairs help create flow while adding function. Strategically placed lamps and décor add character to the room without taking away from its simplicity.

The sofa in this room matches the brick wall, while the blue chairs and artwork on the wall add some pop of color. The hanging pendant lights help ensure the room is well-lit.

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Teal and Beige Living Room

This teal and beige living room features 1950s-style furniture with a modern flair. The pair of round back chairs add a pop of color to the space and matches the teal brick wall. The beige sofa provides plenty of space to relax or converse with guests.

The round coffee table complements the round back chairs and helps make the room feel more welcoming. A neutral area rug helps ground the space and ties it all together. We love the round dome lamps on the side tables and the vintage artwork on the walls.

This room’s color scheme works well in a mid century modern home, where walls of windows allow an abundance of natural light.

Retro Dining and Entertaining Space

In this retro dining and entertaining space, the round table, pendant lights and rug soften the hard, clean lines of the entertainment center along the wall. This space is perfect for entertaining guests for coffee or for listening to your favorite vinyl.

Add some houseplants to the shelves and near windows to introduce some natural elements.

Retro 1950s Music Room

Step back in time with these beautiful wooden colors, greens and yellows. The main focal point(s) of this room, include a circular table, where you can place drinks, snacks or other items while you sit back in your tuffed armchair.

On the other side, your friend or loved one can relax in a stunning mid century modern fabric club chair.

The record or magazine holder (you can use it for both), is the perfect touch to complete this room. Of course, you’ll also want some ambient lighting, which is easy to achieve with a pair of solid table lamps.

1950s Bedroom With Seating Area

Browns, greens and a massive, curtained window are reminiscent of the care-free 1950s. Starting off, this room is separated into two main area: a bedroom and a sitting area. The room divider is the centerpiece, and it is accented with stunning pendant lights.

Flowers are placed next to the bed to add color, with this decorator opting to add in sharp orange flowers.

In the sitting area, you’ll find two chairs and a single ottoman, allowing you to sit back while reading or just relaxing after a long day.

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling to add direct light to the space and allow for ample opportunity to add plants and flowers to the space.

Orange, Old-School Cool Room

A cornerstone of this 1950s room is the orange chair. You can picture people reclining back in this stylish, upholstered recliner or kicking their feet up on the ottoman. Why is there an ottoman for a recliner? It’s all about style. The colors work wonderfully together and accent the sofa perfectly.

However, there is still so much style in this pin.

Imagine the coffee table with magazines spread on it and a piping hot coffee. The table “screams” 1950s and adds a nice wooden color to the room. The Conrad table truly invokes the modernism of the era.

Naturally, a colorful lamp on the end table provides the splash of color the room needs. Plus, it’s a nice addition if you want to sit back and read the newspaper or a book on your Kindle. Finishing this look off is a spectacular shag rug, which is perfect if you have hardwood floors.