15 Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Home Decorations
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15 Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Home Decorations

Are you planning a home wedding? The great thing about home weddings, apart from the charm and intimacy, is that you can plan everything however you want. And that includes your wedding home decoration choices.

To help you plan your big day, we’ve rounded up 15 insanely gorgeous decoration ideas for your inspiration.

15 Insanely Gorgeous Wedding Home Decorations

1. Pink and White Floral Backdrop

If you want to set up a place for guests to take photos or even for your own photos, this floral backdrop is perfect.

You’ll need two sets of backdrop curtains, flowers (fresh or artificial), a modern sofa and an open space.

2. Floral Stair Décor

If you have a beautiful staircase in your home, this wedding home decoration idea is perfect. Dress up and show off your stairway, especially if the bride will be making an entrance this way.

To create this wedding home decoration, all you need is:

Choose colors that match the wedding theme to tie it all together.

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3. Rustic Photo Backdrop

If your wedding has a rustic or barn theme, this photo backdrop will complement the rest of your décor. While they’re using this as a photo backdrop here, you could easily set something like this up behind the bride and groom’s table or even use it as a decoration for the wedding’s entrance.

For this decoration, you’ll need a wooden backdrop or old barn door and:

You can easily set up a backdrop like this in the corner of a room or even in a separate room of the home if you want to use it for photos.

4. Woodland Fall Wedding Decor

If you’re planning a fall outdoor wedding at home, then here’s an adorable decoration setup for your tent entrances. Of course, if you’re not using tents, you could place decorations like these just about anywhere – near tables, at the entrance of the party or even near the wedding altar.

If you can, use real wood logs for a truly rustic feel. You can also find log end tables if you’d rather go that route. Nestle pumpkins, vases of flowers, greenery and votive candles into your cascade of logs. Don’t forget to place a galvanized pail with gorgeous flowers at the base.

5. Baby Breath Hanging Decorations

Here’s a beautiful wedding home decoration that complements any theme. Place these hanging bulb vases above your table or, if you’re having an outdoor wedding, hang them from trees where guests will be socializing.

These little planters will add a magical touch to your wedding no matter where you hang them.

If you want to take a crack at making your own, here’s a great tutorial:

Collect old incandescent light bulbs from friends and family to make them an even bigger part of your big day.

6. Hanging Mason Jar Candles

There’s something romantic and whimsical about hanging mason jar candles, which makes them perfect as wedding decorations. If you’re having a backyard wedding, you can hang jar candles around the altar or from the trees where guests will be sitting during the ceremony.

If you’re not comfortable lighting real votive candles, you can use LED candles instead. Choose ones that flicker for a more realistic look. Grab a set of mason jars with hangar handles, and you’re ready to start decorating. We recommend not placing your candles anywhere near your floral decorations just to be on the safe side (unless you’re using LED candles).

7. Hexagon Wedding Arch

Ditch the traditional wedding arch for this hexagonal one. This gorgeous wedding decoration will frame the couple beautifully when they’re exchanging vows. Add flowers to the arch, a hurricane lantern and other décor that matches your wedding’s theme.

Be thoughtful about where you place your arch, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Make sure that guests can see both of you and that there’s space for you and your special someone to go through the ceremony.

8. Welcome Sign

Welcome guests to your home wedding with this rustic sign and woodland décor. You can make your own sign, or you can order your own custom sign from Amazon (don’t forget to grab an easel stand, too). Add some flowers to dress it up and place it near your woodland decorations.

Use real or artificial logs for your arrangement. Sit vases of flowers, a hurricane lantern and other little décor items that match your wedding’s theme.

9. Wood Slice Centerpieces

If you’re setting up tables for your reception, these centerpieces are perfect. They’re simple yet so elegant. The wood slices add rustic charm, and the combination of baby’s breath and roses is so gorgeous. Add a few candles and you have a great little centerpiece.

You can find wood slices on Amazon that are large enough for centerpieces. Add a mini vase, mason jar and a few candles to complete the piece.

You don’t have to use baby’s breath and roses for the flower arrangements. Instead, use the same flowers you’re using elsewhere in your decorations.

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10. Floral Stairway

Stairways are the ultimate wedding home decoration, especially when dressed up with greenery and flowers as we see here.

While you can certainly use fresh flowers, you can also find artificial garland that looks just like the real thing. Be generous with how much you purchase. You may need to add plain greenery to make the garland look fuller. The goal is to make the stairs look like they belong in a fairytale.

Add lanterns and candles along the bottom steps to add to the magic and elegance.

11. Hanging Lights and Fairy Lights

Here’s a beautiful wedding décor idea for outdoor events. Wrap fairy lights around a tree and then hang lanterns and small pendant lights. The combination of the lanterns and fairy lights creates a magical space that your guests won’t soon forget.

Get a few different styles of lanterns for your tree. Add a few globe lights and wrap fairy or holiday lights around the tree.

You can decorate multiple trees to create an enchanting outdoor space, or you can decorate one tree to make it the focal point. Trees near the bar or gathering areas are perfect candidates for this decoration idea.

12. Canopy of Lights

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding and you plan to have a big, shared table for your reception, why not hang a canopy of lights above the table?

A canopy of lights will create a magical, ethereal space for your wedding feast. You’ll need light poles and fairy lights to bring this idea to life. Make sure that you buy enough lights to cover the entire space and allow for some draping along the top.

Don’t forget to dress up your table, too. We love the table in this photo, with its gorgeous place settings and floral centerpiece with candlesticks.

The combination of these lights, your table and the atmosphere will make the evening unforgettable for everyone who shares in this special moment.

13. Floral Porch Decor

For outdoor weddings, a front or back porch can become the perfect aisle or wedding arch for couples. Hang flowers from the two front columns and add a few lanterns to create a romantic, elegant space that is truly magical.

You can use fresh flowers, or you can use artificial garland. Just make sure that your arrangement looks full and lush to get the whimsical effect you want.

14. Romantic Bride and Groom Table

When it comes to wedding home decoration choices, one of the most important areas to focus on is the head table (the bride and groom’s table).

We love this table décor because it’s so elegant and beautiful. It will easily complement any wedding theme.

Start with peach-colored linens and add a rust-colored table runner. Top with floral garland and candlesticks. We love the rattan chairs in this setup.

15. Fireplace Decor

If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous stone fireplace in your home, then you can easily make it the focal point of your ceremony with this decoration idea.

Start by decorating the mantle with floral garland and greenery. They used fresh flowers for this decoration, but you can use artificial garland if you prefer. Next, add candlesticks to both ends of the mantle. In the fireplace itself, add candles – at least a dozen. You can tie in some greenery between the candles, too, for a magical look.

Above the fireplace, hang the first letter of your last name or your full last name (your choice!).

These are some of the most gorgeous home wedding decoration ideas out there. Remember that this is your big day, so only choose ideas that you absolutely love. The goal is to make your special day an unforgettable one for both you and your guests.

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