15 Insanely Gorgeous Cricut Wedding Ideas We Love the Most
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15 Insanely Gorgeous Cricut Wedding Ideas We Love the Most

Are you planning your big day? These gorgeous Cricut wedding ideas will help you create a magical day that you’ll never forget.

And they’re so much fun to create.

If you haven’t purchased a Cricut machine yet, make sure to peruse our guide on determining the best Cricut machine for every project.

15 Insanely Gorgeous Cricut Wedding Ideas We Love the Most

1. Custom Flute Glasses

There’s going to be quite a lot of toasting at your wedding, so why not do it with pretty, custom flute glasses? You can personalize your glasses with the words “bride” and “groom,” or you can add any graphic you want, like our “xoxo” design.


Get this design in our shop!

Along with our design, you’ll also need:

2. Welcome Sign

One of our favorite Cricut wedding ideas is a welcome sign. You can find a beautiful mirror at a thrift store or even a family heirloom if you want. Use your Cricut to create a vinyl decal and attach it to the mirror.

You can customize your design with your names, date and pretty graphics, like these roses from our shop. They have a transparent background, which makes them perfect for a project like this one.


Get this design from our shop!

You can place your mirror at the entrance of the reception to welcome guests, or you can make multiple signs like this to direct guests to different areas. It’s a fun and simple project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

If you’re not a fan of mirrors, you can use acrylic or even a wooden sign if you want.

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3. Custom Bridal Party Makeup Bags

Here’s a cute idea for bridal party gifts: customized makeup bags. Find a quality bag with a plain or simple design that you can easily personalize. Use your Cricut to create a vinyl decal and you’re ready to give them as gifts.

You can personalize these bags with their names, graphics or whatever you please. Our makeup SVG file is perfect for this kind of project.

makeup svg

Find this design in our shop

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

4. Customized Wedding Welcome Bags

Need Cricut wedding ideas for a destination wedding? Customized wedding welcome bags are perfect. You can personalize them however you want and fill them with all of the little things your guests will need to make their stay comfortable.

Mini burlap bags are such a cute idea for this, but heat-transfer vinyl doesn’t take so well to this material. Canvas bags are a great alternative. You’ll need:

You can customize your bags with the state name and shape or country name if you’re marrying overseas.

5. Mr. And Mrs. Chair Signs

Looking for a cute project that you can use during the reception? You can use your Cricut to make Mr. and Mrs. chair signs. You can make your signs with cardstock, but if you want to keep them as little souvenirs or reminders of the day, chipboard is the better option.

You can cut chipboard with your Cricut with a knife blade. You’ll also need a strong cutting mat. With a little Mod Podge, you can add some glitter and make your signs really sparkle and stand out.

Modern DIY Bride has a great tutorial on how to make these signs.

6. Paper Bridal Bouquet

Think a paper bridal bouquet sounds tacky? Think again! You can create gorgeous bouquets of intricate flowers that look real. Lia Griffith has an in-depth tutorial on how to make these beautiful flowers using your Cricut and just a few supplies:

  • Craft scissors
  • Curling tool
  • Needle nose pliers or wire cutters
  • Low-temp hot glue gun
  • Metallic paper
  • Green paper-covered wire
  • Floral tape

The best part about creating a paper flower bouquet is that you can keep it forever.

7. Acrylic Table Numbers

These geode-inspired acrylic table numbers are gorgeous, and they’re so easy to make with your Cricut machine.

These table numbers will look so pretty at your reception, and you can design them to match your theme. And because they’re made of acrylic, you can keep them as reminders of your big day.

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8. Thank You Tags

Customized “thank you” tags can add a personal touch to your wedding favors and let guests know that you appreciate their attendance. Tags are an easy Cricut project, and they can be made to match the theme of your wedding.

And we have the perfect SVG file in our shop for your project.


Get these labels in our shop!

You can print your labels on sticker paper, or you can cut them using your Cricut and hang them from the handle of a favor bag. You can get as creative as you want with your tags.

9. Photo Booth Props

Are you going to have a photo booth at your reception? If so, you can make your own props for guests to use when they’re taking photos.

With your Cricut machine and some cardstock paper, you can make adorable props. Our heart-shaped “love” SVG design will be perfect for this kind of project. You can create other fun props, too, like sunglasses, crowns, masks and more.


Find this design in our shop!

Daydream Into Reality has a detailed tutorial on how to make props like these. You can use cardstock paper, or you can use vinyl – it’s up to you. Each material has its pros and cons, so experiment to see which one will work best for you and your wedding.

10. Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign

Counting down the day to your “big day” is common. You’re excited to tie the knot, and there’s an amazing chalkboard sign that you can make with your Cricut machine to celebrate.

What do you need to get started?

  • Cricut mat
  • Chalkboard
  • Transfer tape
  • Cardstock (get multiple colors and styles)
  • Glue gun (this one comes with sticks)

Number 2 Pencil has a great tutorial on how to get started with this wedding idea. You’ll also need some chalk to keep changing the date until you say, “I do.”

11. Save the Date Magnet

Save-the-date magnets are not one of the Cricut wedding ideas that people initially think of, but they’re a great way for people to remember your wedding date. You’ll need a few items to get started;

Using a Cricut for cutting is a great choice and will make the project easier to complete. The design program for your Cricut will make it easy to design the perfect magnet for your “save the dates.”

12. Acrylic Wedding Invitations

What does every wedding need? Invitations. You can create your own acrylic invitations and save a ton of money in the process with your Cricut machine. Materials that you’ll need to get started are:

Of course, you’ll need to have your own Cricut machine and a design that you want to print on. You’ll find a great tutorial on how to get started with this project on Domestic Heights.

If you want your wedding to be truly unique from start to finish, these wedding invitations are a must-have.

13. Custom Hangers

One of my favorite ideas on this list is the custom hanger, which you can use and smile when seeing for years after your wedding. You can add the bride’s and groom’s name, the date of the wedding or anything else you want, such as the name of your bridesmaids.

All you need to get started is hangers (this one and this one), ribbons, weeder tool, scraper tool, transfer tape and white vinyl (or any color you want).

You’ll have plenty of extra materials to create other wedding projects on this list.

14. Bride Jacket

Do you have a jean jacket? A bridal jacket is one of the best Cricut wedding ideas, and it’s so easy to make. You can purchase a jacket on Amazon if you don’t have one and personalize it with:

  • Bride

Brooklynberrydesigns.com has a super cute floral frame SVG that you can use to frame the name. If you have the denim jacket, you only need iron-on vinyl (this one lasts for over 50 washes and comes in dozens of color options) and cutting tools.

You can choose a jacket style that you like – there are countless options. Don’t like the jacket idea? You can use the same concept for socks or even shirts.

15. Bridesmaid Shirts

You’ve found the person that you jumped for joy for when you said, “I do.” Now, you’ve chosen bridesmaids and need them to be decked out in bridesmaids’ gear. T-shirts are a great option and can be purchased right on Amazon here.

You’ll also need:

  • Cute quote for your shirt
  • Date of your big day
  • The word “Bridesmaids” on the shirt

Create the design you want to put on your shirt and print it on a Cricut iron-on. You’ll also need weeding tools and an ironing board to finish this design.

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