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15 Mind Blowing Cricut Ideas for Gifts

Nothing beats a handmade gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday or to celebrate a life milestone, giving a gift made by hand and with love will always be treasured. And having a Cricut makes it easy to make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. We’ve rounded up 15 mind-blowing Cricut ideas for gifts to inspire your creative mind.

If you haven’t purchased a Cricut machine yet, make sure to peruse our guide on determining the best Cricut machine for every project.

15 Mind Blowing Cricut Ideas for Gifts

1. Custom Plush Blanket

There’s no greater gift than the gift of comfort. And if you have a Cricut, you can turn an ordinary plush blanket into something special.

Add cute designs, quotes or even the recipient’s name to the blanket. You only need a few supplies to make this gift with your Cricut:

The hardest part is choosing a design. You can create something from scratch in Cricut’s Design Space, but we also have some cute designs in our shop for a project like this one.

You-Are-My-Sunshine SVG

Get this design in our shop!

2. Motivational Sign

What are some of the best Cricut ideas for gifts? Motivational signs. Everyone has a day when they don’t want to get out of bed, and the right quote can help them face the day. You’ll only need a few items to get started:

You can choose smaller wood boards or different materials if a 12” x 24” sign is too big.

And the final thing you’ll need is one or multiple quotes to put on your sign.

Believe-in-yourself-quote-SVG sign

Click here to see super motivational quotes in our shop.

3. Custom Tote Bags

Looking for useful Cricut ideas for gifts? Custom tote bags are always a winning choice. They can be customized in so many ways, and this is a gift that your loved one will actually use.

Add a fun graphic design or quote, and you have the perfect gift. You can fill up the tote with other little gifts to make it even more special.

Tote bag projects are so quick and easy, too. Along with your Cricut, weeding tools and cutting mat, you’ll need:


Quotes and sayings usually work best for tote bags, like our “do what you love” design in the shop.

4. Personalized Phone Case

A unique phone case? All of them are similar – until you come along with your nifty Cricut machine and make something truly unique. You can create a personalized case that the recipient will love using:


The only thing that’s left is to print out the right quote, attach it to the card stock and place it in the clear phone case. Of course, phone sticks are also fun and a good option since you already have adhesive paper.

Check out the “be kind” SVG in our shop.

5. Custom Makeup Bag

Heat transfer vinyl makes it so easy to create cute bags, shirts, totes and more. In just a few steps, you can make a custom makeup bag that your friend or loved one will adore.

Add a cute or funny saying along with a fun graphic to make the bag one of a kind.

Here’s what you’ll need:

makeup svg bundle

Of course, you’ll also need a design for your bag. You can make your own design, but we also have some adorable makeup-themed designs in the shop.

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6. Dishwasher-Safe Mugs

Makers Gonna Learn has such an amazing idea for your Cricut gift that I just had to share it: dishwasher-safe mugs. And we have the absolute best quote that you can add to your mug below.

You’ll need a few things to get started:

“Act-Like-A-Lady-Think-Like-A-Boss” mug svg

If the person receiving the gift is classy and thinks like a boss, they’re going to love the quote: Act like a lady think like a Boss.

Get the quote on our shop.

7. Personalized Pillow

The best Cricut ideas for gifts are personalized ones, and pillows are some of the best custom gifts. Why? Because they’re great for décor, but they’re also great for snuggling.

Personalized pillows make great gifts for both kids and adults.

To make a custom pillow, you’ll need:

All that’s left to do is find a design that you love, like this adorable woodland fox, which you can find in our shop.


Get this design in our shop!

8. Custom Wine Glasses

DIY wine glasses? I’ll drink to that. You can give these awesome wine gifts for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays – or just because. Getting started is easy. You only need a few items:


“Come as You Are” is a quote that we absolutely love. Our SVG files will work on t-shirts, pillows and even your wine glasses.

Get this quote SVG right in our store.

9. Cute Custom Ornaments

Ornaments are such fun gifts to make, and they are always treasured by the people who receive them. Each year, they’ll remember you and your sweet gift when they hang their ornament on the tree.

And with Cricut, it’s easy to make ornaments to give as gifts to friends and family.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Better Life Blog has a great tutorial on how to make gift-worthy ornaments with your Cricut.

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10. Leather Cuff Bracelet

Leather bracelets are a ton of fun to make, and they allow you to be as creative as you want. You can make a friend-inspired bracelet that is truly unique to your bestie or loved one. If this project sounds intimidating, it’s not difficult.

You only need a few tools to get started with your bracelet:

What’s great is that you can reuse so many of these tools in dozens of different projects.

11. Custom Subway Glass Tile

Looking for unique Cricut ideas for gifts? Why not create a custom subway glass tile? You can add the person’s name or a cute design that you know the person will love.

They can display their tile as decoration or even make it a part of their kitchen backsplash if they want. It’s a unique gift that’s sure to impress.

Removable vinyl makes it easy to make this gift idea a reality.

12. Custom Planter

Planters fill up homes and patios and are even put on windowsills. The issue is that many planters are boring. No one wants a bland gift, so why not add a cool quote or graphic to the gift to make it stand out in the crowd

You’ll need a few things to get started:

Do you want to make your own custom stickers, quotes or even labels for your plant’s instructions?

We have you covered with super fun SVG files.

Click here to view them all in our shop.

13. Painted Doormat

Here’s a unique gift idea that no one will expect – a custom-painted doormat. You can add a silly saying, like “I hope you like dogs,” or you can add the recipient’s family name.

Southern in Law has a really thorough tutorial on how to create a painted doormat using your Cricut and a few basic supplies, like:

14. Photo Puzzle

Cricut ideas for gifts are a lot of fun, but why not create something that you can have fun with together? A puzzle is a great activity that will keep the person’s mind engaged and can be enjoyed together with the person.

You can begin with a few supplies:

Photo puzzles are a complex design for anyone just starting with their own Cricut machine, but it’s achievable if you take your time. A great tutorial on how to get started with creating your own photo puzzle can be found on Leap of Faith Crafting.

15. S’more Caddy

Who doesn’t love s’mores? If you have a friend or loved one who loves all things bonfires, marshmallows and stories, a custom s’more caddy would be a unique and fun gift to give.

And you can create one with your Cricut.

Adding a fun design like “making s’more memories” will really make this gift even more special.

The Denver Housewife has a great tutorial on how to make this caddy. Along with your Cricut and basic tools, here’s what you’ll need for this project:

These are 15 of our favorite Cricut ideas for gifts. They’re fun, unique and easy to personalize to make your gift truly memorable.

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