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15 Genius Cricut Ideas for Teachers to Try in the Classroom

Are you looking for unique Cricut ideas for teachers to use in the classroom? There are so many fun and easy ways to use your Cricut machine as a teacher, from labels to personalized items and teaching tools. We’re going to share 15 genius ideas for you to try in your classroom.

If you haven’t purchased a Cricut machine yet, make sure to peruse our guide on determining the best Cricut machine for every project.

15 Genius Cricut Ideas for Teachers to Try in the Classroom

1. Inspirational Desk Decal

Decals are one of the first projects people make when they get a Cricut, and that’s because they’re so easy to make.

Why not create a decal for your desk that will inspire your students? If you don’t have enough space at the front of your desk for something like this, you can add a decal to the wall behind your desk.

For this project, you need just a few supplies, including:

If you want to encourage your students to be kind to each other, our “be kind” design is perfect for this project.


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2. Motivational T-shirt to Inspire Students

As a teacher, you want to motivate your students to be their best selves. Wearing motivational t-shirts can help drive your message home and encourage your students to realize their full potential.

Making custom t-shirts with a Cricut is so easy. Here’s what you’ll need:

Once your vinyl is cut and ready to go, you can use your iron to transfer the design to your T-shirt.

It’s so easy to make custom shirts. The hardest part is choosing a design. Our “Do What You Love” design is perfect for a project like this because it encourages your students to do something they love in life.


Grab this design in our shop!

If you’re looking for more detailed instructions on how to make custom shirts like this, check out this tutorial from DIY Alex.

How to Make an Iron On (Heat Transfer Vinyl) T-Shirt with Cricut | Beginner Tutorial

3. Personalized Mug for Your “Teacher Fuel”

Are you a big coffee or tea drinker? Even if you’re not, custom mugs are still a great project for the classroom. You can use them to hold pencils, scissors, pens and other supplies, or you can even use them for plants.

Custom mugs are one of our favorite Cricut ideas for teachers, and you can be super creative with your designs.

To make your mugs dishwasher safe, make sure that you’re using permanent vinyl. You’ll also need transfer tape for this project.

You can create your own design for your mug if you’re feeling creative, but our “Act Like a Lady Think Like a Boss” is perfect for a teacher’s mug.


Get this design in our shop!

And here’s a more detailed guide on how to make a custom mug with Cricut:


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4. Potted Plant to Bring Nature into the Classroom

Potted plants are such a fitting addition to a classroom. As a teacher, you’re helping your students grow.

But instead of just settling for a boring store-bought planter, why not customize your own for your classroom? With your Cricut and some permanent vinyl, you can create a cute little planter that you can fill with plants you love.

You can add an inspirational quote, a funny saying or a cute graphic. We have so many adorable design options in our shop, like this one:


Get this design in our shop!

5. Funny Tote for All of Your Supplies

Totes are such a handy thing to have as a teacher. They’re perfect for carrying your supplies or everyday items that you’ll need during the day. Totes are lightweight, too, so you’re not carting around a big, heavy purse all day.

If you can’t find a tote design that you love, why not make your own? You can add a funny saying to your bag using just your Cricut machine and heat transfer vinyl.

This project is super simple, quick and fun. And we have the perfect design file in our shop for your tote:


Check out this design from our shop!

6. Personalized Teacher Planner to Stay Organized

One of the best Cricut ideas for teachers we’ve seen is personalized planners. If you’re like most teachers, you can’t live without your planner. It keeps your day organized and your sanity in check.

Choose a plain planner, heat transfer vinyl and an inspirational quote or a fun graphic – something that will motivate you to be your best each day. For example, you can use this sunflower graphic from our shop as part of your design and add your own quote or saying to make a pretty planner that you’ll love using.


Grab this design file from our shop!

7. Pencil Pouches to Keep Your Desk Tidy

Looking for a cute way to store basic supplies or snacks? A custom pencil pouch is a great option. Pouches with a notebook paper design are perfect for the classroom, but you can choose any kind of bag you like.

You can personalize your bag with your name, or you can add a cute saying, like “teacher survival kit.”

For this project, you’ll need:

We recommend choosing a pouch with a plain color or a subtle design so that your vinyl is easy to see and really stands out.

8. Customized Clipboard to Keep Assignments Organized

If you use a clipboard in your classroom, you can easily customize it using your Cricut machine. You can add your name and fun teacher-themed graphics to go along with it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

You can build your own design in Cricut’s Design Space with your name. Our star design file can also help you add cute little elements to your design to really make it special.


Get this design in our shop!

9. Customized Hand Sanitizer for a Healthier Classroom

Hand sanitizers are all the rage in schools – germs are everywhere. A fun way to begin using your Circuit machine is to print out your own name and attach it to your hand sanitizer bottles. You can even add fun icons or stickers if you like.

You can choose regular vinyl, but sticker paper works well, too.

A few of the things that you’ll need to get started are:

If you already have vinyl that you want to use, any crafting glue will work just as well as sticker paper. Simply apply it to the back of the cutout, hold firmly onto the bottle and you’re done.

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10. Personalized Pencil Sign to Welcome Students

Teachers often need to remind the class of their name. A teacher pencil sign is a fun way to do this, and you’ll need quite a few supplies:

You may need cardstock and a mat if you want to add additional items to your personalized pencil.

11. Labels for Storage Towers to Save Your Sanity

Do you have storage towers that drive you crazy because you don’t know what’s in them? One of the most popular Cricut ideas for teachers is to print labels for your storage towers. You’ll only need a few items to get started:

And just look at these adorable label frames.


A quick edit of the design and you’ll have an easy time adding text to your label.

Click here to learn more about our label frames bundle.

12. Stickers to Praise and Encourage Students

Students love praise, especially if they’re in elementary or middle school. You can even create Bitmoji stickers that “look like you.” The good news? It’s super easy to get started. You’ll need:

Scotch tape can help when printing on glossy paper because it will help the machine find the marks.

13. Leather Bookmark to Keep Your Place in Books

One of the timeless Cricut ideas for teachers is to create a leather bookmark. You can do this with just a few items:

Daydream into Reality has a great guide on how to make these bookmarks.

14. Encourage Students to Modulate Their Voices

Voice modulation is a fun activity to teach kids because it trains them on how to talk at different voice levels. For example:

  • 0 – quiet time
  • 1 – whisper
  • 2 – regular
  • 3 – speaking in front of the class

You can place these voice levels on the chalkboard for easy reference. You’ll need only the following:

Using this technique, you can draw with chalk right on the vinyl. Imagine a large apple or just lettering from your machine put on the chalkboard that helps with voice modulation.

15. Personalize Your Supplies Box

You’re a teacher with more supplies than you know what to do with in your classroom. Supply boxes are quick and easy to personalize with your Cricut. A lot of professors are also using these very techniques to create a bin for their Cricut items.

You can begin with:

You can finish off your design with simple “supplies” lettering or add your own fun graphics to the bin.