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15 Insanely Genius at Home Office Decorating Ideas

Creative Home Office Décor Ideas

If you work from home, you know how important it is to have a home office. Whether you’ve carved out a little space in your kitchen or have an entire room dedicated to your workspace, you’ll undoubtedly want to decorate it and call it your own. Here are 15 genius at home office decorating ideas to make your space gorgeous and functional.

15 Insanely Genius at Home Office Decorating Ideas

1. Create a Command Center

Daily Organization System – Espresso

It can be tricky to keep your home office, schedule and everything else organized. Creating a command center can help. You can place yours just above your desk, like in the photo above, or dedicate an entire wall to your command center. The possibilities are endless.

So, what exactly should your command center have? While you can hang anything you want to help you stay organized, most people include:

  • A calendar, where you can write down your appointments and other important things.
  • A bin for folders, mail and other important documents you may need.
  • A place to hang your keys and store pens/pencils.
  • Whiteboard or chalkboard to jot down reminders or notes.

You can also incorporate fun works of art and lighting to help tie everything together.

2. Add Under-desk Drawers

A clutter-free desk will help you stay more productive and make your office a welcoming space. But what if your desk doesn’t have any built-in drawers? Under-desk drawer organizers, like these ones from Amazon, will instantly add more function to your space. Best of all, they use an adhesive to stick to the underside of your desk, so there’s no drilling or complicated setup involved.

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3. Use Poufs or Footrests for Guest Seating

Here’s a great way to add multi-purpose furniture to your home office: use poufs or footrests as seats for guests. If you meet with clients in your home office, these cozy seats will give them a comfortable place to sit, but they can also double as storage or a place to kick up your feet when you’re taking a break.

Here are a few great ideas:

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4. Hang Floating Shelves

If you love the look of built-ins and want at home office decorating ideas that can help you achieve this look, floating shelves should be at the top of your list. Hang them above your desk or on an adjacent wall for instant storage space. Add a few cute décor items, a few plants and your office supplies to tie the look together. We love these floating shelves from Wayfair because they complement any look.

5. Add a Cozy Lamp

Forget the usual desk lamp. Instead, to make your home office feel cozy, comfortable and more welcoming, add a traditional lamp. This Little Glass Table Lamp from Urban Outfitters is perfect. It’s small enough to fit on your desk, but adds a warm glow and will complement any décor. This lamp comes in four colors, too: green, white, lavender and gold.

6. Store Files and Supplies in a Chest

Home Office Organizing Tips and DIY Projects

Here’s a genius way to add function and style to your home office: Use a chest to store your files and supplies. The chest can serve as both a decorative and functional item. You can repurpose an old chest that you already have, or even use a deep storage ottoman. It’s a DIY project that anyone can do with just a few supplies and time.

7. Add a Cozy Corner

Home Office Reveal

Everyone deserves a break. Create a cozy little corner in your office where you can kick back, take a breather and enjoy a cup of coffee. As a bonus, cozy corner can double as guest seating if you’re entertaining clients. Choose an accent chair that matches the theme and vibe of your home office. Add a pillow and cozy blanket to really up the comfort factor.

8. Add Greenery

Home Office – como adaptar seu espaço a nova realidade

If you can’t sit yourself near a sunny window with a view of nature, then bring nature to your office. Add plants to bring your space to life, clean up the air and help you stay productive. Depending on the nature of your work and the size of your space, you can go as crazy as you want with your office jungle. Trailing or climbing plants are a great option because they make the space look and feel more lush.

9. Hang a Floating Desk

If you’re looking for small at home office decorating ideas, a floating desk may be a genius way to decorate your space while adding crucial function. This Adelle Floating Desk from The Twillery Co on Wayfair is perfect. It’s 23.62” wide and 15.75” deep, which gives you plenty of room for a laptop, notebooks and other items you need to work. When you’re done, just fold it down and get on with your day.

10. Hang a Cork or Pegboard

Corkboards and pegboards are smart ways to hang things you need, like notes, reminders and other things. With pegboards, you can also hang mini light shelves, tools and other supplies to keep your desk clean and organized.

IKEA’s SKADIS pegboard is a great option for a home office, and you can configure it however you want.

Pegboards and corkboards give you more function without taking up too much space in your office. Plus, they make all of your most important items easily accessible if you hang them just above your desk. We tend to prefer pegboards just because you can hang things from them, but if you don’t have a need for that, a corkboard works just as well.

11. Create a Family-Friendly Space

45+ real shared home offices

If you have kids or you regularly collaborate either with a partner or clients, this is a genius idea for your home office. Set up two desks on each end of a wall, and a long table between the two. In the setup above, this home office allows mom and dad to get work done while the kids do homework or play on the computer. It’s a great example of how an at-home working couple can create a shared home office space that everyone – including the kids – can enjoy together. 

This W-shaped workspace also makes it easy to work together on projects or even have lunch together if you are sharing your home office with your partner.

12. Repurpose Your Closet

My Organized Office Closet ~ A Home for Everything

Here’s one of those genius at home office decorating ideas you wish you had thought of sooner. If you’re setting up your office in a bedroom, you likely have closet space that you may just be using to collect junk. Why not repurpose it to make it a more functional space?

If you want, you can repurpose a larger closet into a desk to save even more space and literally shut the door on work every day.

Closets can also be great spaces to store printers, documents and other office supplies.

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13. Build a Desk with Filing Cabinets and Butcher Block

DIY Desk Top for a Home Office

We love at home office decorating ideas that are DIY-friendly and easy to pull off. This desk idea fits the bill. All you need are a few filing cabinets and a desk top (a butcher block is a great option), and you have a custom desk.

This idea is perfect for people who share an office and still want their own working space. You can make the desk as long or as short as you want. If you don’t share an office space, you can still use this idea to trim the desk down to your preferred size. You’ll only need two filing cabinets for a single desk.

14. Hang Fancy Lights Above Your Desk

027-tauari-beatriz-quinelato-arquitetura | HomeAdore

If you have a desk that sits up against the wall, you can add overhead lighting to your space and kick your interior design game up a notch by hanging a few fancy lights.

The overhead lights will make it easier to see what’s on your desk and won’t be quite as harsh as your ceiling lights. Choose lights that match the vibe of your home office. Your lights will be even more functional if you can reposition their height and angle.

15. Add Partition Shelves

Varanda estreita: dicas para decorar e 51 fotos de projetos lindos

If you share your home office with another space in your home, you can use shelves as partitions to separate your spaces. Shelves will give you more storage and add functional space to your small work area, but they will also help keep your little desk nook out of sight when you’re not working. You can find all kinds of sizes, styles and designs for shelving units like these. Choose ones that will not only match the theme of your workspace, but the rest of the space as well.