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11 Stunning Shower Niche Ideas We Love the Most

Are you tired of using shower caddies and towers? If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, why not install a niche in your shower? You’ll be giving yourself built-in storage space for all of your bathroom essentials. If you’re not sure where to start, we have 11 shower niche ideas to inspire you.

11 Stunning Shower Niche Ideas We Love the Most

1. Create a Natural Spa

We love the luxe feel of this spa-like shower, and the niche steals the show. The clear shelves help keep the space light and airy while giving you plenty of space to store your shower essentials.

While this niche and its shelves are probably custom-made, you can find similar shelves on Amazon.

The plant adds a natural element, making it an even more relaxing space. And the vertical subway tiles make the walls look like plush corduroy.

2. Mix Light and Dark and Different Tile Shapes

We love shower niche ideas that are bold, like this one. The dark hexagon tiles on the wall of this shower niche contrast nicely against the white subway tiles.

You can purchase this same shower niche insert from Amazon. And you can even find similar hexagon tiles on Wayfair as well as subway tiles.

Don’t forget to add a little plant to one of your shelves. The green will really pop against the black background.

3. Frame Your Niches

Shower niche ideas don’t always have to be big and bold. The gold framing on these two niches really makes them stand out and helps give this small space shape and structure.

The hexagon tiles are also a nice contrast against the subway tiles.

The bottom niche is perfect for storing things like soap, razors and other small items. The top niche gives you plenty of space for your other shower essentials.

Don’t forget to add a little plant and choose one with a cute pot.

You can grab a shower niche insert like the one above from Amazon. And we found similar honeycomb mosaic tiles on Wayfair.

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4. Go Bigger

A large niche like this one will not only give you space to store your shower items, but it will also add depth to the space and make it feel bigger.

Bigger shower niches, like this one, will take more work to install, but they’re worth it. Some shower niches just aren’t large enough for even couples, let alone families. A niche that’s 36” x 12” will give you plenty of space.

Add marble hexagon tiles to the wall, and you have a gorgeous shower niche that feels like a luxury spa.

The plants in the photo above are also a nice touch here, but keep in mind that wood may not be a practical pot material for a shower.

5. Go Small and Seamless

Shower niches don’t have to draw attention to themselves. If you have a smaller shower, going small and seamless is a great option.

Consider a 16” x 20” double-shelf niche instead of the standard 25” x 17,” and choose tiles with similar patterns for your niche walls. In the idea above, they used smaller hexagon tiles with a similar marble pattern. The shelves are made of the same marble as the rest of the shower.

It creates a beautiful seamless look that makes the space feel light and airy.

We also love the clear bottles and soap dish that they chose for their shower products. It makes the whole space feel brighter.

6. Try Stick-On Tiles

The niche in this shower is seamless, but the niche’s wall tiles contrast nicely against the shower’s large white marble tile. Tile stickers can help you recreate this look, and you can grab this shower niche right from Amazon.

You can find tile stickers in all shapes and sizes, so choose a set that matches the rest of your bathroom.

To make this look work, you’ll need to use large bathroom tiles. Tiles that are 24” x 48,” for example, will create a virtually seamless look in the shower. That seamless look is what will help make the shower niche background really stand out.

7. Adopt an Old-World Style

This shower niche looks clean and contemporary, yet it still has an old-world feel to it. Some of the tiles look distressed or even purposefully chipped. The matte finish brings the whole look together.

The tiles in this particular shower are from Clé. They’re handmade, and their imperfections are what make them special. If you’re going for this kind of look, choose one large tile for the back wall of the niche. It will help soften the imperfect nature of the other tiles.

We also love the addition of a plant vase and the pretty soap dishes on the shelves.

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8. Add Some Light

If you want to take your niche to the next level, try adding some light. An LED light strip will really make your niche stand out.

Here’s a great video tutorial on how to install lights in your niche:

WARNING: Working with electricity is dangerous. This is a complicated job, so we recommend having a professional handle it for you.

9. Carve Out a Corner

Instead of installing a small niche in your wall, why not carve out an entire corner? If you’re doing a major bathroom renovation, this idea can really make your space more beautiful and functional.

This modern shower has a minimalistic handheld showerhead, and the niche corner is just the right height for grabbing all of your shower essentials. We found similar honeycomb tiles on Wayfair, which will look gorgeous in your shower niche corner.

10. Add His and Hers Niches

Looking for unique shower niche ideas? Here’s a great way to use the space on the showerhead wall – add his and hers niches. Dual niches will give you plenty of room for storing shower essentials.

To recreate this in your own bathroom, you could purchase four of these shower inserts and add the tile of your choice. In the shower above, they used smaller hexagon tiles for the back of the niche that have the same pattern as the larger tiles found in the rest of the shower.

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11. Go Stainless

Don’t want to deal with tiling your niche? No problem! Go with a stainless steel insert like this one.

An idea like this one will work very well if you have lighter-colored tile that will complement the stainless steel.

One great benefit of stainless steel is that it’s corrosion-resistant, so it will look great for years to come. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean, which can’t always be said for tiles!