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17 Stylish Shelves With Brackets That Make Storage Look Beautiful

Best Shelves With Brackets

Although many trends prefer a floating shelf look, a couple of options are available for shelves with brackets that are simply too gorgeous to pass up. Whether you prefer sleek, elegant designs or edgy industrial looks, there are sure to be plenty of shelves with brackets featured in this article that will take your breath away.

17 Stylish Shelves With Brackets That Make Storage Look Beautiful

1. Blossom 3 Piece Bracket Shelf with Adjustable Shelves

Blossom 3 Piece Bracket Shelf with Adjustable Shelves

The Blossom 3-piece bracket shelf is a unique design, which allows the user to decide which way the bracket will face. The torched wood solid wood shelf can be placed on either the top or the bottom of the bracket, making it look interchangeable but still keeping the same elements in play. The metal brackets come in carbonized black, and the board has the option of either brown, black, or white. Have a look at these amazing pieces from Wayfair.

2. Danya B. 2-tier Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf

Danya 2-tier Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf

This stunning industrial pipe wall shelf, available from Overstock, will be a striking accent piece for any shelf display. Each shelf can handle 15 pounds of weight, so the shelf can easily be stacked with books or other decor items. An industrial shelf looks great in more rustic decor and will work perfectly against an exposed brick wall or even a brick wallpaper. Pair it with neutral colors, with the occasional splash of warm greens will create a fun rustic look for any room.

3. Better Homes & Gardens Modern Rustic Gray Shelf

Better Homes & Gardens Modern Rustic Gray Floating Shelf with brackets

This fun little shelf from Better Homes & Garden will work beautifully in a bathroom or kitchen where extra hooks are always needed and appreciated. The board features a faux wood gray finish and is paired with black metal brackets, giving the shelf a semi-rustic/ industrial look. The shelf can hold up to 10 pounds, so it would be best not to overload it with heavy books or chunky decor items like cement or concrete pots and vases. Find this beauty at Walmart.

4. Dawn 2 Piece Bracket Shelf

Dawn 2 Piece Bracket Shelf Wayfair

The Dawn 2-piece bracket shelf, available from Wayfair, is a minimalist’s dream. The gold-finished metal brackets resemble a wire holding the shelf in place but are strong in structure and design. This distinctive design will set your shelves apart and can easily be used to beautifully store your smaller design items and a few books. Although the design looks delicate, each shelf can handle up to 10 pounds.

5. Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Modern Rustic Wall Shelves

Peter's Goods 2-Tier Modern Rustic Floating Wall Shelves Amazon

A charming rustic wall shelf that is perfect for a farmhouse look. This sturdy shelf is made for heavy lifting and can easily carry up to 50 pounds of weight, making it ideal for those cookbooks in the kitchen or balancing out your study. Made from sustainably sourced natural wood and a powder-coated frame, this versatile shelf also comes in 5 different shades, allowing you to use one that fits the mood of your room. Find it on Amazon.

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6. Danya B. Contemporary Two Level Gray Shelving System with Black Wire Brackets

Contemporary Two Level Grey Shelving System with Black Wire Brackets

Create a wonderfully sleek look with these contemporary shelves. The two shelves are held by black wires attached to brackets, creating a unique hanging look to the overall design. The Danya B Contemporary shelves, available from Overstock, are not your typical storage look and will therefore look fabulous in a more adventurous room design. However, its design’s simplicity ensures that it does not look overdone. Pair these shelves with delicate ferns or dainty decor pieces for a gorgeous look. Here are a few inspiring ideas:

7. Restore Wood 24” Wall Shelf, Angled Steel Pipe Brackets


Made from real industrial pipes and Ponderosa Pine, these restored wood shelves from Overstock, would be a gem in any industrial or farmhouse style decor. Available in 6 different colors, these distinctive shelves, with angled brackets, can be styled according to your color palette. Each shelf is stained by hand, giving each shelf its character.

8. Addison Metal Bracket Wood Wall Shelf

Addison Metal Bracket Wood Wall Shelf

Create an elegant rustic look with this metal frame and wood wall shelf. The Addison metal bracket comes with a gorgeous mango wood shelf. This small shelf will work beautifully in a small space like a bathroom to help organize the day-to-day clutter and add some rustic charm to your room. Find it at Urban Outfitters.

9. Amada Homefurnishing Shelves, Bathroom Shelf With Towel Bar


The Amada Homefurnishing shelves are another heavy-duty shelf on the list, capable of supporting 40 pounds; this shelf can be loaded with all your necessities. The shelves come with a protective guard railing and an added towel bar on the bottom shelf, making these shelves perfect for bathroom or kitchen use. Available in seven different colors, it can easily match your color scheme. Have a look on Amazon for this gem.

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10. Glass Floating Shelves With Chrome Brackets

Glass Floating Shelves with Chrome Brackets- Clear

This sophisticated shelf is made from tempered glass and comes in either clear or black. The shelf is supported by chrome brackets, making for easy wall mounting. The shelves will look amazing in a modern design room with plenty of metal and glass elements. The design of the brackets allows for a floating shelf look. You will find this classic shelf on Overstock.

11. 3 Piece Bracket Shelf With Adjustable Shelves

3 Piece Bracket Shelf with Adjustable Shelves (Set of 3)

These beautifully made, torch finish solid wood shelves are paired with powder-coated metal brackets. It creates a perfectly balanced industrial meets rustic look. The handle shape of the bracket creates a one-of-a-kind look and feel to this shelf, single it out from ordinary shelves with brackets. The edgy design comes in three different shapes in the set, creating depth and dimension on any wall. Find it stocked on Wayfair.

12. Handmade Rustic Wood Floating Shelves With L Brackets

Handmade Rustic Wood Floating Shelves with L Brackets

Made from rough-cut wood and powder-coated brackets, these shelves combine the best elements of rustic design. The brackets’ shape and placement differ from your everyday standard shelves, making them ideal for someone looking for something out of the ordinary. Pair these shelves with classic rustic elements like concrete containers like these from Amazon or succulents to finish your look. Available from Overstock.

13. Rustic Wood Geometric Wall Shelf

Rustic Wood Geometric Wall Shelf

These contemporary diamond-shaped shelves from Amazon are geometric showstoppers. One thing is for sure, no matter how these shelves are decorated, they will create a stunningly sleek look to any modern contemporary decor.

14. Alaina 2 Piece Pine Floating Shelf With Live Edge

Alaina 2 Piece Pine Floating Shelf with Live Edge

Mounted directly onto the wall with a wall stud, this farmhouse-style shelf is a sturdy and stable option for displaying your books and collectibles. With up to 22 pounds of weight on each shelf, this shelf can carry all your decor requirements. This shelf can pair very well with any farmhouse or rustic decor, made from solid pine wood and black powder-coated iron brackets. Another attractive option available from Wayfair.

15. Amada Homefurnishing White Wall Shelves for Bedroom

AMADA HOMEFURNISHING Floating Shelves from Amazon

These luxurious shelves from Amada Homefurnishing will be an elegant and stylish addition to any home. Available in five different colors, it will be easy to find what you are looking for. Made from engineered wood and mustard yellow brackets, these shelves can be paired with striking decorative figurines like this #1 Best Seller from Amazon or delicate terrariums for a lavish golden look. Find it available on Amazon.

16. Willow Brass Inlay Shelf

Willow Brass Inlay Shelf

The Willow brass inlay shelf, sold by Anthropologie, is a gorgeous botanically inspired shelf that will pair flawlessly in a boho chic style. Handcrafted from tropical hardwood with a brass inlay, this shelf is a masterpiece of grace and opulence. This shelf is not sold with brackets; however, you can pair it with the Constance Bracket that can be bought from Anthropology.

17. Kinsey Long Wall Shelf

Kinsey Long Wall Shelf

Create the perfect industrial look with this iron grid shelf. This shelf will look amazing in an industrial-styled study, made with teakwood and colored a rich brown. The iron grid can be used in conjunction with clips to fasten as a photo or notes and help create structure out of the chaotic study look. Find it at Nordstrom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly style my shelves?

Make sure that you have a plan. You need to know what you would like to achieve with your styling method. Is it purely for organization or leaning more towards decoration? Have a look at this video for a more in-depth explanation.  

What is the best way to clean my shelves with brackets?

That would depend on the type of shelf and bracket that you have. For any shelf that is sensitive to water, use a damp instead of a wet cloth and make sure to dust well and often (I know, it’s time-consuming and repetitive, but well worth it!) For any shelf with brass brackets, it would be best to polish the brass often as well. .

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best shelves with brackets, it is often best to plan your decor and choose one that matches your room perfectly. These 17 stylish shelves are sure to show a great variety available these days and that you do not need to settle for the ordinary when creating a perfect look!

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