17 Best Accent Chairs That Swivel and Are Full of Style
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18 Best Accent Chairs That Swivel and Are Full of Style

Trendiest Accent Chairs That Swivel

Looking for stylish accent chairs that swivel? We’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite chairs to upgrade your space while adding style and function.

18 Best Accent Chairs That Swivel

1. Rosevera Hearst Swivel Chair

Rosevera Gustavo Polyester Upholstered Swivel Barrel Contemporary Accent Chairs, Standard, Beige/White

Don’t settle for boring accent chairs that swivel. The Rosevera Hearst swivel chair has a fun trellis pattern, a modern silhouette and a comfortable seat. The curved backrest is on-trend, and it comes with a free throw pillow to complete the look.

The chair sits on a swiveling base that gives you 360-degree rotation. Best of all, this chair comes pre-assembled, so you can start using it right away.

Style Tip: Add this chair to your home office for an extra-comfortable place to take a break.

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2. Baxton Studio Finley Chair

Baxton Studio Finley Swivel Armchair

The Finley chair is a mix of modern and traditional styles. The form-fitting backrest supports your back and adds an extra layer of comfort. Nailhead trim adds character, and you can choose from two neutral colors: beige and gray.

Eucalyptus wood and Dacron fabric make this chair a worthy addition to any room. And, of course, the swivel base allows for smooth 360-movement.

Style Tip: Add a plush throw pillow or blanket to soften up this chair and make it more inviting.

Get the Baxton Studio Finley swivel chair at Walmart.

3. Flash Furniture Cocoon Accent Chair

Flash Furniture Cocoon Swivel Accent Chair

Cocoon chairs may look like something out of a Jetson’s cartoon, but their curved design makes them exceptionally comfortable. This cocoon chair from Flash Furniture will be right at home in any modern home, and it comes in four colors: red, black, brown and white.

This deep-set chair sits on a swiveling base and will envelop you in comfort. It’s the perfect accent chair for relaxing after a long, stressful day.

Style Tip: Pair this chair with a comfortable footrest for style and added comfort.

Get the Flash Furniture cocoon chair at Kohl’s.

4. Kambria Swivel Glider Chair

Kambria Contemporary Swivel Glider Accent Chair

If you prefer traditional accent chairs that swivel, the Kambria chair is a great option. Its high-back design and simple armrests make this a great chair to curl up with a book or your morning cup of coffee.

The elegant striped design makes this chair a timeless choice for any home, and the swiveling base adds function.

Style Tip: Add a throw blanket to make this chair even more inviting and comfortable.

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5. Madison Park Tyler Chair

Madison Park Tyler Swivel Arm Chair

The Tyler chair from Madison Park is both elegant and stylish. The nailhead trim adds a modern touch, and the rounded back takes comfort to the next level.

The chair sits on a swiveling base and comes in five gorgeous colors, including teal, chocolate, gray, white and blue. Get a pair to upgrade your living room or home office.

Style Tip: Place this chair next to a side table and lamp to create a comfortable reading or relaxation space.

Get the Madison Park Tyler chair at Kohl’s.

6. Healdsburg Rattan Chair

Healdsburg Rattan Swivel Chair

The Healdsburg Rattan chair will add a natural touch to any home and quickly become the focal point of your space. With its hand-woven body and cocoon-like shape, this chair is truly a conversation-starter.

The Healdsburg comes with a round cushion for added comfort, and the swiveling base adds valuable function. Made from durable Rattan, this chair will give you many years of use.

Style Tip: Grab at least a pair of these chairs to create a boho vibe in your space.

Get the Healdsburg Rattan chair at Anthropologie.

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7. Amaia Boucle Chair

Amaia Boucle Swivel Chair

If you’re a fan of boucle accent chairs that swivel, you’ll love the Amaia chair from Urban Outfitters. This ultra-comfy chair is perfect for modern minimalists and features a curved back that wraps around the swiveling base.

This armless swiveling chair features boucle fabric, foam cushioning and a eucalyptus frame. Get it in white or a fun gold color to add character to your space.

Style Tip: Don’t clutter this chair with pillows or blankets. Its cozy, textured surface is all you need to add style to your space.

Get the Amaia swiveling chair at Urban Outfitters.

8. Holmes Fabric Swivel Chair

Holmes Fabric Swivel Chair

With its U-shaped design, the Holmes swiveling chair cradles you in comfort. The padded channel tufting adds an extra layer of pillow-soft comfort. It will quickly become your favorite accent chair, and can easily fit into any room in your home.

Naturally, it has a swiveling base that allows you to enjoy your space from any position.

Style Tip: Put a pair of these chairs in your home office to keep clients comfortable during meetings.

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9. Copper Grove Pregrada Chair

Copper Grove Pregrada Wood-base Swivel Chair - Yellow

Copper Grove’s Pregrada chair has a stylish minimalistic design and a wooden swivel base that will add both style and function to your space.

The Pregrada chair comes in four colors – yellow, blue, charcoal and oatmeal – to fit into any space.

Style Tip: Add a throw pillow and blanket to make this chair extra-cozy.

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10. Charlotte Swivel Chair

Charlotte Swivel Chair

With its mid-century modern style, the PSNL swivel chair will make a statement in any room. This chair was inspired by vintage library seats, and it invites you to curl up with a book on a rainy afternoon.

The linen-blend upholstery is comfortable and adds texture to the chair. The swiveling base allows you to enjoy this chair from any angle.

Style Tip: Add a textured or brightly colored pillow to this chair for a pop of color and charm.

Get the Charlotte swivel chair from Urban Outfitters.

11. ACME Ekin Accent Chair

ACME Ekin Channel Tufted Upholstery Accent Chair in Morocco

The ACME Ekin accent chair features channel tufted upholstery for added comfort and style. This modern, sleek chair has a low profile and naturally reclining position for added comfort.

Wooden armrests and a metal, curved frame add to the durability of this chair. The four-star metal base allows you to swivel around the room, and the top-grain leather upholstery adds a touch of elegance. It’s the perfect addition to any living room or home office.

Style Tip: Add a footrest for comfort and a plush throw pillow to soften up its rigid shape.

Get the ACME Ekin accent chair at Walmart.

12. Cardan Modern Green Velvet Chair

Cardan Modern Glam Round Open Back Velvet Swivel Club Chair by Christopher Knight Home

If you’re looking for unique accent chairs that swivel, you’ll love the Cardan modern velvet chair. Along with its luxe upholstery, this chair has a cutout armrest design with nailhead trim for a modern touch.

The back frame adds durability along with a swivel function, and the dense foam padding will make this chair one of the most comfortable in your home.

Style Tip: Toss a plush throw blanket over the arm to make it cozy, or leave it on its own to add a modern touch to your room.

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13. Manhattan Comfort Curl Swivel Chair

Manhattan Comfort Curl Polished Chrome Wool Blend Swivel Accent Chair - Red

The Curl swivel chair is a conversation piece and work of art, but it also adds function to your space. With its curved, minimalistic design, this chair makes a statement. And it is surprisingly comfortable despite its unusual shape.

The Curl swivel chair comes in eight colors, including vibrant orange, mustard yellow, olive green, gray, blue, red and cream.

Style Tip: To make this chair the focal point of the room, keep the rest of your décor simple and minimalistic.

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14. 14 Karat Home Accent Barrel Chair

14 Karat Home Swivel Accent Barrel Chair with Open Back, Modern Curved 3D Barrel Velvet Chair with Gold Metal Base, Upholstered Sofa with Arm for Club and Lounge, Ivory

This barrel-style chair has an ultra-modern design, with a curved back that wraps around the entire swivel base. A wraparound opening between the background and base creates a 3D effect.

Velvet upholstery and foam padding make this chair ultra-comfortable, and a 360-degree swivel base allows you to view the room from any angle.

Style Tip: Don’t be afraid to be bold and choose the bright blue/gold or orange/gold options to make your chair the star of the room.

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15. Elegant Round Barrel Chair

elvet Upholstered Swivel Accent Barrel Chair with Comefortable Cushion and Gold Metal Base for Living Room FOR Bedroom

The Elegant round barrel chair has a deep seat for extra comfort and a swiveling base to make it even more functional. Velvety fabric adds texture and a plush feel, while the pillowed backrest makes you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.

A pair of these chairs can easily replace a sofa or create a cozy lounge space.

Style Tip: Add throw blankets for extra comfort and to help protect the upholstery of this chair.

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16. Tulip Microfiber Leisure Swivel Chair 

Tulip Microfiber Leisure Chair - Yellow

The Tulip swivel chair has a unique design for a pillow-like feel and wraparound curve back to immerse you in comfort. The metal swiveling base adds a subtle touch of glam without being too overwhelming.

The solid kiln-dried wood base makes this chair durable and long-lasting.

Style Tip: Place this beautiful chair next to a side table with flowers to highlight its unique design. 

Get the Tulip swivel chair at Overstock.

17. Art Leon Swivel Chair

Art Leon Classical Swivel Office Accent Chair with Wood Legs

The Art Leon swivel chair has a midcentury modern design, with splayed wooden legs, wraparound armrest and vertical tufting. Velvety fabric makes this chair ultra-comfortable, and its simple design allows it to easily fit into any space.

Style Tip: Pair this chair with a midcentury modern side table or desk to let its simple design shine.

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18. PSNL Swivel Chair

Accent Chair in Mid Century Modern Style, Swivel Living Room Chair Lounge Waiting Room Upholstered with Arms Made in Comfy Fabric and Wood Legs, Caramel Orange

With its mid-century modern style, the PSNL swivel chair will make a statement in any room. We love its orange refreshing color and the combination between fabric, metal, and wood. Absolutely an interesting piece to add to your home.

Style Tip: A bright-colored throw blanket will add character to this chair and help you stay warm on those chilly nights.

This PSNL swivel accent chair is available on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best accent chairs that swivel out there, and each one is unique in its own way. With classic silhouettes and neutral colors, you can easily incorporate these chairs into any space.