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19 Mind Blowing Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Looking for under stairs storage ideas? We have 19 ideas that will help make the most of this underutilized space. From hidden mudrooms to wet bars and pantries, there are so many creative ways to turn your understairs into the ultimate storage space.

19 Mind Blowing Under Stairs Storage Ideas

1. Install a Pull-Out Storage Unit

Underneath your stairs is the perfect place to install a pull-out storage unit like this one, which has:

  • Shoe storage
  • A rack for hanging jackets
  • Cubbies and shelves for school supplies or other items

Because these units pull out like drawers, they’re almost completely hidden when they’re closed. No one will even know you have a hidden mud room until you show it off.

You can find the tutorial on how to build these units over at Family Handyman.

2. Add Shelving for Little Odds and Ends

Need under stairs storage ideas for all of your odds and ends? Here’s a great idea. This understairs closet looks like it belongs in an office, and it will give you plenty of space to store all of your little miscellaneous items that don’t fit anywhere else.

Use baskets and storage bins to keep your items tidy and out of sight.

You can use standard bookshelves for this project, or you can make your custom built-ins for a more fitted look.

3. Hang Shelves for Pantry Storage

Need pantry space in your home? Make use of your understairs space. Hang wooden shelves, install lighting and tack on a barn door for good measure. You can add tile flooring or keep it as-is.

You’ll have plenty of space to store all of your canned and dry goods in one convenient spot.

4. Install Drawers and a Pullout Coat Rack

Here’s another take on the hidden mud room idea. But instead of large and bulky units, this one has smaller drawers that pull out. There’s also a hidden coat rack that slides out for easy access to your gear when you need it.

Along with all of these great storage solutions, there’s also a small hidden space for regular storage of items you don’t use often.

You can store anything you want in the pullout drawers, including shoes, backpacks, sports gear and more.

5. Make Built-in Display Shelves

Here’s an understairs storage idea that offers a combination of open shelving and cabinets. The open shelving gives you space to show off décor you may not have had space for otherwise. You can add lamps or plants to make your space feel cozier and more inviting.

Cabinets at the bottom of the unit give you space to store things you’d like to keep out of sight.

If you’d rather use the shelves primarily for storage, you can add baskets or bins that match your décor.

6. Add Pullout Shoe Storage

Pullout shoe under stairs storage , Photo credit: @buildingthemushroom
Pullout shoe under stairs storage , Photo credit: @buildingthemushroom

One of the best under stairs storage ideas is shoe storage. A pullout unit with shelving is a great option for storing your footwear. Plus, it will stay hidden away and out of sight when it’s not in use.

Under stairs storage , Photo credit: @buildingthemushroom

If you have the tools and some know-how, you can build this unit yourself. Here’s a great tutorial:

7. Hang Shelves Under Stairs

If you have a stairs in your home, you can maximize your storage space by simply installing shelves underneath your steps. It’s an easy and a practical one that will give you room to store:

  • Books
  • Decor items
  • Other boxes and home items

This is a project that most homeowners can tackle on their own, and it will help keep your understairs area a little more organized.

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8. Transform Your Stairs into an Impressive Under Stairs Toilet Room

Under stairs toilet room and storage, Photo credit: @victorianhousejourney
Under stairs toilet room and storage, Photo credit: @victorianhousejourney

This is definitely an out-of-the-box idea! The combination of the Hague Blue colors and the rustic design makes it the perfect escape. The designed under stairs toilet room is a genius use of space, transforming what is typically overlooked into a stylish and functional area. With clever storage solutions and thoughtful design, this tucked-away toilet room maximizes every inch beneath the stairs. The deep blue hues create a cozy atmosphere, while the rustic elements add character. It’s a unique take on under stairs storage that seamlessly blends creativity and functionality, proving that even the smallest spaces can be both stylish and practical.

9. Turn It Into a Play Corner with Storage

Under stairs play corner with storage, Photo credit: @for.the.love.of.greige

Transforming the space under your stairs into a play corner for your kids is a brilliant way to maximize functionality. Imagine a cozy haven featuring a portable cabinet with pull-out drawers, perfect for organizing toys and games. A whimsical touch is added with a treasure box, inviting young minds to embark on imaginative adventures. A dedicated shelf adorned with colorful books encourages a love for reading, creating an enchanting nook for young bookworms. To complete this delightful setup, a footstool storage not only provides a comfy seat for little ones but also doubles as additional storage space for their tiny treasures. This under-the-stairs play corner blends practicality with playfulness, making it a great space for your kiddos.

10. Turn the Underside of Your Stairs into a Pantry

If you’re looking for practical under stairs storage ideas, here’s a great one: add shelving underneath your stairs to store pantry items. This idea will work best for small understairs spaces and existing closets. It’s a great way to keep these items neatly organized and within easy reach.

Paint the shelves to match the rest of the understairs space, and it will look like it was built into the stairs.

11. Install an Under-stairs Wine Rack

If you have a growing wine collection, why not use your understairs space to build a wine rack? You’ll have all the space you need for your collection, and you can keep it hidden away.

While it may not be as optimal as a wine fridge, your bottles will still be in a cool, dry and dark location.

A project like this is simple enough if you have the tools and time, but you can also buy a wooden wine rack to make your life easier.

12. Add Coat Hooks and Bench Storage

Here’s a great way to add storage and function to the space under your stairs. Install a coat rack and bench on one side and add a few baskets under the bench to provide ample storage space. Decorate with a few nice throw pillows. Coat racks will allow you to store your coats, bags and more in a neat, organized way.

13. Install Pullout Display Shelves

Looking for unique under stairs storage ideas? Here’s a great one: install pullout display shelves that have hidden storage on each side.

When closed, it looks like ordinary bookshelves underneath the stairs. But these shelves pull out to reveal extra shelves on both sides to give you so much extra storage space.

These shelves are great for hiding away items while still keeping them within easy reach.

14. Transform Your Stairs into a Bar and Coffee Station

Sometimes, adding storage space means creating room for your barware and morning coffee. This idea transforms understairs space into a wet bar and coffee station that will make it easy to entertain and get out the door in the morning.

This bar area has built-in cabinets and drawers where you can store your drink-related items. Shelves give you more storage space, and there are even glass racks. The wine fridge and coffee maker complete the whole setup.

While this person turned their understairs into a bar, you could always use a similar setup for simple storage or even a workspace. The drawers, cabinets and shelves all provide ample storage space.

15. Turn Your Understairs into a Coat Closet

The space under your stairs is perfect for storing your outerwear and shoes. Hang some clothing racks for coats, and leave the floor space open for shoes.

You can even hang multiple racks to ensure you have plenty of room for coat storage. If you have kids, hang one of the bars lower to the floor so they can easily reach it and hang up their own coats.

If you have the space, you can add shelves above the racks to hold things like bags or backpacks.

16. Turn Your Understairs into a Laundry Room

Another great way to make use of the storage space under your stairs is to transform it into a mini laundry room. This idea works best if you have front-loader machines.

You can add shelving to store your laundry items, baskets or whatever else you may want.

Consider tiling the floor, so you don’t have to worry about messes. And just make sure that you have an easy way to pull out your machines if you need to fix them.

17. Turn Your Stairs into a Library

Need more storage space for your book collection? Turn your understairs into a library. Add custom shelves and install some lighting. If you have the space, you can add seating to create a little reading nook.

If you go the DIY route, you can make your library as big or small as you want. If you choose to buy bookshelves instead, look for L-shaped options that will follow the shape of your stairway. Paint them the same color as your stairs, and they’ll look just like built-ins.

18. Decorate with lots of plants 

If you’re a plants lover like me, you can easily copy this amazing idea by placing a simple white L-shaped bookcase and add your favorite collection of plants. This will definitely be your favorite spot in the house! 

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19. Turn it into a chic under stairs office

This is a great space to make an office. All you need is to add a few shelves, one big shelve as the table and a few little shelve for the storage. Pick a chair from our favorite list of desk chairs and enjoy a cool home office. 

20. Add a Shelving Unit to Basement Stairs

Here’s an idea that takes basement stair storage to the next level. Install a cubby storage unit under the stairs. Cubbies will give you the space to store all kinds of things, from camping gear to spare chairs, storage totes, home improvement supplies and more.

Because it’s being built in your basement, you won’t have to worry about making it look fancy.

21. Install a Storage Cabinet with Pullout Drawers

If you want to maximize your understairs space, installing a storage cabinet is a great idea. In this cabinet, pullout drawers allow you to store pantry items, small appliances or whatever you want.

While this is a great option for a pantry, you could use this for storing craft items or anything that will fit on the pullout drawers

And when they’re not in use, the doors close to keep everything hidden away.

Final Thoughts

There are so many great ways to make use of the space under your stairs for storage, from shelving to pantries, coffee stations and more.

Which one is your favorite? Share in comments! 🙂 

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