20 Cozy Room Ideas to Make Your Space More Homey
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20 Cozy Room Ideas to Make Your Space More Homey

Cozy Room Ideas We Love The Most

Are you looking for cozy room ideas? We all want our space to feel homier and more welcoming. Adding the right elements to your home can instantly make it feel like a space you never want to leave.

We’re going to share 20 of the best ideas to make your space cozier. But first, let’s talk about what makes a home cozy.

How To Make Your Room Cozy?

What makes a room cozy? That depends on what you find comforting and welcoming. Making a home cozy is both an art and a science.

Many people find that a cozy room has:

  • Soft lighting
  • Warm, comfortable blankets and pillows
  • A place to kick back and relax
  • Some natural elements, like plants
  • A bookshelf
  • Photos of family and friends

The goal is to feel comfortable and relaxed in the room. Think about what elements or things make you feel this way, and start incorporating them into your home.

Not sure where to start on your journey to making your home a cozy oasis? We’re going to share 20 ideas to inspire you.

20 Cozy Room Ideas to Make Your Space More Homey

1. Add Plants

Nature helps calm the soul and mind. Try incorporating more plants into your space to make your home feel more welcoming.

Climbing plants are fun because they can be trained to grow along walls or down corners to create an indoor jungle feel. But even adding just one or two potted plants to your space can make it cozy.

Look for plants that are easy to care for, like monstera, snake plants or philodendron heartleaf.

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2. Hang String Lights

Lighting plays a big role in making a home feel cozy. The softer the lighting, the cozier it will be. Candles can help create a soft glow, but string lights have a more dramatic effect.

Try hanging string lights across the ceiling or along the wall to give the room a cozy, warm glow. We like these globe string lights from Amazon because they’re easy to hang and have different lighting modes to set the mood.

3. Declutter Your Space

If you really want to make your home feel cozy, start with decluttering. A welcoming and inviting home is a tidy home. On the other hand, clutter makes it hard for your mind – and your eyes – to rest.

Go through each room and get rid of anything you don’t really need. Organize the things you do need to instantly make the room look and feel better.

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4. Add Candles and Fairy Lights

Need cozy room ideas for the bedroom? One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your bedroom feel homier is to add candles and fairy lights.

Fairy lights are more delicate and emit a softer glow than string lights, which makes them perfect for the bedroom. Plus, it’s easy to wrap them around your headboard or bookshelves to add that hygge glow everyone loves.

These fairy lights from Bensack on Amazon are battery-operated and so easy to hang.

LED candles can add that warm, firey glow without the fire risk. We love these candles from Amazon because they flicker just like a real candle. They also have remotes with timers, making it easy to turn them on and off whenever you want.

5. Layer Blankets

What do all cozy bedrooms have in common? They have layered blankets. Adding one of two layers of throw blankets at the end of the bed can make it feel more welcoming. They invite you to curl up under the covers with a book and a cup of coffee.

Look for blankets with fluffy or warm textures. Chunky knit blankets (like this one from Amazon) will instantly make your bed cozier.

6. Add a Big, Fuzzy Throw Rug

Along with layered blankets and soft lighting, a cozy bedroom needs a big, fuzzy throw rug. A textured throw rug will keep your feet warm and add to the comfy vibe of your space.

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7. Add Soft Mood Lighting

Creating a cozy space is all about lighting, so bring this concept into your living room to give it that comfy feel.

Soft lighting can come in many forms:

  • Candles
  • Lamps with dimmer bulbs
  • Lanterns

Go for bulbs with a warmer glow, and bring your lighting down to a lower level (think table lamps and LED candles on the coffee table).

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8. Add Soft Blankets and Pillows

Adding soft blankets and pillows is one of the best cozy room ideas. Deep couches are great for this idea because there’s plenty of room to layer blankets and add big pillows. Try incorporating different textures rather than different colors to create that homey feel.

9. Create a Window Nook

A window nook invites you to curl up with a book or to spend some time daydreaming as you watch the world pass by. Try creating this space in your home.

If you don’t already have a window nook, you can build one. Add a comfortable cushion, some pillows and a blanket to create the ultimate little hideaway in your home.

10. Add a Throw Rug

One thing you’ll notice about all cozy room ideas is that they always have a throw rug. Throw rugs add softness and warmth that will instantly make your space feel homier.

11. Add Bookshelves

For many people, the idea of curling up on a comfortable couch with a blanket and a good book is the ultimate in coziness. Try adding bookshelves behind or near your seating to create this feeling.

12. Hang Sheer Curtains

Sheer will allow natural sunlight in while still giving you privacy. At night, they help add to the glow of the room. You can hang fairy lights along your curtains, too, if you really want to kick the coziness up a notch.

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13. Add Lots of LED Candles

Notice a trend here? Adding candles and soft lighting will immediately make your room feel cozier and more welcoming.

The great thing about LED candles is that you can place them virtually anywhere without worry, and most have remote controls that make it easy to turn them on and off whenever you want.

14. Make a Cozy Centerpiece for Your Coffee Table

The right coffee table centerpiece can help make your entire living room feel cozier. Make your own centerpiece to match your personal style and your home’s décor.

Cozy centerpieces usually have:

  • A tray (baskets or galvanized tubs are great options)
  • A candle
  • Flowers or greenery
  • Little odds and ends that feel like home (books, seasonal décor, etc.)

15. Use Baskets for Storage

Baskets add a natural element to your space and help give it that old-world, comfortable feel. Instead of plastic totes or shelves, try using baskets for storage.

Baskets are especially perfect for storing blankets and pillows, which will also help increase that cozy vibe.

16. Create a Corner Chill-Out Space

Cozy room ideas don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, it’s the layout or arrangement of your space that can make the difference.

Try tucking an armchair into a corner near a window. Add a small, fuzzy throw rug, a pillow, a blanket and a lamp for an instant, cozy nook. Creating a little chill-out space will make it feel homey.

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17. Make a Book Nook or Window Bed

Window seats are the definition of cozy, especially if they offer a view of nature. If you’re fortunate enough to have such a space, transform it into a book nook or a window bed.

Make sure that the nook is deep enough so that you can curl up with a book or just relax in the space.

18. Hang a Hammock Indoors

Indoor hammocks are so fun to use, and they can make a space instantly feel cozier. Try adding plants and soft lighting to help make the room homier.

While most indoor hammocks will need to be hung from the ceiling, you can also find models that have their own stands for easy installation.

Try adding a small comfortable pillow and cushion to make the hammock even more inviting.

19. Layer Textures

The coziest of rooms often have neutral colors, but what makes them special is the different textures that are used.

Try layering textures to create that plush, comfortable feel that makes a room feel so inviting.

In this Pin, the chair looks so cozy because it has three or four different textured fabrics (corduroy, knit, cotton, etc.) that pair nicely together. 

20. Add Bean Bag Seats

Nothing screams cozy like a big bean bag seat near the fire. The great thing about bean bag chairs is they will complement your other living room furniture well, and they can be moved wherever you want.

Don’t forget to add a throw pillow to the seat for extra coziness.

Final Thoughts

These 20 ideas will help make your home feel more welcoming and comfortable. Even just a few simple changes can transform the look and feel of your space to make it feel homey.

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