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18 Cheap DIY Furniture Ideas That Are Full of Style

DIY furniture projects are fun and rewarding. There’s something so satisfying about creating the items you use every day in your home. The best part? These projects don’t have to be expensive. Here are 18 ideas for your next furniture project.

18 Cheap DIY Furniture Ideas That Are Full of Style

1. DIY Outdoor Couch

It’s easier than you think to make an outdoor couch – and more budget-friendly than you think. Angela Marie Made has an awesome tutorial on how to make this gorgeous outdoor seat.

Her plans are free and printable. All you need are some basic tools, lumber and a few other supplies to build your own couch that your family will love using in the warm months.

Wayfair has beautiful outdoor cushions that you can use for your couch.

2. DIY Planter Stands

Technically, planter stands are outdoor furniture, right? These gorgeous planters are easy to build and will add a modern touch to your outdoor space. Use them to plant fresh herbs, beautiful flowers or whatever plants you love.

You’ll need just a few supplies and tools, including a drill, brad nailer, circular saw and sander.

This is a project that you can finish in a weekend and start enjoying right away.

3. DIY Porch Swing

If you’re looking for DIY furniture ideas for your outdoor space, this porch swing is perfect. Porch swings are so inviting and the ultimate place to lounge on lazy summer afternoons.

Start At Home has a great tutorial on how to build this swing, a list of everything you need and tips on how to hang your swing using 2” jute rope. A crib mattress is perfect for the cushion of this swing.

4. DIY Office Storage Cabinets

What’s the most useful type of furniture to DIY? Storage cabinets. You’re in complete control over how much storage you get and the design.

This project repurposes stock wall cabinets to create a custom storage cabinet for your office, living room – wherever you want.

Lela Burris has an awesome step-by-step guide on how to make this cabinet.

Along with stock 36” wall cabinets, you’ll need some basic supplies, dresser legs, and cabinet pulls. You can find a full list of supplies and tools on her tutorial page.

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5. DIY Hall Tree Bench

Want to upgrade your entryway or mud room? Make your own hall tree bench! This project is easier than you think and budget-friendly.

It has a place to hang your coats, an upper shelf, bench and storage cubbies.

Homemade Haven has an in-depth tutorial on how to make this bench and what you’ll need. Along with basic tools and lumber, you’ll need a Kreg jig, clamp, drill and brad nailer.

6. Entryway Bench

If a hall tree bench is too big for your space, this entryway bench will be the perfect alternative. Best of all – this bench will cost you less than $50 to make.

All you need is a 2 x 8, a 2 x 4, some wood screws and stain. Basic tools like a sanding block or orbital sander will help you get the job done.

7. DIY Coffee Table

Coffee tables are expensive. Why not make your own? These DIY coffee table plans create a modern table with hidden storage. What’s not to love?

You only need some basic tools and supplies to make this table. Pine and Poplar shares the steps for creating this table and a list of everything you’ll need.

8. Outdoor Table

Here’s a DIY furniture project that’s so fun and easy to make. You only need a few basic supplies and some time.

With the right stain colors, you can really make this table look modern and sleek – and boost your home’s curb appeal.

9. West Elm-Inspired Bench

West Elm has gorgeous outdoor furniture, but if $700+ is out of your budget, you can recreate one of their most popular outdoor benches for less than $50.

All you need is some treated lumber, a 2 x 4, some screws and paint. As for tools, you’ll need a miter saw, screwdriver, drill, measuring tape and painting tools – that’s it!

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10. DIY Console Cabinet

Console cabinets add so much storage and function to your space. You can make your own custom cabinets with just a few tools and supplies. Woodshop Diaries shares a step-by-step guide on how to build this piece of furniture, which has two large cabinets and a storage shelf at the bottom.

You’ll need some plywood and lumber along with a circular saw, miter saw, Kreg rip cut, drill, sander and other basic tools.

11. DIY Dresser Transformed

Do you have an old dresser that you want to repurpose? This project is for you! The great thing about this project is that you don’t have to build it from scratch – you’re just refinishing an existing piece.

Home Talk has a great tutorial on how to complete this project, which has a beautiful farmhouse look. And you can easily customize the project however you want.

12. DIY Couch

Couches are expensive. You’ll pay hundreds of dollars (sometimes more) at stores for couches. But you can also make your own couch and save your money. Woodshop Diaries has an amazing tutorial on building a couch step-by-step.

You’ll need to go for a lumbar run and pick up quite a few items online:

You’ll need quite a few items for this project, many of which you may have, such as pillows, rulers, measuring tape, nails and a few others.

13. DIY Floating Nightstand

DIY furniture like this blows my mind. How do people come up with these amazing ideas? A weekend and a bit of dedication are all you need to make this awesome nightstand, but it’s definitely an in-depth project for someone DIYing for the first time.

You’ll find the plans include everything you need to build the structure frame, panels and tops.

Tools necessary for this project include miter saw, jig saw, router and a few other items you’ll find listed on Ashley’s website.

14. 10 Budget-Friendly Furniture Repurposes

Do you love going thrift shopping or to local flea markets for furniture? I do. I always see headboards for beds that are available and while they’re lovely, what can I do with them?  Evidently, a lot.

You’ll find neat ways to turn a dresser into a hip TV stand, headboards into storage benches and so many other great ideas on Flea Market Flipper.

15. Two Tone Painted Furniture

Fair warning: this DIY hack will blow your mind. If you have drab furniture, you can easily paint it with two-tone paint to make it become the focal point of your room. You’ll need a dresser for this one, and you’ll find plenty at salvage stores if you don’t have one of your own.

A putty knife, paint gun sprayer, heat gun and orbital sander are all items that you’ll need for this project. But once you restore one piece of furniture, you’ll find that a $15 bargain piece can be made to look like it costs $500 or more with a bit of work.

16. $5 Blanket Ladder

If this is your first time building DIY furniture, a blanket ladder is a great beginner option. You’ll need just a few pieces of lumber, screws, stain and time to get started. You can even have the wood cut at the store because there are only 5 – 6 pieces of wood required for this plan. Otherwise, pull out your tape measurer, sander, circular saw and a drill.

Felt pads are used to protect the wall, and you’ll have the perfect excuse to buy new blankets to hang on the ladder.

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17. Fancy X Farmhouse Table

Perfect for a home in the country or a quaint cabin in the woods. Ana White shares this amazing table that she made for $65 and would have paid hundreds of dollars for in the store. You’ll find full plans on her site and also a video of the table being built.

You’ll need some basics, such as wood, 3” screws, PH screws and some finish nails, too. A run to the hardware store is definitely in order.

A few things that you may not have on hand are a circular saw, wood filler, 120 grit sandpaper and a few other items.

18. 7-foot Tall Bookshelves

Bookshelves are simple to make and the perfect foray into do-it-yourself furniture. You’ll need a lot of wood for this project, so you’ll need to go to your local hardware store for these pieces. A few other tools that you’ll need to get this project going are:

And if you have a weekend to dedicate to this project (maybe an afternoon if you’re an avid DIYer), you’ll have impressive bookshelves for a fraction of the cost.

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