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7 Best Blanket Ladders and Tips to Style Them

A blanket ladder is the perfect way to add cozy décor to your home – and keep your throw blanket collection organized. The tricky part is finding the right ladder for your space. We’re going to share seven of the best blanket ladders, how to decorate a blanket ladder and how to make one yourself.

7 Best Blanket Ladders and Tips to Style Them

1. Honest White Blanket Ladder

Honest White Blanket Ladder

Honest Outfitters (get it on Amazon) has a gorgeous white blanket ladder that’s just the right size for any space, including the bathroom. With a width of 18.1″and depth of 3.5,” this is a compact model that’s a great option for smaller rooms and homes.

Unlike some blanket ladders, this one is easy to put together, and it includes all of the hardware you need for installation.

There are so many great ways to decorate this distressed blanket ladder:

  • Add one throw rug, and use the rest of the ladder for decoration. For example, you can wrap fake greenery around the sides of the ladder and even add a cute sign to the top of the ladder.
  • Add a plant to the top ladder to add a natural element.
  • Gray blankets and décor will complement this ladder, especially if you have a farmhouse theme in your home.
  • Try adding fringe blankets for a cozy and fuller look.
  • In small rooms, you can use this ladder to hold a lamp and plants without taking up too much space.
  • Hang the ladder horizontally on the wall and use it as a display shelf for your décor.

There are so many ways to style this ladder. You’re only limited by your imagination.

2. Union Rustic Blanket Ladder

Solid Wood Blanket Ladder

Looking for a simple, rustic ladder? Union Rustic’s wooden ladder (get it on Wayfair) has five rungs that are perfect for hanging blankets, towels and more.

This ladder stands 80” tall and 19” wide, so it’s truly a statement piece. But with a depth of just 1-5/8,” it’s a ladder that can work in any room.

You won’t be able to add any other type of blanket ladder décor, as the rungs are too thin. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t style it! Here are some decorating tips:

  • Try hanging a wreath on the top rung to create a farmhouse or rustic look.
  • Hang a sign above the ladder that matches your home’s theme.
  • Use it in the bathroom as an alternative to a towel rack.

Of course, you can also simply decorate this ladder with your favorite blankets. Sometimes, simple is the best option.

3. Union Rustic Wooden Blanket Ladder

Solid Wood Blanket Ladder 2

We love Union Rustic’s wooden blanket ladder (get it on Wayfair) because it has a rugged, natural look. It’s as if they pieced together whole logs and branches to make this ladder.

The bottom half of the ladder has a white coating that adds interest and a unique touch. This ladder features a natural variation of wood knots, grain and color. No two pieces are the same.

You can decorate this ladder in a variety of ways:

  • Hang letters from each rung to spell out HOME or even your family name.
  • Place this ladder next to a sunburst mirror for a more dynamic display.
  • Use it as a makeshift wardrobe in a nursery and hang outfits from the rungs.

Union Rustic’s ladder is sturdy and can hold even heavy blankets with ease.

4. TEAKMAMA Farmhouse Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder 4.5 Ft Blanket Rack

If you’re looking for rustic farmhouse blanket ladder ideas, then you’ll love this ladder from TEAKMAMA (get it on Amazon). It features five shelves that are perfect for hanging blankets and towels or displaying your décor.

This ladder comes in three sizes (3 ft., 4 ft. or 4.5 ft.) and multiple colors (black, brown, blue, gray and white). It’s easy to put together, too.

You can decorate and style this ladder so many ways:

  • Place it next to a fireplace for a cozy vibe.
  • Add potted plants around the base to incorporate natural elements into your space.
  • Hang mason jars, wire baskets and mini framed word art pieces.

You can even place your ladder in the kitchen and hang a produce basket from one of the rungs for a functional piece of art.

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5. mDesign Metal Blanket Ladder

Metal Wall-Leaning Towel Ladder for Bathroom

mDesign’s metal blanket ladder (get it on Amazon) is perfect when trying to create a rustic look in your space. The four-level ladder comes in matte black and is meant for use in your bathroom, but you can put it anywhere you like.

The ladder’s height is 65.5” and the width is 19.25”.

If you have a bathroom wall with empty space, you can add hand towels and regular ones, too. The black matte is easy to decorate with colorful items:

  • Hang magazines off of the rungs, such as HGTV, to make the space feel more “professional.”
  • Place the ladder in the bathroom near the sink and hang hand towels over the rungs.
  • Add a few frilled hang towels, like these Turkish ones.
  • Add multiple bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes from a set (like this one). You can also mix and match color choices.
  • Place it in your living room (the black matches electronics perfectly) and add decorative throw blankets onto the rungs.

The ladder is freestanding and comes in multiple color options: satin, chrome, bronze, brass, white and many others.

6. 17 Stories Wheeled Metal Blanket Ladder

Metal Blanket Ladder wayfair

Have you ever thought: This would look amazing in my other room, but I’m just not that committed to redecorating everything? You’re not alone. It takes a lot of work to move your décor around, but not with this amazing metal blanket ladder from 17 Stories.

What makes this ladder so special?

It has a metal base on wheels, so you can place it anywhere you want in your home. The ladder’s 5-foot height, 18” width and 16” depth help it fit in a corner of a room or right next to your fireplace.

You have a lot of options for decorations, thanks to the wooden rungs and the metal frame:

  • Prop a sun hat on the top of the ladder for a little pizazz.
  • Customized throw blankets are quirky, but you can have them printed and throw them over a rung.
  • Colorful fleece blankets add wonderful colors to the space and are perfect for movie night.

The ladder is easy to assemble, and the fine lines make it fit nicely in a contemporary room. What I love about this ladder is that you can use it to hang hats and scarves in the winter and then wheel it near the pool room and decorate it with beach blankets in the summer.

The easy transportability makes this metal ladder a versatile piece of home décor.

7. Kelly Clarkson Home Blanket Ladder

Solid Wood Blanket Ladder 3

Wayfair’s adorable 4.9-foot blanket ladder (get it here) from the Kelly Clarkson Home collection is one of my favorite options on this list. The solid wood ladder is made from fir wood and offers distressed details.

You’ll have five rungs to use for your decorations.

The ladder’s width is 16.5,” so it’s wide enough for all of your blankets and towels. With the ladder’s wood scoring, natural grain and wood knots, you can decorate this ladder in many ways:

  • Fringed towels, like these ones on Amazon, add a beautiful look and make the ladder a focal point
  • Colorful knit throw blankets further add to the look
  • Farmhouse beads help finish off the look, but you can just as easily add tassels

Distressed wood ladders like these fit very well in homes that are on the water and with lighthouse themes in your home.

Due to its lightweight design, you can prop this ladder up against any wall in the home or right next to the television. If you have a lot of hanging plants, the piece will accent them perfectly.

How to DIY Blanket Ladder

Buying a blanket ladder is convenient and easy. But if you want something that’s truly special, why not make your own DIY blanket ladder?

It’s easier than you think! Angela Marie Made has a great tutorial on how to make a blanket ladder. She walks you through each step of making this ladder, from buying the lumber to measuring and cutting.

It only takes only five steps to make this ladder. She uses dowels and creates pocket holes for a quick and easy assembly. Wood glue helps keep each rung in place.

The final step is to stain it. She even includes a link to a plan on how to build the ladder and mix your stain to create the look you want. She chose a weathered gray look, but you can use any stain color you like for this project. A rich espresso color would create more of a rustic look.

Build with me: Easy DIY Blanket Ladder | How to Make a Blanket Ladder for Less than $15!

If you have the tools and time, you can make your own ladder at less than half the price of a store-bought ladder. And you can customize your ladder in your own way by choosing the type of wood you want, stain colors and more.

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