34 Incredibly Creative Names for Crafting Business
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34 Incredibly Creative Names for Crafting Business

Creative Names for Crafting Business

Starting a crafting business is an exciting venture. With the right plan and products, you can earn a living doing something you love and never work another day in your life. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when creating your business is choosing a name. We’re going to share 34 names for crafting business to inspire you and help you find the perfect name for your venture.

These names are for inspiration only! Always do your due diligence before choosing your final business name to ensure you have a legal right to use it. In addition to the list of names below, try Shopify’s free name generator that can easily provide great names for your business.  

Catchy Names for Crafting Business

1. Artful Creations by YOUR NAME

Here’s a great name if you’re looking for catchy names for crafting business. Artful Creations is easy to remember, and it gives the impression that you’re a true artisan. Incorporating your name will add a personal touch and help with personal branding.

2. Crafty Oasis

We love this name for a craft business because it gives the impression that your products are a haven or oasis from everyday life. Your logo could incorporate palm trees, the sun or anything else that gives a laid-back vibe.

3. Creative Hive

Here’s a fun, catchy name for a crafting business, especially if you have multiple people on your team or you want to start a community. It gives the impression that you and your team are busy little bees crafting away in your hive.

Maybe your logo could have a bee crafting something (e.g., a knitting or crocheting bee) or some other bee-related design.

4. Handmade Haven

If you’re opening a crafting business that invites other artisans to sell their products, this name would be perfect. Handcrafted Haven creates an image of a store filled with handcrafted goods made lovingly with care.

You could also incorporate your name into this business name idea to make it more personal.

5. Inspired Handiworks

We love this name because it’s so memorable and catchy. It creates the idea that your handcrafted items are inspired. If you’re selling high-end crafts, this name will help you position yourself properly in your niche.

6. Artisan Alley

The name Artisan Alley lets customers know that you’re a true artisan who has mastered your craft. If you’re trying to start a community-based marketplace or shop where local artisans can sell their wares, a name like this will work well.

7. The Maker’s Market

If you’re looking for catchy names for crafting business marketplaces, here’s a great one – The Maker’s Market. It creates the image of a marketplace filled with unique goods from crafters of all types and experience levels.

8. Whimsical Wares

If you sell whimsical crafts, a name like this would be perfect. Make it your own by adding your name or other products. For example, Whimsical Wares and Supplies if you sell craft supplies, too.

9. Artisan’s Attic

We love this name because it gives the impression that there are so many treasures to be found in your “attic” or shop. If you make your crafts with upcycled or recycled materials, a name like this is so fitting.

10. Handmade Harvest

A name like Handmade Harvest could apply to so many different types of crafting businesses, whether you knit hats, bake small-batch goods or offer handmade soaps. Your logo could incorporate harvest-related things, like wheat, trees, or anything that’s relevant to your craft.

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Funny Names for Crafting Business

11. Punny Crafts

If you’re looking for funny names for crafting business, this one is pretty literal. Punny Crafts or something similar could be a cute and silly name for your business, especially if you make humor-related things.

12. Crafty Critters

Here’s a funny and adorable name for a crafting business. A critter-related name gives you so many fun opportunities when it comes to logo creation and marketing. Your branding could include little crafting squirrels, beavers or any critter that’s related to your craft items.

13. Knot Normal Crafts

If you offer unique items, here’s a name idea that is perfect for you. Knot Normal gives the impression that your goods are different, and Knot is a fun crafting-related play on the word “not.” If your craft actually involves knots, then a name like this is even more perfect.

14. The Crafty Caper

We like this name idea because it’s funny and catchy. Your logo could incorporate capers or a literal cape if your items are sewn.

15. The Knit-wits

If you sell knitted items, this name idea is cute and funny. It lets customers know that you sell knitted goods and that maybe your personality is a little quirky.

16. The Crafty Cluckers

If you have a team of crafters or you want to create a community marketplace, this name idea is sure to get a few chuckles. We’re envisioning a silly logo with a group of chickens knitting, sewing or making pottery.

16. A Stitch in Wine

If your craft is sewing, knitting or crochet related, A Stitch in Wine is a great name idea. It’s an even more fitting name if you truly are a fan of wine.

17. Crafty Shenanigans

If you’re into crafting but you’re also known to engage in some shenanigans, then this name idea is perfect for you.

18. The Painted Toad

If you want a name that’s different, funny and a little mysterious, The Painted Toad fits the bill. This name idea is perfect for any crafting business that involves selling paintings or hand painted items.

19. Knit Happens

If you sell knitted items, this name is perfect for you. After all, Knit Happens in life. It’s a name that everyone can relate to, and more importantly, it’s a name that people will remember.

20. The Crafty Cats

Here’s another funny name for teams of crafters. Any variation of Crafty and a critter name will be funny and memorable.

21. Glue Gun Gang

Are you handy with a glue gun? If so, the Glue Gun Gang may be an inspirational name for your crafting business, especially if you have a team of crafters.

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Traditional Names for Crafting Business

22. Artisan Collective

Doesn’t the name Artisan Collective sound so bourgeois? If you want more traditional ideas for names for crafting business, add this one to your list. It’s a great name idea for a team of crafters or a community marketplace.

23. Craftsmanship Co.

Craftsmanship Co. is a truly traditional name that gives the impression of professionalism and experience. It lets customers know that you care most about the quality of craftsmanship of your work.

24. The Handcrafted Company

The Handcrafted Company is a simple but memorable and professional name that will look great on tags and marketing materials.

25. Artistry Atelier

An Atelier is a workshop, so this name is fitting for any crafters who have a dedicated working space. You can always swap the word “artistry” for your craft or another relevant term. For example, The Leatherworker Atelier may be a fitting choice if leatherworking is your craft.

26. Artisanal Creations

Here’s another very simple name idea that will give customers the impression you are an artisan crafter who sells their creations.

27. Bespoke Artistry

The name Bespoke Artistry gives the impression that you sell high-end, handcrafted items that are custom-made for each customer. This name idea is perfect for anyone who offers personalized or customized items in their shop.

28. Creative Works

Here’s a name that’s quite literal but still traditional and memorable. A name like this can apply to a variety of crafted items, so you’re not limited in terms of what you sell now or in the future.

29. Artisan Design Co.

If you offer design-related crafts, then a name like this would be fitting for your business. Design-related crafts can include jewelry, clothing, sculptures, art, handmade housewares, etc.

30. Handmade Art Co.

If you sell art or you plan to open an art selling community, this name idea is perfect. It implies that your shop or marketplace will only sell handmade art from talented and experienced artists.

31. The Artisan’s Workshop

If you have a wide range of crafts that you’re offering, a name like The Artisan’s Workshop could work well. It’s memorable, and it gives the impression that you’re a skilled artisan (which you are!). If you have a designated workshop for your crafting, then this name is even more fitting.

32. The Artisanal Collective Company

The word “collective” implies that you have a team of crafters, so this name will be fitting if you have multiple co-founders. The word “artisanal” makes it sound like your crafts are well-made and truly high-quality.

33. The Handmade Artistry Workshop

We love this name idea because it’s so fitting for a crafting business. Everything you offer is handmade with artistry. No matter your craft, a name like this will let customers know that you are a true professional and passionate about your work.

34. Artistic Creations and Designs

Here’s a name for crafters with a more artistic flair. While we like the word “artistic” in this name idea, you could use your name instead to make it more personal.

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