10 Gorgeous Black Rattan Dining Chairs We Love the Most
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10 Gorgeous Black Rattan Dining Chairs We Love the Most

Rattan is the perfect material for dining chairs. It has a natural look, but it’s also super durable. Because it’s naturally resistant to heat, moisture, cold and temperature fluctuations, rattan can be used indoors or outdoors. And black rattan dining chairs are especially stylish because they look great anywhere. If you want to add black rattan chairs to your home, we have 7+ models that are perfect for any style.

10 Gorgeous Black Rattan Dining Chairs We Love the Most

1. Noble House Jeremiah Chair

Noble House Jeremiah Classic Rattan Dining Chair walmart

The Jeremiah chair from Noble House comes in pairs of two and has a classic bistro chair design. The round back features woven rattan, and the high-quality frame is made from beautiful elm wood. The seat is also made from rattan.

The great thing about these chairs is that you can use them in your indoor dining room, and then take them outdoors if you’re entertaining guests and need more seating.

These chairs will pair perfectly with any home dining room table. They’ll add a vintage flair without compromising on comfort.

2. Safavieh Couture Karlee Chair

Couture Karlee Rattan Back Dining Chair OVERSTOCK

If you love the look of the Noble House chairs above but want a more comfortable cushion, you’ll love these black rattan chairs from Safavieh.

The Couture Karlee chair has a similar design to the Noble House chair, but it has a much thicker cushion made from soft linen. The chair back features a gorgeous black rattan and a classic round design.

The Couture Karlee chair will add a touch of elegance to your dining space and has a versatile design that will blend in well with any home style.

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3. Sinfinate Mid-Century Modern Rattan Chair

Sinfinate Mid-Century Modern Black Rattan Dining Chairs

If you’re a fan of modern, minimalistic designs, you’ll love these chairs from Sinfinate. They feature a rectangular back and a cantilever seat.

The frame is made from tubular steel, so it’s highly durable and aesthetically pleasing. The backrest features a beautiful hand-woven rattan that nicely contrasts against the black frame and seat. These chairs don’t take up much space, so they’re great for smaller dining rooms and bistro tables.

These chairs come in pairs of two and at a fabulous price that’s hard to pass up. Plus, they’ll go well with any home décor you have now or in the future.

4. Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse King Louis Back Chair

King Louis Back Side Chair BLACK RATTAN CHAIRS

This King Louis-style chair will make your dining room fit for royalty. The elegant black rattan back gives this chair an upscale look, and the gray cushion adds comfort and style.

The legs of this chair are made from solid rubberwood and have a distressed finish to complete the look.

If your home has a French country style, this chair is perfect for your dining space.

5. Bungalow Rose Ojas Chair

Ojas Arm Chair Black Rattan

If you love black rattan chairs with armrests, Bungalow Rose’s Ojas chair is perfect for you. Although it’s considered an armchair, you can easily use this chair in the dining room or even outdoors.

The Ojas chair has a classic bistro or café chair design, and it’s made with high-quality black rattan.

6. Kithkasa Rattan Boucle Dining Chairs, Metal Legged, Set of 2, Black

Kithkasa Rattan Boucle Dining Chairs

Elegant yet minimalistic is the best way to describe these metal-legged rattan dining chairs. Ideal for a mid-century home, these chairs feature Boucle material on the seat with thick padding to add comfort that’s necessary for long nights sitting around the table reminiscing about the past.

Unlike many of the square-backed chairs on the list, this one has a small oval backing made of rattan.

If you want a focal point for your dining room or breakfast nook, this pair offers the intense beauty that you want from your rattan dining chairs.

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7. Atticus Cane Side Chair

Atticus Cane Side Chair

Perfect as side chairs, these black rattan chairs have woven seats and backs while maintaining a strong modern, wooden design. The neutral tones of the chair fit seamlessly with the solid wood frame that offers elegance and beauty to every room.

Ash solid wood with a painted finish completes this set.

Slightly rounded corners add to the safety of the chair, perfect for families that have young kids who are accident-prone. Each chair has a seating capacity of around 300 pounds, and there are no armrests on these chairs.

8. Safavieh Couture Home Collection Hattie Black/Natural French Cane Living Room Dining Arm Chair (Set of 2)

Safavieh Couture Home Collection Hattie Black/Natural French Cane Living Room Dining Arm Chair

Crafted with wood and rattan, these beautiful dining chairs have true armrests that make seating more comfortable and easier to get up from. Chic and inviting, the black wood frame pairs beautifully with the French cane color on the backrest.

The full dimensions of these chairs are:

  • 8” W
  • 2” D
  • 3” H

Assembly is fast and easy, allowing you to go from unboxing to sitting as quickly as possible.

Offering staggering strength and durability, this set is one of the high-end options that are perfect for upscale homes.

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9. Baxton Studio Brenna Bohemian Black Finished Rattan and Metal Dining Chair

Baxton Studio Brenna Bohemian Black Finished Rattan and Metal Dining Chair

Stylish with a handcrafted rattan seat, the chairs from Brenna are well-made and feature a removable cushion and openwork frame. The crisscross base adds stability while maintaining a minimalistic look and feel.

The seat sits 17.7” from the floor, and the metal frame will last for years with daily use.

If you prefer the Bohemian look, these are a fantastic pair of chairs to purchase.

10. Balka Solid Back Arm Chair (Set of 2)

Balka Solid Back Arm Chair

South Shore’s Balka chairs come in a set of two with the following color options:

  • Black rattan
  • Black and yellow

Perfect for any dining room, these trendy black rattan chairs are comfortable and will cradle your body for an ultra-comfortable seating experience. Each chair is handmade and has a bohemian look and feel to it.

Metal legs with rubber caps add strength to the chair and allow you to reposition noise-free.

Hairpin metal legs allow enough open space for you to stretch your legs and stay comfortable for hours. Each chair has a floor-to-seat height of 18” and a width of 20”.