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17 Best Extendable Dining Tables To Serve Dinner With Style

What are the Perks of an Extendable Dining Table? 

Dining tables are the heart of the dining room. Whatever table design you choose, it is the heartbeat of parties, because it carries the conversation and memories from a long time to come. Choosing a dining table could be stressful, but this list proves it is easy to find accommodating as well as beautiful dining tables to fit in your home. Choosing an extendable dining table is an amazing route to go.

Comfortably seating your everyday household members is great and saves space – but when you want more people over, it’s a breeze to adjust the table. This gives you an upper hand and allows you to be the friend who always throws dinner parties! Getting an extendable dining table will save you space and catapult your social life! Here is a great list of options for your space. 

17 Best Extendable Dining Tables That Are Full Of Style

1. Parisian Chic 

Tiphaine Extendable Dining Table

This extendable table exudes elegance. Fluted legs with an antique-looking finish create a luxurious Parisian feel. The wooden top is a brown and gray hue – wondrously combining the two colors to create a gorgeous, warm tone. This extendable dining table seats 7 people and will fit perfectly in a Farmhouse, Hollywood Glam or Bohemian interior design style!

2. “Party at Mine!”

Extendable Solid Oak Dining Table

This table is the best of both worlds. Keep it small for nightly family dinners and then extend it for up to 12 guests! This is the epitome of an entertaining dining table. The distressed finish creates a welcoming feel because it hides all scrapes and scratches – allowing your family and friends to have fun without focusing their attention on being careful. An extendable dining table will be your secret weapon to being the best party host in your entire friend circle. 

3. An Easy Reach 

Extendable Pedestal Dining Table

This table has a very unique quality. The center of the glass table comes apart from the rest of the dining table top and actually spins! You may wonder why a spinning top would be so helpful. Place your sauces, drinks, and entrees on the revolving plate and allow each person at the table to easily reach for what they need rather than passing things over people eating. Manners will stay in play with this adjustable dining table! 

4. Marble Without the Hassle 

Arati Extendable Dining Table

Marble looking and extendable – what could be better? The ceramic top creates a cool look for a dining table. Chrome legs make up the bottom portion, making it ideal for a contemporary or modern home. Ceramic marble also creates the opportunity for an easy clean. Usually, marble is difficult to clean. It is porous and therefore you cannot use any cleaning product on it. With a ceramic top, you are able to easily wipe and go – making it easy for you and saves time when cleanup time arrives. 

5. Add to the Guestlist 

Extendable Dining Table

There’s nothing worse than needing extra room for guests, this dining table does just the trick! Gone are the days of frantically finding chairs and pulling them up to the table while making other guests scoot over. This dining table has a beautiful oak top with white legs that will extend the dining table up to 8 people! The white and oak combination pop against each other nicely – be ready for a surplus of compliments! 

6. Cherry Centerpiece 

Extendable Dining Table 2

Who doesn’t love cherry wood? The richness of tone is completely unmatched. The duality between the dark wood and the vintage cream colored legs mix very well together. There are matching chair options as well if you decide to purchase the dining table. The tapered legs give style to the overall look. On top of everything, this dining table is extremely easy to clean. Wipe it down with a dry or damp towel and voila! Your dining table is clean and ready for the next task.

7. Cutting Edge

Glass extendable Dining Table

Need a twist to the average dining table? This glass dining table gives a contemporary edge. An interesting stacking of chrome metal knobs and long pieces comes into play with this table. To top it all off, the glass top extends to create more space! This proves an extendable dining table can come in many styles, even cutting edge ones. 

8. Keeping the Party Close 

East West Furniture Avon Butterfly Leaf Dining Table - Linen White

An oval extendable dining table will create a wonderful space because there are no sharp corners to cut the guests off. Instead, an oval shape seemingly includes people and keeps everyone close and the party intimate. A beautiful white linen finish makes this adjustable dining table gleam as the centerpiece of the dining room. Truly a table that will long be talked about. 

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9. An Heirloom in the Making 

A-America Mariposa Trestle Table with Three 18 in. Butterfly Leaves

A table that easily glides to extend farther – this is a piece you can’t pass up! Rubberwood is used to make up this fantastic traditional dining table. The adjustable feature looks exceptionally great on this table – you’d never know it was extendable if it was in its smallest form. A trestle table is something you just can’t go wrong with – no matter how long you keep this table, it’s a piece that will continue to get better with age and potentially begin to pass down. 

10. Two Tones

Allensworth Rectangular Dining Table with Butterfly Leaf

In need of a family dining table? This will be a wonderful option. Scratches, spills and whatever else you can imagine will be hidden from sight due to the dark wooden top that hides it all. A dark oak dining top and antique white leg dining table will be a great asset in any light or dark colored dining room because of the dual color way! 

11. Dine in Style 

Monarch Specialties Gilbert Maple Rectangular Dining Table with Extension Leaf

Warm Maplewood is shaped into this stunning dining table. All you have to do is gently slide open this table top and an extra top can be inserted into the middle! That’s all the work you’ll need in order to make this a longer dining table for you and your guests to enjoy! Adjustable tables can sometimes be a bit tricky when extending it out, but this one makes it a simple process. The sleek, traditional extendable dining table is a prize for any home. 

12. Stylishly Accommodating 

A-America Cattail Bungalow Extension Dining Table

Imagine this: friends are coming over and you need to make room fast! That will be no problem for you because you have this wonderful hickory adjustable table. Easily glide it open and you have magically created more spots for your guests to occupy. The even toned wood and flared table legs make this dining table something that your guests will never have before seen. Not only will you be a great host, but a stylish one at that! 

13. Problem Solved 

Extendable Dining Table Folding Multifunction Table Space Saving Wooden Table

From 6 to 8 guests – this extendable dining table will top any other dining table you have owned previously. Extra room for guests is something you may not realize how much you will constantly use the extendable feature but once you purchase this dining table, you will forever be sold. Ever have a guest bring a plus one without asking you first? Or miscounting and the headcount is more than you expected? Extendable tables are the perfect cure for all of these potential issues. 

What if You Don’t Have the Dining Table Space? 

There’s no problem if your space won’t fit a dining table, but you still deserve a table that can still adjust to fit additional guests when hosting a party! Below is a short list of extendable folding tables that create a large feel while taking up a small amount of space. 

14. Drop it like it’s Hot 

Folding Dining Table AMAZON

Farmhouse Chic or Tradition – whichever your home adheres to, this table is meant for it! The drop leaf sides look amazing whether up or down. The black legs and brown wood-looking top allow it to fit and look good in almost any space!

15. A Step Above 

Folding Dining Table with Storage Rack and 2 Storage Drawers, Movable Kitchen Table Extendable Dining Table Space

This folding table exceeds all expectations. The additional add-ons to this table make it stand apart from other tables. Here’s the deal – this folding table has storage for the base so you get a space-friendly table as well as built-in storage! The Calcutta marble look-a-like top makes this folding table look even more chic and lux!

16. Portable and Storable

Meco STAKMORE Straight Edge Folding Card Table Fruitwood Finish AMAZON

Extendable tables aren’t your thing? This is a folding table that you can fold and store away until the time comes to add to your dining table to make more table top space. Deep brown wood makes up this table. Its thin legs make the table seem timeless and far from bulky. This folding table is made well and seamlessly glides open and close, while locking into place to ensure it stays open and ready to be used in your home! 

17. Brave the Elements

18x18 Inch Adirondack Side Table in Acacia Wood I Square Folding Patio Side Table Multifunctional and Portable

A nostalgic look, the quintessential picnic table comes with a slatted top. It will be wonderful passing down what your childhood portable table looked like as well. Additionally, the acacia wood withstands outdoor conditions as well as indoor, allowing you to live life and not worry about where you go – this table will have your back. 

That’s A Wrap! 

No matter your space, you can create a warm and inviting dining feel that will easily welcome guests to sit and eat! Hosting dinner parties can get stressful, this will no longer be a reason why stress plays a part in the night…how great is that? An extendable dining table or a handy, portable one creates an ease that you will never be able to buy another dining table after knowing the benefits these tables will accentuate your lifestyle. Now you are equipped with a large list of options you can add into your home and brighten up your life!