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20 Best Decorative Shelves for Bathroom

Stylish Bathroom Décor Shelves for Wall

Decorative shelves for bathroom give you functional space to show off your favorite décor items. Whether you want to add plants, art, candles, and everything in between, shelves provide you with space and the freedom to add character, color and charm to your space.

But finding the right one for your space can be tough. Here are 20 of the best decorative shelves to bring your design ideas to life.

20 Best Decorative Shelves for Bathroom

1. Floating Rustic, Live Edge Wooden Shelves

Takara Live-Edge Shelf bathroom

Floating shelves are such a great addition to any bathroom because they’re clean looking and a warm, earthy element to your space.

We really love these floating shelves from Anthropologie because they have a live edge. The live edge adds texture, character and a natural feel.

There are so many ways to decorate shelves like these. Adding plants, art prints, candles and hand towels can make the space feel more inviting while keeping it functional.

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2. Hanging Wooden Rustic Shelves

Luxspire Bathroom Shelves Wall Hanging Shelf

If you’re into that rustic, farmhouse look, these hanging wooden shelves from Luxspire on Amazon are perfect. We love these shelves because they’re so easy to hang. You don’t have to break out the level and measuring tape. Instead, just hang a simple hook, and you’re ready to start decorating. The shelves hang from the durable hemp rope.

The vintage, white-washed look looks great in any space, and the adorable “take a seat” decal is perfect for the bathroom.

These shelves are perfect for small décor items, like succulent plants and small art prints. You can also add a hand towel and candle to complete the look.

3. Lilo Rattan Shelves

Lilo Rattan Shelves

The round Lilo Rattan shelves from Anthropologie are gorgeous, and they’re perfect for bathroom décor. Add plants, art prints, candles, crystals, towels and more. With a 23.75″ and 8” depth, these shelves have plenty of space to show off your décor.

4. Wooden Spine Shelves

Wyaconda 5 Piece Tiered Shelf

Spine-style shelving is such a great option for the bathroom. They don’t take up much space and their narrow design allows them to fit in small, awkward spaces.

These simple bathroom decor shelves from Wayfair are perfect for:

  • Plants
  • Candles
  • Hand towels
  • Small framed art prints

Here’s some inspiration for this style of shelving:

5. Crescent Moon Shelves

wooden Moon Shelf Decor

If you’re going for a boho look, these crescent moon shelves from Urban Outfitters are perfect for bathroom décor. There are so many great ways to decorate these shelves, which are works of art themselves.

Here are some ideas of things to add to your shelves:

  • A succulent plant or two
  • Crystals
  • Essential oils or bottles of perfume
  • A small hand towel
  • A tealight candle

Here’s some more inspiration:

6. Lauren Wall Shelf

Lauren Wall Shelf

Need more space to show off your décor? We love The Lauren Wall Shelf from Urban Outfitters. This three-tier shelf has a gold-colored wire frame with a fun arched accent at the front.

The little arch piece would be ideal for small climbing plants. With so much shelf space, you can easily add:

  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Art
  • Decorative bowls and containers
  • Pretty hand towels
  • Potpourri
  • Books

And with a weight of just five pounds, this shelf can easily hang on any wall.

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7. Industrial Pipe Shelves

Industrial Pipe Shelving bathroom

If you’re going for that industrial, rustic look, you’ll love these industrial pipe shelves from Amazon. What’s great about these shelves is that you can change the configuration and placement to match your space and needs. You get a total of four shelves. Hang them over your toilet or on an empty wall. They’re great for:

  • Small plants or a vase of flowers
  • Hand towels
  • Candles
  • Essential oils
  • Knick knacks

Here are some cute ideas for decorating industrial pipe shelves:

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8. X-Frame Bathroom Shelf

X-Frame Bathroom Wall Shelf

We love this X-Frame bathroom shelf from Bed Bath & Beyond because it will fit in with just about any bathroom style. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms or to fill those little awkward spaces on your wall.

With two shelves, you have plenty of space for décor items, like:

  • Candles
  • Potted plants
  • Statues or knick-knacks that match your bathroom theme
  • Art prints
  • Pretty hand towels and jars

9. Rattan Daisy Wall Shelf

Rattan Daisy Wall Shelf bathroom

Looking for shelves to hang above your bathtub? We love the Rattan Daisy Wall Shelf from Urban Outfitters for this because it has a natural look while still adding function.

The beautiful rattan complements any bathroom. The daisy design adds a bit of whimsy, and the hanging towel bar is so convenient. The shelf is the perfect place for plants, candles or crystals.

10. Chet Free-Standing Shelves

Chet Solid Wood Freestanding Bathroom Shelves

We love these free-standing bathroom decor shelves from Wayfair because you don’t have to worry about measuring or hanging anything. If you’re renting an apartment or just want an easy way to show off your bathroom décor, these shelves are a great option.

Here are some fun ideas to decorate these shelves:

  • Greenery – either a vase or potted plant
  • Pretty jars with bathroom essentials
  • Decorative towels
  • Art prints
  • Candles
  • Wall art for bathroom

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11. 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver

Sometimes, you just want a simple way to add décor without hanging shelves on the wall. These over-the-toilet shelves from Amazon are perfect for this and are actually one of the most popular decorative shelves for bathrooms. Most bathrooms have awkward, blank space above the toilet. These shelves fill that space without having to hang anything.

The bottom shelf is perfect for showing off beautiful candles, decorative hand towels or a small plant. The top of the unit is excellent for bigger décor items, like word art, baskets, big vases and more.

Here’s some inspiration from another similar product:

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12. Beverly Shelf

Beverly Shelf for bathroom

If you’re looking for a small shelf to fill bare spots on your wall, the Beverly Shelf from Anthropologie is the perfect choice. With a diameter of 8.25” and depth of 4.5,” you still have space to display décor without taking up the whole wall.

There’s just enough space to show off:

  • A vase of flowers
  • Pretty perfume bottles
  • A candle
  • Other little décor items that match the theme of your bathroom

13. Corner Floating Shelves

Wood Corner Shelf for bathroom

Corners are a great place to hang shelves for décor, especially in the bathroom. Corners are usually left bare. Make use of this space!

These corner floating shelves from Amazon are ideal for the bathroom because they’re compact and can be configured however you want. In addition, you get two shelves with this set, which gives you lots of space for décor.

Add plants, art, statues, magazines and useful things, like pretty jars with cotton balls or swabs.

14. Dicha Wood Tiered Shelf

Dicha 4 Piece Solid Wood Tiered Shelf

If you want bathroom decor shelves that look like floating shelves but are much easier to hang, this tiered shelf set is perfect. These shelves are right at home in a farmhouse or rustic-style bathroom.

These four shelves give you plenty of space for décor, whether you want to add towels, candles, plants or even word art. Because it’s narrow and compact, you can hang it above the toilet, next to the mirror or just about anywhere else in the bathroom.

15. Astronaut Shelves

Bathroom Shelves Stand Seasoning Astronaut Modeling Shower Shelf Wall

Want something different for your bathroom? This Astronaut Shelf from Walmart is adorable. It’s not a big shelf, but there’s enough room for a plant, candle or some knick-knack. The shelf itself is a work of art and will add some interest and character to your bathroom.

Hang this shelf near your sink or the mirror to show off some of your décor.

16. Iron Wood Shelves

Black Bathroom Shelves

If you’re going for a darker color scheme, these Iron Wood shelves from Amazon are a great choice. We love their rich charcoal color, which stands out against a light gray wall. This set includes two shelves, one of which has a hanging towel bar.

Add bottles, hand towels, plants, candles or artwork to your shelves to add character to your space. You can hang these above the toilet or on an empty wall near the sink.

17. Windfall Cloud Shelf

Decoration Wall Floating Ledge Shelves

If you have a whimsical theme or you need shelves for a kid’s bathroom, this Windfall Cloud Shelf from Walmart is a cute option. It’s a simple wire-frame design, but it’s a fun way to make your shelves part of your bathroom décor.

Add a jar of cotton balls or a small plant. There are so many adorable ways to decorate this shelf. There are three colors to choose from, so pick one that will stand out against your walls.

18. Wooden Plank Shelf

Bathroom decor shelves don’t have to be complicated. You can do a lot with a simple, floating wooden plank shelf, like the InPlace Oak shelf from Overstock.

We really love the simplicity and beauty of this décor idea, which uses a similar shelf:

Modern Farmhouse Small Bathroom Reveal

Adding a pretty print that matches your bathroom and a plant can really transform your bathroom.

19. Boho Hanging Shelves

Visland Hanging Shelves for Wall bathroom

These boho hanging shelves from Walmart are great for boho and earthy-themed bathrooms. They’re not too big, so they’re great for small bathrooms. And you can hang them just about anywhere. Put them in front of a window to show off your plants and help them stay healthy. Or hang them on a blank wall to show off your bathroom essentials.

20. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

boho Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf Natural for bathroom

This macrame wall hanging shelf from Walmart will add a handmade touch to your bathroom. It’s perfect for displaying plants, knick-knacks and other small items. While it’s easy to hang, it’s best to avoid displaying anything that’s too heavy or breakable on this one.

Final Thoughts 

These are some of our favorite decorative shelves for bathroom. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when decorating your space and to add unexpected décor items to your shelves.

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