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11 Insanely Beautiful Arch Mirrors We Can’t Resist

An arch mirror can add style and elegance to any space. Whether you’re looking to refresh your bedroom, bathroom, entryway or dining room, these 11 insanely beautiful mirrors are perfect.

11 Insanely Beautiful Arch Mirrors We Can’t Resist

1. Better Homes & Gardens Arch Wall Mirror

Arch Metal Wall Mirror Décor in Gold

This Better Homes & Gardens arch wall mirror looks so high-end, with its leaflet scroll details and floral carvings along the border. The gold metallic frame is gorgeous, and the large size (30” tall and 20” wide) makes it perfect for bedrooms, entryways and even bathrooms.

The best part? This mirror only requires one nail or hook – so it’s easy to install.

Better Homes & Gardens even includes a soft cloth for dusting. 

2. Willa Arlo Interiors Swanley Arch Mirror

Arch Glass Wall Mirror

The Swanley arch mirror from Willa Arlo Interiors is gorgeous and has a scalloped arch design. It features a beveled glass surface that’s hand crafted in the USA.

This mirror is a true full-length mirror with dimensions of 62” H x 26” W.

It’s the perfect mirror for bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms – anywhere you want to add a little glam.

3. BEAUTYPEAK Arched Mirror

Bathroom Mirror Wall Vanity Arched Mirror

Here’s an arch mirror that’s simple yet elegant. It comes in both black and gold frame options and multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

The largest size – 26″ W x 38” H – is perfect for leaning on a dresser or hanging on the wall. 

The brushed metal frame is durable and rust-proof, so you can even install this mirror in your bathroom. The HD silver mirror provides a clear, distortion-free reflection.

With a light weight of just over 10 pounds, you can easily hang this mirror yourself. 

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4. Aspire Home Accents Jolene Arch Window Pane Mirrors

Jolene Arch Window Pane Mirrors Off-White

Looking for mirrors to use as décor? These arch window pane mirrors are stunning and the perfect addition to any farmhouse style living room or entryway. 

The wooden frames and distressed off-white finish give these mirrors so much character and charm. They come in sets of two, and you can configure them however you want.

Each mirror is 27” x 15” and hangs individually with two nails or screws. Installation is a breeze.

5. OGCAU Arched Mirror

OGCAU 20 x 30 Inch Black Mirror Wall Mirror for Bathroom

OGCAU’s arched mirror looks just like a window pane. The vaulted top frame adds height and beauty to this mirror, which features authentic silver glass. 

This mirror comes in three sizes: 20” x 28,” 22” x 65,” and 24” x 42.” 

And if you’re not a fan of mirror grilles, you can choose a solid glass option in black or gold.

We love this arched mirror, but we should note that it’s quite heavy. You may need some help hanging this one.

6. Ibizza Arched Geometric Wall Mirror

Arched Wall Mount Mirror

This arch mirror from Ibizza has a unique design that’s almost geometric. It’s the perfect addition to any modern or vintage style home.

We love the look of the vintage brassy gold frame. With a 1” thickness, this frame is ultra-sturdy and elegant. HD glass imaging creates a clear image that’s distortion-free.

You can hang this mirror in the living room or bedroom, or it can be tilted and used as a decorative mirror.

Ibizza’s mirror comes in two sizes: 36” x 24” and 42” x 28.”

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7. Luxen Home Cathedral-Style Arched Mirror

Luxen Home

Luxen Home’s cathedral-style arched mirror is stunning. It’s an art piece in and of itself, but it will also add volume and light to the room to make it appear more spacious.

If you have vintage, rustic or farmhouse décor in your home, this mirror will blend in perfectly with your home’s style.

It’s not an ideal mirror for the bedroom or bathroom, but it’s perfect for entryways, living rooms, dining rooms and other areas of the home. 

With a height of 33.5” and width of 20.5,” you won’t have any issues hanging this mirror yourself.

8. QUOAOT Rattan Arched Mirror

QUOAOT Arched Wall-Mounted Mirror

QUOAOT’s arch mirror has a beautiful, natural rattan frame. If you’re going for a nature-inspired look in your room, this mirror will be the perfect addition. 

We love that this mirror has ultra-high-definition imaging and shatterproof glass, so if the worst happens, cleanup will be easier and safer.

The hooks on the back of the mirror make wall-hanging simple and easy, but you can also tilt this mirror against a wall if you prefer that look.

The natural rattan look will complement any home, whether your space is boho, farmhouse, rustic or modern. With dimensions of 35” x 23,” you can easily hang this mirror in the bathroom, bedroom, foyer or living room.

9. NeuType Arched LED Mirror


NeuType’s arched mirror has a built-in LED light that’s dimmable and color-changing. Switch between 6K white light, 4K natural light and 3K warm light. And if you want to adjust the brightness, just long tap the mirror. 

The anti-fog glass and beveled edge give this modern mirror a high-end look. There’s also a memory function, so each time you turn the light on, it will remember your last setting.

While you could use this mirror in the bedroom, it’s designed for bathrooms. The 36” x 24” size makes it ideal for hanging above vanities.

10. Shyfoy Large, Ornate Mirror

Shyfoy Large Arch Wall Mirror Ornate Mirro

Shyfoy’s arch mirror truly is large and ornate, with a 36” width and a 23” height. It’s the perfect addition to a mantle, dresser or vanity. 

The carved garland design along the frame of the mirror is beautiful and will add a touch of baroque to your space. The wooden frame and beveled glass create a luxe look that you’re sure to love.

Hanging this mirror is easier than it looks, thanks to the sturdy hanging rings built into the frame.

11. NeuType Full-Length Arched Mirror

Aluminum Alloy Wall Mount

Looking for a full-length arched mirror? NeuType’s aluminum alloy mirror stands 71” tall and has a generous width of 28.”

You can hang this mirror or tilt it against the wall. The glass is shatterproof, which will give you peace of mind that if the mirror breaks, it won’t shatter into shards.

Choose from gold, silver or black frames to complement your space.

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