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11+ Best Barbie Inspired Outfits for Adults

This year is all about Barbie. And Barbiecore has taken over summer fashion. If you want to jump on this trend, we’re going to share 11+ Barbie inspired outfits for adults that you’re absolutely going to love.

11+ Best Barbie Inspired Outfits for Adults

1. Jean Jackets, Mini Skirts and Heels

Here’s a really easy way to put together a Barbie-inspired outfit. And you may already have these items in your closet.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2. Pink Crop Top and Pink Wide Leg Pants

This Barbiecore outfit is so simple yet so chic. The matching two-piece crop top and wide leg pants are so pretty and flattering.

The outfit in this Pin is from Lulus, but you can find one that’s really similar on Amazon. Pair your outfit with a small handbag and a simple pair of sandals. Pink earrings will tie the whole look together.

3. 1950s Retro Barbie

Looking for retro Barbie inspired outfits for adults? Here’s the perfect outfit, and it’s a lot easier than you think to pull it off.

The outfit itself is actually pretty modern and easy to find in most stores. It’s the style of the shoes, sunglasses, hair and makeup that really make this look retro.

You don’t even need a “Barbie” crop top for this look. Here’s a really pretty and flattering pink crop top from Amazon that would work perfectly for this outfit.

Pair your top with:

To bring this look together, wear your hair up in a ponytail with bumper bangs. If you don’t have bangs, a slick high ponytail will work just as well. Be sure to curl the ends of your ponytail for that 50s look.

For makeup? Go with red lipstick and cat eye makeup.

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4. Kacey Musgraves Met Gala Look

Kacey Musgraves went full-on Barbiecore for the Met Gala this year, and you can create a similar look.

You may not be able to find her dress, but you can wear a long pink dress and pair it with a pink furry shawl or jacket. A pair of silver pumps and pink sunglasses will complete the look.

5. Pink Varsity Jacket and Jeans

Looking for a casual outfit that’s Barbie inspired? We love this 90s/early 00s style look.

Pair a pink crop length varsity jacket with a white tank and light blue jeans. Add a cute pink bag and you’re done. Natural, subtle makeup and a simple hairstyle will complete this look.

6. Boho Barbie

We love boho Barbie inspired outfits for adults, and this one takes the cake. It’s so carefree and comfortable yet still chic and sexy. It’s 70s inspired and perfect for a picnic in the park.

Find a tie-front crop top and pair it with a pair of pink high-waisted shorts. If you can’t find a matching set, you can wear jean shorts instead.

White retro sunglasses will complete the outfit, but you’ll look great without them, too.

7. Barbie Boss Girl

Want to take your Barbie look into the office? Use this outfit as inspiration. We recommend choosing a longer skirt or dress, but the concept is still the same.

Pair a pretty pink, tweed blazer, like this one from State, with a matching skirt or dress. If you’re going with a skirt, wear a white tank. Add some gold accessories, like a necklace or belt.

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8. Pink Blazer and Purple Shirt

If you want something that looks like Emily in Paris meets Barbie, this is the outfit for you. The outfit has a lot of pieces that go together well, including:

I do want to mention that if you can, purchase a jacket that is longer than what you would typically wear. If you notice, the woman in the Pin almost looks like she’s wearing a mini skirt, but it’s really her jacket.

You’ll want to complete this look with a few additional accessories, such as pink pumps, pink headband and a pink purse.

9. Pink and White Plaid Barbie

Inspired by Russian models, this plaid outfit oozes Barbie from the shirt to the top. You’ll want to nail this outfit as close as possible. MadeMeChic has a two-piece outfit that looks great, but it does lack the hot pink vibe.

For a jacket, you can go with long sleeve flannel like this one.

Finally, these white Versace glasses will complete the look.

10. Cozy, Chic Outfit

These Barbie inspired outfits for adults are perfect for a night out or in with your friends. You’ll also break free from the color pink for a bit with this beautiful, light purple top. The mini skirt is hard to match, but this one is a good option.

Finally, you’ll want to add knee-high boots, like this one.

11. Pink, Plaid Blazer Outfit

Professional and stunning, this outfit is ideal for the businesswoman and will be accepted in even the most upscale office. The outfit can be broken down into three main pieces, all of which go perfectly together:

  1. Light pink pants that look professional and are not overbearing
  2. Basic white turtleneck
  3. Pink plaid blazer

Matching the pink plaid blazer will be the biggest challenge, but a few good options can be found here, here and here.

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12. White Top and Pink Glittery Pants

How adorable does she look with this white top with a bow in the middle? You can find a very similar shirt on Forever 21, but I can also see this bustier top being a great alternative. Her pink glittery pants really stand out.

You’ll find a few great pant options here:

Finally, basic white heels will complete the outfit. You can obviously mix and match the colors that you like best to make this outfit unique to you.

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