25 Amazing Ankle Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

Best Ankle Tattoo Ideas for Women

Are you looking for amazing ankle tattoo ideas? We have 25 ideas to inspire your next ink and help you create the perfect tattoo. From mermaids to mice and skeletons, we have some unique ideas for your next tat.

25 Amazing Ankle Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

1. Mermaid Ankle Tattoo

Mermaids are beautiful as ankle tattoos because their shape complements the natural shape of your ankle and shin. If you’re a lover of the ocean, it’s a perfect tattoo idea, but even if you’re not, these magical creatures may be meaningful for you. Mermaids are often associated with rebirth, independence and strength.

2. Fox Ankle Tattoo

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The fox is a curious, resourceful and mischievous creature. They’re associated with intelligence, beauty, good fortune and protection. As ankle tattoos, they’re not only beautiful, but meaningful. This design has beautiful watercolor elements with simple line art that makes the fox look majestic.

3. Lotus Flower Ankle Tattoo Ideas

The lotus flower is special. It rises from the mud to bloom each morning before submerging back into the river at night. Because of its unique lifecycle, the lotus is often associated with rebirth, strength and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus is not only a beautiful ankle tattoo idea because of its deep meaning, but because its shape matches the ankle perfectly.

4. Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Anklet tattoos are fun and beautiful because you can customize them in so many ways. Like a charm bracelet, you can keep adding to it. Each element you add can have personal meaning or just be something that you find beautiful. For example, add initials of loved ones or children, or just include things that bring you joy.

5. Floral Anklet Tattoo

Floral anklet tattoos can be simple or elaborate, but they’re always beautiful. While roses and climbing flowers are the most popular choices, you can add any flower you want. You can also go with a simple thorn or vine design without flowers.

6. Blue Rose Anklet Tattoo

Blue roses are associated with mystery, and they make beautiful ankle tats. The vibrant blue color really catches the eye. Keep it simple by only coloring the flowers and leaving the leaves black and white.

7. Tiny Ankle Tats

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Tiny tattoos are perfect for the ankle because it’s such a small space. Minimalistic designs like the birds above can still be meaningful without taking up too much space. And their tiny size makes it easier to bear the pain of the needle.

8. Butterfly Semicolon Ankle Tattoo

The semicolon is a symbol used for mental health awareness. It represents the person’s decision to continue a sentence (their life) rather than end it. It’s a symbol of strength, courage and survival. Semicolons are often combined with butterflies for tattoo designs because butterflies represent transformation and rebirth. A semicolon butterfly makes the perfect ankle tat design for survivors or anyone wanting to raise awareness about mental health.

9. Wolf Ankle Tattoos

Wolves are powerful symbols, often associated with loyalty, family ties, freedom, intelligence and spiritual enlightenment. A howling wolf is a beautiful tattoo design idea. The idea above also incorporates ravens and a blooming flower.

10. Sea Turtle Ankle Tattoo

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Sea turtles symbolize endurance, luck, wisdom and patience. In the spiritual world, they’re seen as guides and removers of obstacles. But you don’t really need a deep meaning to get a sea turtle ankle tattoo. These cute creatures make conversation-worthy tattoos.

11. Panda Ankle Tattoo

Pandas are associated with abundance, luck, strength and a love for life. Not to mention they’re adorable. If you want a cute ankle tattoo, pandas are a great option. This design puts a cute panda in a cherry blossom tree with a shooting star.

12. Forest Ankle Tattoo

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If you’re a lover of nature, here’s a great ankle tattoo idea. This idea has a watercolor background with a forest silhouette. It’s a striking design that climbs up the side of the ankle and calf. 

13. Day Dreamer Ankle Tattoo Ideas

If you’re a dreamer or always have your head in the clouds, this tattoo idea is for you. This is a creative ankle tattoo that you can customize however you want. It’s a unique design and conversation starter, but it also has meaning. 

14. Skin and Bones Ankle Tattoo

Here’s a unique tattoo idea that covers both the ankle and foot. This design looks like your foot and ankle are nothing but skin and bones. The right artist can really make this design look lifelike, which can strike up some interesting conversations.

15. Book Ankle Tattoo

If you’re an avid reader, here’s the perfect ankle tattoo for you. A pile of books or an open book is a cute idea for an ankle tattoo and will show off a little of your personality. In this design, the open book has flowers blooming out of it with an adorable bumblebee. Along with just showing off your love of reading, a design like this tells others that you’re an open book or that you believe reading leads to growth.

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16. Octopus Ankle Tattoo

The octopus represents survival, the ability to overcome obstacles, intelligence and creativity. And if they’re drawn the right way – like the tattoo above – they’re adorable. This tattoo idea can be meaningful and cute.

17. Lion Ankle Tattoo

Lions have always been symbols of courage, strength and beauty. Incorporate this majestic creature into your ankle tattoo design to display your own courage and strength. This design idea will cover your ankle and your calf, and it’s a representation of courage. The young cub sees a lion in his reflection.

18. Cat Ankle Tattoo

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If you’re a cat lover, why not incorporate your favorite animal into your ankle tattoo design? We love this tattoo design because it’s so simple but adorable. Two cats are watching the moon. If you have someone special in your life, this tattoo may have a deeper meaning.

19. Fairy Ankle Tattoo

Fairies are mythical and mystical creatures that have different meanings in different cultures. They’re often associated with magic, love and spring. They’re deeply rooted in nature and can also symbolize a connection between humans and the natural world. This tattoo design associates fairies with magic and stars. 

20. Pet Memorial Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Pets are part of the family, and their loss can be incredibly painful. A memorial tattoo is a beautiful way to remember and honor your lost pet. In this tattoo design, the owner and her dog are holding “hands” while standing in the water. If you prefer something simpler, you can tattoo a paw print or your pet’s name.

21. Happy Skeleton Ankle Tattoo

For those who are happy but “dead inside,” here’s a great ankle tattoo idea. This sitting skeleton is holding a bouquet of flowers, stars and moons. Skeletons mean different things to different people, but this design is eye-catching and sure to strike up a conversation.

22. Watercolor Ankle Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are beautiful and perfect for the ankle, especially if you want to extend it up your leg. This tattoo design includes flowers and leaves. Tattoos like this get people thinking and are just beautiful to look at.

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23. Flower Quote Ankle Tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo Designs | CUSTOM TATTOO DESIGN

Flowers are perfect for ankle tattoos. And because flowers have so many different meanings, it’s a great way to get a message across without words. But you can also combine flowers with quotes to make your words more powerful. In this design, a sunflower (symbol for youth and innocence) has the words “forever young” as its stem.

24. Mountain Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Amazing tattoo mountain flower 

Mountains are symbols of survival, strength and endurance. But they’re also often associated with travelers. Mountains are great for ankle tattoos, no matter their meaning. In this design, the mountain range is surrounded by a forest, flowers, the moon and stars. It’s a beautiful design for anyone who loves nature, mountains or traveling.

25. Mouse Ankle Tattoo

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If you’re looking for something unconventional, here’s a cute ankle tattoo. This mouse is surrounded by grass, flowers and bumblebees. Mice are often associated with courage and persistence, so this is a tattoo design that can have a deeper meaning.

Final Thoughts

These are 25 of our favorite ankle tattoo ideas. Use them as inspiration for your own tattoo design.