20 Extremely Gorgeous Flower Tattoo Ideas

Most Beautiful Flower Tattoo Ideas

Whether you prefer line art or colorful watercolor tats, flowers are always a great choice for a tattoo. Not only are they beautiful, but flowers are often powerful symbols. If you’re looking for flower tattoo ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share 20 gorgeous tattoo ideas and some of the best flowers to use in tattoos.

Best Flowers for Tattoos and Their Meanings

There are thousands of flowers in this world, but some are better suited for tattoos than others because of their symbolism. Some of the best, meaningful flowers for tattoos include:

  • Lotus: Rebirth and purity.
  • Sunflower: Optimism, peace and joy.
  • Rose: Love, courage and beauty.
  • Lily: Rebirth, purity and femininity
  • Daisy: New beginnings, love and innocence
  • Orchid: Beauty, refinement and elegance
  • Tulip: Pure love, friendship, innocence

20 Insanely Gorgeous Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Black and White Flower Tattoos

Shoulder Rose Tattoo

The placement and design of this rose tattoo is gorgeous and elegant. The little hummingbird is a cute touch, but you can easily omit it from your design without affecting the flowers. The mix of fully bloomed and blooming flowers adds depth to the design, but they can also symbolize the coming of new chapters in life.

2. Bee Flower Tattoo Designs

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This watercolor-style flower tattoo features a bumblebee and faded honeycomb. Bees are important pollinators, and many species are endangered. This tattoo is a reminder of how crucial and beautiful these creatures are. The vibrant colors really make this gorgeous design come to life. Watercolor designs are tough to pull off, so make sure you find a talented, experienced artist.

3. Colorful Flower Tattoos

Here’s a great design if you’re looking for bright and colorful flower tattoo ideas. The bright yellow sunflower stands out against the purple and pink background. Daisies and other colorful flowers really make this a gorgeous tattoo. If you’re a vibrant soul, this is a tat design that will reflect your personality. The deep shading between the flowers really gives it a 3D look.

4. Flower Tattoos with Names

If you’re looking for flower tattoo ideas that include names, this design is an elegant and subtle way to pull it off. The name, written in beautiful script, is the stem of this delicate rose. The green leaves complete the design. We love how realistic this flower looks, and from a distance, the name just looks like the flower’s stem. You can make a flower like this as small or big as you want. It’s great as a forearm, wrist or ankle tattoo.

5. Flower Tattoo Sleeve

A flower tattoo sleeve doesn’t have to be colorful. As gorgeous as those designs are, this black and white sleeve is stunning. This design includes a mix of lavender, daisies, irises and other wildflowers. We love that this sleeve tattoo isn’t too busy or overloaded with design elements. It flows nicely from the shoulders down to the wrists.

6. Flower Tattoo with Butterflies

This stunning tattoo design features a purple butterfly with wings that transform into purple and blue flowers. The watercolor background and little magical elements make this tattoo something special. It’s a simple yet elegant and artistic tattoo that can symbolize growth and rebirth.

7. Flower Tattoo with Birds

Flowers and birds – two signs of spring and change. Flowers are often viewed as symbols of transformation and birds of freedom. This tattoo idea combines these two symbols to create a colorful and beautiful tattoo. Symbolism aside, the colors and overall design of this tat are jaw-dropping.

8. Simple Flower Tattoo

24 Gorgeous Botanical Tattoos by Anna Botyk

If you want a simple flower tattoo that looks more realistic, you’ll love this design. Lavender, cornflowers and little pink flowers mix with green foliage to create a wildflower bouquet. We love the placement of this tattoo, which looks like you have flowers blooming up from the ankle.

9. Flower Foot Tattoos

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Flowers make beautiful foot and ankle tattoos. They can represent growth or just serve as a beautiful work of art. This design features subtle but beautifully colored roses and a painted look. The design starts at the top of the foot and wraps up around the ankle and calf. It’s a gorgeous tattoo design if you’re brave enough to get ink on this sensitive spot.

10. Flower Tattoo Ideas with Quotes

Top 51 Best Wildflower Tattoo Ideas 

Flowers have so many meanings, so they’re the perfect pair for a motivational or moving quote. In this design, a bouquet of colorful wildflowers surrounds the words “stay wild.” It’s a nice reminder to enjoy life and take chances – you never know what’s on the other side. You can use any combination of flowers for this tattoo, and the back is a great place for a larger design like this.

11. Unique Flower Tattoo Ideas

Very Beautiful New Cross Stitch Patterns 

This tattoo is an explosion of nature, with beautiful colors and symbolism galore. The heart on the tree trunk can symbolize the growth of love – romantic or self. The flowering roots and blooming bouquet at the top of the tree can also symbolize growth. The hummingbirds and butterflies help nature and growth. It’s a beautiful tattoo that can have a much deeper meaning.

12. Artistic Flower Tattoos

Tattoos don’t always have to have deep meanings. This stunning tattoo design looks like it was painted by a master. It features a collection of daisies, dahlias, daisies, lavender and other colorful flowers. The rich, vibrant colors are what truly make this tattoo stand out.

13. Flower Tattoos for Mental Health Awareness

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Because flowers are often seen as symbols of growth, rebirth and transformation, they are wonderful for mental health awareness tattoos. In this design, a hand is holding a bouquet of sunflowers, roses and lavender above the words “hold on.” What a beautiful reminder to continue on this life journey.

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14. Bleeding Heart Tattoo Idea

The bleeding heart flower can be a symbol of love and loss. In this tattoo design, a monarch sits on a leaf below the flower. The butterfly and flower may be a symbol of loss and healing (rebirth or transformation). Bleeding heart is a uniquely shaped flower, which makes it a great option flower for a tattoo.

15. Feminine Flower Tattoo Ideas

We love the subtlety and femininity of this tattoo. The colors complement the skin tone, and the placement is perfect for this cluster of flowers. The flowers look like they are just part of her skin. The peachy and creamy tones combined with the muted green leaves give serious cottagecore vibes.

16. Big Flower Tattoo Ideas

Here’s a great flower tattoo design if you’re trying to cover up an old tat or just want to add a big piece. We love the clean lines and geometric-like shape of the leaves. The beauty of this design is that it doesn’t need color. If you want a colorful tattoo, watercolor would be a great choice for this design.

17. Flower Tattoos for Growth

220+ Flower Tattoos Meanings and Symbolism

This tattoo design is both gorgeous and meaningful. It depicts the wearer’s head as a bouquet of flowers, with arms wrapped around in an embrace. The watering can above is watering the flowers. The tattoo appears to be a symbol of growth and change that is being nurtured by the wearer.

18. Unique Flower Tattoo Ideas

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Here’s a gorgeous, unique flower tattoo idea. A trailing flower bunch acts as tentacles for a jellyfish. Jellyfish are symbols of survival, movement, instinct and flow. Flowers are a fitting pair for the jellyfish in this design. Plus, it just looks cool. The simple black and white design brings out the detail in the line art.

19. Beautiful Flower Wrist Tattoo

This flower wrist tattoo is beautifully designed and colorful. The band-like design wraps around the wrist and can serve as a reminder to find beauty in life. This idea can be used as a tattoo coverup, too. You can easily swap these flowers out for other flowers that are meaningful to you.

20. Rose Flower Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor flowers tattoo for girls by Pete Zebley

This beautiful watercolor rose tattoo features vibrant shades of pink and red with rich green leaves. The shading is done masterfully to look like a true work of art. This is a large tattoo that’s perfect for the shoulder, back or even the thigh.

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Final Thoughts

These 20 gorgeous flower tattoo ideas are just the start of your tattoo journey. The key is to find a talented artist to make your vision a reality.