20 Creative Hobbies for Moms

Hobbies for Moms That Will Make Your Life Fun Again

Do you remember what your hobbies were before you became a mom? No? Don’t worry you are not alone, not having a lot of time for yourself, paired with the overwhelming emotional feeling of being responsible for another human being tends to render hobbies for moms less important.

Less important, not unimportant! We need time for ourselves, we need time to do things that we enjoy.

Fun and Creative Hobbies for Moms

Here is a list of hobbies for moms that you could pursue:


Hobbies for Moms – Crochet

This handcraft is making a comeback, it’s not just something our grannies do. Crocheting is inexpensive and with all the tutorials freely available on the web, you could learn how to crochet in no time. Best of all, you can crochet toys or clothes for your kids to practice.


Speaking of making clothes, you could take up sewing as a hobby. There is not a lot of things that are more satisfying than being able to wear something that you made with your own hands. Granted this hobby is slightly more on the expensive side, but it is very much worth it.


As a mom, you probably have so many photographs of your babies and family or first-moment memorabilia that are currently in a shoebox in a cupboard somewhere. Scrapbooking brings all those memories to life again and this way you can relive your fondest moments as you creatively display them.

Plant mom

We know we know, you are already a mom, don’t need to worry about being a plant mom as well. However, gardening whether outdoors with a veggie garden or indoor succulent lets you escape from caring for your kids and caring for the earth. Besides, science has proven that plants and gardening boost your immune system as well as your endorphin levels.


Hobbies for Moms Baking

Just imagine the smell of freshly baked cupcakes wafting through the house? Or cutting into a warm fresh loaf of homemade bread? Take up baking as a hobby and this could happen at your house. This is one of those hobbies for moms that benefits everyone.


Similar to crocheting, knitting is very inexpensive and easy to learn with a smorgasbord of tutorials and Pinterest boards to learn from and get ideas. The other upside from taking up knitting as a hobby is if you want to learn tips and tricks from the best, you can go spend some quality time with your gran and learn from the best. There are also so many different types of knitting with different yarns and size needles. Your creative license on this is not limited.


Hobbies for Moms – DIY-ing

Don’t wait for your partner to put up the shelf in the kitchen that you have been asking for, or to build the dollhouse that your daughter has been asking for months. Do it yourself, repaint a room, upscale your furniture, build something new.


Science has proven that reading activates parts of your brain that don’t usually get activated through everyday activity. So why not give your brain a boost and take up reading as a hobby. Whether you like the smell of a new book or you have limited space and prefer a Kindle. According to the nerds at Google, there are about 130 million books in the world. That should keep you busy for a while.


Get yourself moving and strengthen your core with some pilates. You don’t need to join a gym or a class to get the benefits of pilates. As with many other entries in this list, YouTube can be your instructor. This will not only make you feel good but it has the added benefit of toning your post-baby-body.


This is another one of those crafty and old hobbies for moms. Embroidery is a craft that is speculated to have started in 30 000 BCE. Fossils of heavily stitched clothing from back in the day were found and this craft used to be viewed as royal. If you ever needed encouragement to take up a hobby.

Adult coloring

Whether you are a seasoned artist that just needs to dust of the paintbrushes or a novice who just got the hang of stickmen, this hobby can be great for you. Adult coloring gives you the pleasure of bringing pictures to life without the stress of drawing the picture first.


You have a smartphone, right? With a camera? Then you are halfway to being a great photographer. There are so many phone photography courses or tutorials that you could follow to capture the beauty all around you.


Hobbies for Moms – Blogging

This hobby has been taken up by so many moms and this is where you can share your newly found wisdom as a mom with others. The blogging community is vast and you can find support all around. Plus you could use your phone photography hobby to take pictures for your blog. What a plan! 

Make sure to visit my “How To Start A Blog” Guide here

Learn to play an instrument

Being able to play an instrument is such a flex, people don’t care whether it’s Mozart or Chopstix, well most people don’t care. They are impressed with the fact that you can make music. It can be a piano, guitar or even a flute, the results may vary but the joy won’t.

Learn pottery making

This hobby could be messy but it is something the kids could also join in on. Imagine making a keys dish with a hand or footprint of your child. Pottery is also very soothing and calming as you can’t be too impatient because you might have to start over.

Take up mosaic or decoupage

Much like scrapbooking this is a way for you to display your photos or memories, the difference is that it becomes part of the ornament or little trinket box that you put the picture onto. You can’t really take the picture out and reuse in something else, but you can make some amazing gifts for people.

Learn coding

Technology is the future, whether we like it or not. The best thing we can do is embrace it and learn to use it to our advantage. One way to do that is to learn how to code. Your kids will be learning that skill anyway so while you help them with their homework, make some notes for yourself.

Make digital art on Canva

Another great hobby for moms, this one has the potential to make you some money on the side. You can create printables or digital art that you can then sell on platforms like Etsy. Canva is so easy to use and it comes with preloaded templates on the free option. If you want more in-depth functionality you just need to pay a small fee.

Painting (by numbers or not)

Like adult coloring, you don’t need a lot of skill in order to take paint by numbers up as a hobby. You don’t even need a paintbrush as most hobby shops will sell a whole paint by numbers set, complete with paint, brushes and fittings. All you need to be able to do is match the paint to the number. Easy!

Start a collection

This might seem like a child’s hobby, but there is something to be said for collecting things. You could collect more “adult” things and make it a mom hobby, like Parker pens or signatures of people you admire. Or you could stick to coins, stamps, pebbles, or baseball cards.


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