An Inspiring Interview with Sabrina Dostie – Founder of Timommii Baby Brand

Timommii by Sabrina Dostie

Timommii, a company based in Canada, has established a stylish and creative brand which sells children’s products. One of their most popular products is the baby moccasins, which are one of the cutest creations we have ever seen!

All of their items are designed by moms for moms, as they know what’s best for their little one.

Today we are excited to share our interview with Sabrina, the founder of Timommii, in which she enthusiastically shares her love for the creativity and business, as well as her personal story on how it all started.

Meet Sabrina…

My name is Sabrina and I’m from Quebec City, a beautiful and historical city located in Eastern Canada. I currently live in Canmore (Alberta), an amazing town surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

Interview with Sabrina Dostie – Founder of Timommii Baby Brand
Sabrina Dostie, founder of Timommii

My greatest passion in life is travelling and getting to know other cultures. I speak French, English, Chinese and a little bit of Spanish and Italian! Even though I’m Canadian, and I love my country, I would say a part of my heart belongs to China. I owe China a lot as I lived there for 5 years. Beijing is where I completed my master’s degree, met my fiancé, and met the amazing business partners that create our baby shoes!

Tell us a bit about your story. How did you come to start Timommii?

While living in China, it seemed like every year, someone new was having a baby. Before heading home to Quebec City for the summer, I would take a trip to the markets and find the latest (and cutest) baby gifts. Even though I don’t have a baby myself, I became quite the expert, and people soon started calling me the “baby momma shopper”.

I began to gain a reputation with family and friends because of all the fantastic stuff I could find. Every year the shopping list started to grow. It got to the point where it made sense for me to bypass the retailer and go straight to the manufacturer. I would stay up to date on the most significant Chinese e-commerce baby shops while keeping up with the trends in North America from mommy bloggers. Discovering and comparing the baby industry both from the American and Asian side became a real hobby of mine and pretty organically led me to want to start an e-commerce shop of my own.

When the inspiration to create Timommii hit, I had in mind a brand that moms could identify with and feel good about. My mission was to provide moms with easy-on/stay on, fashionable and comfortable baby shoes that would set new trends for children’s footwear. However, these new trends would be from a different perspective, the mom’s perspective. After all, moms always know best.


After living in China for 5 years, understanding Chinese culture and speaking the language, I was able to develop some close relationships with Chinese suppliers that I now call friends. They provide us with high quality products and in exchange, we provide them with an opportunity to grow their business activities outside of China. It was important for me to choose a supplier that we trust and that provides their employees with a safe work environment.

Please tell me more about the products you offer.

Our signature product is 0-24-month-old leather baby moccasins that are approved by podiatrists. We also offer other timeless accessories such as silicone bibs, bamboo muslin blankets and BIBS pacifiers.

silicone bibs

Who is the product targeted at?

Mostly mothers and future mothers! We also get a lot of amazing people that are looking for practical and cute baby gifts.

How do you design your products?

 Our baby shoes are designed by moms in Canada. We collaborate with creative moms who have an interest in design. We also try to target moms with unique stories. It’s super important to us to have mothers at the core of our business and be able to give them an outlet to scratch their creative itch.

We often open up collaboration opportunities to our Instagram followers so make sure to follow us if you would like to have a chance to design a pair of moccasins.

What inspires you?

Moms truly inspire me! Even more so during the crazy times we live in. Being a mom during Covid and having to cope with everything all at once is something else. Many moms work from home but also need to take care of their little ones. Trying to juggle that seems borderline impossible.

pinecone moccasins

What sets your product apart from others?

I would say the fact that we involve our customers in the creative process. Most companies will hire a person to design the company’s products, but we don’t. We trust our clients because they know what they would like to see in the market. We listen and then make things happen. It’s also an exciting opportunity for our community because when else would you get a chance to design a pair of baby shoes and then see it come to life as part of a baby apparel business collection?

Where can we purchase your products?

Customers can buy our products online by visiting our WEBSITE HERE.

We deliver to Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

What are the prices?

Our moccasins vary between 39.99 and 41.99 Canadian dollars. We also have silicone bibs that are 16.99 Canadian dollars, 100% bamboo fiber swaddles that are $34.99.

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