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15 Trendy birthday gifts for husband

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Everyone loves getting gifts, people don’t often say it but they do. The feeling of being thought of, being on someone’s mind enough that they got you a gift. That feeling is near euphoric. Women, and more specifically wives are mostly very verbal when it comes to gifts, we drop the not-so-subtle hints when we browse the stores or we make sure people hear just how much you really love a certain brand. Women (and children for that matter) never leave you in doubt of what the best gift for her would be.

But with men, our beloved husbands, it’s a whole different ball game!! What woman knows what creative gifts to give to him? Or what is the best birthday gift for their husband? Our husbands are often silent about liking gifts, wanting gifts and what they like or would like as a gift. Socks and soap on a rope are not good enough gifts anymore. Men, especially our husbands, because of their misplaced pride, tend to downplay how much they actually want something, so as a result we as the loved ones, have no idea just what to get them on any occasion. We gather around ladies; we have compiled a list of 15 trendy gifts for your husband.

1. Beard Grooming

Beards are all the craze right now. Men are growing any and all facial hair just to be able to gain beard grower status. Why not help your husband achieve that status with this Jack Black beard grooming kit. Washing, conditioning and styling made easy.  You can find this gift here.


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3. Gillette Heated Razor

Speaking of beards, there are those men who are not joining the bearded wonders. We obviously have the perfect gift. Heated razors are the way of the future and a great gift for your husband. You can find this gift here


3. Wireless Earphones

For all those men who like to work out or do handyman stuff around the house, BUT also like to listen to their favorite music at the same time. Here are some amazing inner ear wireless earphones. A great gift for your husband. You can find this gift here


4. Suede Classic+ Trainers

They are not blue but they are suede shoes. Trendy yet classic Puma shoes that screams comfort and style. This is the ideal gift for your husband and it is also reasonably priced so you won’t have to break the bank to get them. You can find this gift here


5. Metal Cat Cap

Sticking with Puma, we have another classic. The cap. Whether your husband plays sports, likes fishing or would rather sit and play PlayStation to unwind, a cap is the perfect accessory for all those activities. Plus, if you haven’t washed your hair this hides it. Men love a cap. You can find this gift here


6. Ray-Ban – Wayfarers

Good sunglasses are hard to find, but with Ray-Ban you know you are getting superb quality along with some pretty hip looking sunnies to block out the rays. There are many different styles and colors to choose from.  You can find this gift here


7. Carson Premium Chronograph Watch

Watch what you give your husband for the next special occasion. Watches are always a great gift for husbands and there are so many different watches to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect one to give your husband as a gift. You can find this gift here


8. Johnston & Murphy Slimfold Wallet

Money is important, therefore what we keep our money is should be treated as equally important. This slimfold wallet holds cash, coins, cards, ID, anything you might need on a day out can fit in a wallet, that makes this a trendy birthday present for your husband. You can find this gift here


9. Tellis Slim Fit Jeans

Jeans are timeless and classic. There are so many ways to dress up (or down) a good slim fitting pair of jeans. Pair these jeans up with the suede trainers in nr 4 and you are well on your way to a new outfit. You can find this gift here

birthday-gifts-for-husband Tellis-Slim-Fit-Jeans

10. Neck Shoulder Back Massager

Chances are, your husband is a bit stressed at work, and how amazing would it be if he could give himself a massage? Well, that is exactly what he can do with this neck and shoulder massager. You can find this gift here


11. Wood Phone Docking Station and organizer

This is a beautiful wooded phone docking station that also keeps all your husband’s goodies organized and fully charged. It has space for everything, wallet, keys, glasses, change and much more. This is a classy and trendy gift for your husband.  You can find this gift here


12. 11-in-1 Survival Gear Kit

It is no secret that men have always been more adventurous than what us women are. That makes this survival kit the perfect gift for the next time they go fishing with the boys. Your husband will be the envy of all his friends with this survival gear kit. You can find this gift here


13. 20pc Complete Grill Accessories Kit

If there is one thing men love more than sports, it is to fire up the grill and BBQ some steaks. Here we have a 20-piece grill kit with everything from a baster to tongs all come in a stylish yet practical carry bag. What a great gift for your husband. You can find this gift here


14. Personalized Pocket Knife

There is something about a pocket knife that men are drawn to, they also really do tend to come in handy. Say you need to check if a piece of steak has been grilled to perfection and your husband doesn’t have gift nr 13. Out comes the pocket knife, the personalised, pocket knife. You can find this gift here


15. Tactical Pen (8-in-1)

This is the perfect gift for husbands all over. A tactical pen. Men love gadgets and this is the ultimate gadget. The tactical pen has everything from screwdrivers and a little flashlight. What a perfect gift for your husband. You can find this gift here