17 Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers They'll Absolutely Love
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17 Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers They’ll Absolutely Love

Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

Are you looking for gifts for puzzle lovers? We have you covered. We’re going to share 17 of the best puzzle gifts out there, so you can find the perfect present for your friend or loved one this year.

17 Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers They’ll Absolutely Love

1. Grounds for Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - Grounds for Murder Amazon

Grounds for Murder is such a fun puzzle-themed gift. It’s more than just a puzzle. It’s also a murder mystery game that they’ll need to solve.

Read about the shocking murder, and then begin assembling the puzzle to uncover clues that will solve the mystery.

This 1,000-piece puzzle measures 23” x 29”and is perfect for puzzle lovers over the age of 15.

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2. Dachshund 3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle 1380 pcs Mini Blocks Dog Building Blocks Set Amazon

Forget tabletop puzzles. Get your friend or loved one a 3D puzzle. This dachshund puzzle is adorable, and it’s a fun project that everyone in the family will enjoy. The set has 2,100 pieces, so it’s not a puzzle for the faint of heart.

If the person isn’t a fan of doxies, you can also choose a Jack Russell, husky or schnauzer.

Get this 3D puzzle on Amazon

3. Bits and Pieces Puzzle Plateau

he Original Jumbo 1500 pc Wooden Puzzle Plateau Amazon

Of all the gifts for puzzle lovers, this one takes the cake. For people who do puzzles every day or almost every day, the Puzzle Plateau will keep things organized.

This set comes with a fiberboard work surface that has four attached sliding doors. Puzzle pieces can be stored in the drawers, and the fiberboard surface is perfect for putting the pieces together.

The entire plateau will fit on most tables, making it an excellent option for all puzzle enthusiasts.

Get the Puzzle Plateau on Amazon

4. Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver

Puzzle Presto! Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver

This peel-and-stick puzzle saver is perfect for people who love to save their puzzles. All they have to do is peel off the sticker backing, press it onto the back of the puzzle, and voila! The sticker keeps the puzzle pieces neatly in place, so they can be framed or hung on the wall.

The sticker even has measuring lines, so you can trim it down to just the right size before you even peel off the backing.

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5. The Puzzle Scoop

The Puzzle Scoop – A Lifting, Moving, Illuminating, and Magnifying Puzzle Accessory for All Puzzlers

Moving sections of jigsaw puzzles isn’t always easy, but The Puzzle Scoop changes the game. Use this scooper to lift and move sections of puzzles without breaking them apart.

The scoop can also be used to illuminate and enlarge puzzle pieces, thanks to its built-in LED magnifying glass.

The Puzzle Scoop is a thoughtful gift for puzzle lovers and a great accessory to give with a new puzzle.

Get the Puzzle Scoop on Amazon

6. Tidyboss Puzzle Sorting Trays

Tidyboss 8 Puzzle Sorting Trays with Lid Amazon

Tidyboss’s puzzle sorting trays are perfect for Type A puzzle lovers who need to keep everything organized. They’re also great for households with mischievous cats that love to steal puzzle pieces.

The white background makes it easy to see puzzle pieces and put them in the right places.

These trays can hold up to 1,500 puzzle pieces and make it easy to keep puzzling a little less chaotic.

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7. Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up

Newverest Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up Amazon

One of the most useful gifts for puzzle lovers is a roll-up mat, like this one from Newverest. It’s designed for portability, so puzzles can be taken and worked on while traveling. In addition, the mat secures your progress and loose pieces, so you can pick up right where you left off.

The mat can hold up to 1,500 puzzle pieces and comes with accessories to keep the roll secure while you’re on the move. It even comes with a travel bag to make it easy to take puzzles with you wherever you go.

Get this puzzle mat roll up on Amazon

8. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Gift

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Valentine's Day Interesting Creative Romantic Birthday Gifts for Her

Is your partner or spouse a fan of puzzles? Here’s a romantic gift that they will appreciate. To get the gift inside, they’ll need to solve the puzzle and open up the canister. There are two rings inside, which make the gift even more special.

Of course, you can also fill the cryptex with whatever you want.

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9. Unidragon Wooden Puzzles

Original Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Amazon

Wooden puzzles are special because they’re so durable and often have vibrant colors. The wooden puzzles from Unidragon come in adorable animal shapes, like pandas, lynxes, foxes, owls and more.

What they’ll really love about this puzzle is that the shapes are unique and usually look like animals.

This is a beautiful, high-quality wooden puzzle that any puzzle enthusiast will treasure.

Get these wooden puzzles on Amazon

10. Fanwer Portable Puzzle Table

Fanwer Puzzle Table Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Tables for Adults Amazon

For puzzle lovers who don’t have much table space, this portable puzzle table is the perfect gift. The top of the table folds up and can be angled for optimal puzzling. The surface of the tabletop can also be removed to reveal a flat area that will keep the puzzle pieces in place.

This table also has built-in drawers for puzzle pieces. The non-slip surface can hold puzzles up to 1,000 pieces.

And when they’re not using it for puzzles, they can use this table as a desk, for reading or whatever they want.

Get this portable puzzle table on Amazon

11. Gray Malin Double Sided Puzzles

Galison Gray Malin 2-Sided Jigsaw Puzzle Amazon

Double sided puzzles are great gifts for puzzle lovers because they get two puzzles in one kit. Gray Malin makes gorgeous puzzles that are just the right level of challenging. These puzzles are 500 pieces, and you have three options to choose from:

  • Beach
  • Italy
  • Snow

The thick puzzle pieces are easy to handle, and the pictures are printed with non-toxic inks.

Get the Gray Malin double sided puzzle on Amazon

12. The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

The Clearly Impossible Puzzle 100 Amazon

Need a gift for a true puzzle master? The Clearly Impossible puzzle is the perfect gift. Yes, just as the name suggests, this puzzle has pieces that are entirely clear. That’s what makes it so hard to complete.

You can choose from 100-piece, 200-piece, 500-piece and 1,000-piece puzzles. Some puzzle masters have taken more than a year to solve this puzzle, so save it for the true masters.

Get the Clearly Impossible puzzle on Amazon

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13. Escape Room Puzzle Game

Escape Room The Game Puzzle Adventures The Secret of The Scientist Amazon

The Escape Room puzzle adventure is a game and a jigsaw puzzle in one. Players will have to solve a variety of puzzle mysteries – a big puzzle with five separate puzzles (rooms). They’ll have to follow the story and solve puzzles as they go along.

This is a great puzzle game for game night and can be played with multiple people if you want.

Get this game on Amazon

14. Mind Bending Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Mind Bending Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Amazon

Here’s one of the best gifts for puzzle lovers who really want to challenge their minds. Mind Bending wooden jigsaw puzzles have complicated shapes that make it difficult to solve. Each piece is made from precision-cut plywood and will take hours to complete.

Choose from Medium and Hard difficulty modes.

Get this wooden jigsaw puzzle on Amazon

15. Puzzle Storage Folder

Puzzle Storage Folder for 1000-Pieces Amazon

Putting a puzzle together is just half of the fun. Saving and displaying the puzzle is just as fun. For puzzle lovers who need somewhere safe to store their finished pieces, this puzzle storage folder is a great option.

It can hold twenty 1,000-piece puzzles in its dustproof and protective sleeves. It’s top-loading for easy storing, and it has a convenient carrying handle.

Now, your friend or loved one can show off their puzzles whenever they want.

Get this puzzle storage folder on Amazon

16. ROKR 3D Wooden Treasure Box Puzzle

3D Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Treasure Box Model DIY Brain Teaser Projects for Adult Amazon

Looking for cool 3D puzzles that the person can use? ROKR’s 3D wooden treasure box is a beautiful puzzle that’s also a brain teaser and makes a useful product.

The puzzle has 123 pieces. They’ll need to enter the right combination and put the keys in properly to open the box.

The puzzle is a fun, unique project and something different from the usual tabletop jigsaw puzzle. Any puzzle lover is sure to love this gift.

Get this treasure box puzzle on Amazon

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17. Custom Puzzle

Personalized Photo Puzzle Amazon

Here’s a really thoughtful gift for puzzle lovers – a custom puzzle using your own photo. This is a great gift for parents, grandparents and even friends.

The puzzle has 500 pieces, and you can choose either landscape or portrait styles. The end puzzle is 24” x 18,” which is also a great size for framing if they want to save and display the puzzle after it’s put together.

Make sure you choose a quality photo for your puzzle. They’ll enjoy piecing together the memories you shared in the photo.

Get this custom puzzle on Amazon

Final Thoughts

These 17 puzzle gifts are perfect for puzzle lovers of virtually any age. Puzzle accessories are great for people who are just getting started with this hobby, and puzzle games are fun for all types of puzzle enthusiasts. No matter whether they’re a beginner or master puzzlers, you’ll find the perfect gift for them on our list.