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31 Creative Couples Halloween Costumes

Who says couples Halloween costumes have to be boring? We’ve rounded up 31 creative costumes for you and your partner to try this spooky season.

31 Creative Couples Halloween Costumes

1. Up

If you’re fans of Disney’s Up, you can dress up as Carl and Russell for Halloween. Both costumes are easy to DIY.

For Russell, a simple khaki outfit, a Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts sash will work well. Don’t forget the yellow hat and orange bandana.

For Carl’s costume, you’ll need a walker, a suit and a set of balloons. Some gray pomade can help complete the look.

If you have a dog, take him along and dress him up as Doug.

2. Ratatouille

Here’s a really cute couple’s costume idea – dress up as Alfredo and Remy from Ratatouille. The best part? You only need a handful of things to put these costumes together.

For Remy, you’ll need a gray bodysuit, tights, knee-highs, leg garter, a wooden spoon and mouse ears. You can add a mini chef’s hat to the ears to make it extra cute.

For Alfredo, all you need is a chef’s coat and hat.

3. Chucky & Tiffany

Chucky and Tiffany are an iconic horror movie couple and the perfect choice for your couple’s costume.

You can find Chucky costumes on Amazon for both men and women. Tiffany’s outfit is super easy to DIY. You’ll need a white dress, faux leather jacket, combat boots and fishnet stockings. Black lipstick and a fake heart tattoo will complete this costume.

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4. The Colonel and a Chicken

Here’s a funny and creative couple’s costume: Colonel Sanders and a chicken. The chicken costume may be a little difficult to DIY, so we recommend just buying one (like this hilarious inflatable one).

If you don’t have a white suit, you can also find Colonel Sanders costumes online, which will save you some time.

5. Energizer Bunny

Looking for funny couples Halloween costumes? This one is perfect! Dress up as the Energizer bunny and a battery.

It’s really easy to put these costumes together. For the battery, just wear black pants and a black top with a gray beanie. You can use fabric paint and stencils to add the word “Energizer” to the shirt.

For the bunny, grab some bunny ears, a pair of sunglasses, a drum and a pink outfit.

6. Edward Scissorhands

We love this unique costume. One of you can dress up as Edward Scissorhands and the other as a shrub. You can find Edward Scissorhands gloves online and even bush costumes. Don’t forget the wig and black eye makeup.

7. A Christmas Story

Are you fans of the movie A Christmas Story? Why not dress up as a leg lamp and Ralphie in his iconic pink bunny outfit?

You can find pink bunny costumes online. For the leg lamp costume, you’ll need fishnet stockings, a black dress, black pumps and a lampshade.

8. Dead Jack and Jill

Put a spooky twist on these iconic nursery rhyme characters.

For Jill, wear a denim overalls dress and a red striped shirt. Add some white knee-highs and a pail to carry.

For Jack, a simple pair of khakis and a button-down shirt with suspenders is all you need.

Use makeup and gauze to add bruises and wounds.

9. Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

Here’s a super simple but funny and creative costume.

One of you can wear a Peter Peter shirt and the other a pumpkin costume.

10. #Filter, #NoFilter

We love creative couples Halloween costumes like this one. Dress up as Instagram photos – with and without a filter. Wear matching jumpsuits, and have your partner wear a wig.

You both need to have a good sense of humor to pull this costume off.

11. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins and Bert is a fun couples costume idea. You can DIY Mary’s costume or buy one that’s already made. Bert’s costume is also easy to DIY with clothes in your closet, but you can find costumes for him, too.

12. Oreo Cookie

This couple’s costume is adorable. Each one of you can dress up as half of an Oreo cookie, and when you come together, you make a whole cookie.

It’s really easy to make this costume. Just wear white sweatshirts and beanies to represent the cookie’s filling and black pants. Make a big Oreo cookie out of fabric to wear on your backs.

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13. The Mask

With a little creativity, you can pull off this cool costume idea. Dress up as the Mask (Stanley) and Tina. For Tina’s costume, a sexy red dress is really all you need.

14. Pumpkin Pie

Looking for a super-simple but creative costume? Have one of you wear a pumpkin shirt and the other a shirt with the pi symbol. Together, you’ll be pumpkin pie!

15. Curious George

Curious George is a fun couple’s costume idea. You can find Theodore Shackleford (the man in the yellow hat) costumes. For George’s costume, you’ll need monkey ears and a tail.

16. Ghosts

Forget the usual sheet costume for ghosts. Grab some old Victorian-style clothes and paint them gray. Paint your faces gray and wear gray wigs. You’ll look like fancy ghosts from the past.

17. Jack and Coke

Do you go together like Jack and Coke? You’ll love this Coke tunic for the top and red and white thigh-high socks. For him, you’ll want a pirate costume and a bottle of Jack to complete the look.

18. IT

IT is a fun, spooky costume idea that couples really love recreating. You’ll need to be creative with the balloon placement to match this look perfectly, but you can get the costume for him here and you can go with this costume for her and, of course, add in a red balloon.

19. Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera couples Halloween costumes are always a major hit at parties. Surprisingly, you won’t find many complete couple’s costumes and will need one for him and her.

Recreate her look with this stunning dress and mask.

20. Caesar and Cleopatra

Caesar and Cleopatra are two names etched into the history books. You’ll find plenty of costumes designed to help you create the perfect couple costume, including men’s Caesar costume and plenty of Cleopatra costumes, but we really love this one with fake gold accessories.

21. Moth Lamp Meme

Are you attracted to him like a moth to a lamp? You’ll love this moth blanket that you can wrap around yourself. You’ll need to improvise for the lamp. This one from A Christmas Story is great, but if you have a lampshade, you can DIY it, too.

22. Back to the Future

Back to the Future couple costumes are easy to find. You’ll love this one for Doc and this one for Marty McFly.

23. Cast Away

Cast Away is an iconic movie, and it makes for a super easy costume. You can print your own FedEx package label and put it on a box. You’ll also need a dirty white shirt, Wilson t-shirt and a fake beard.

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24. Bob Ross and Painting

Bob Ross costumes are always about happy trees. You can find many premade costumes of Bob, and for the panting, this one or this one works great. There are also costume bundles available.

25. Giving Birth

One of the wackiest couples Halloween costumes on our list is a giving birth costume. You’ll need to take a serious DIY approach for this one, and you’ll need sheets, pink sandals, a hospital gown and a bit of cardboard.

26. Forest Gump

Forest Gump and Jenny are a couple with ups and downs who still find each other in the end. You’ll find Jenny’s costume on Amazon, but Forest’s costume takes a little bit more work. You’ll need the hat, khakis, shirt and iconic ping pong paddle.

27. PopEye and Olive

PopEye and Olive are classic cartoon costumes, and you can buy the entire costume without any DIY items. This Popeye costume looks great and this Olive costume is fantastic. You can purchase a full costume set for Popeye and Olive.

28. Instagram Reality

Instagram and reality are fun, easy costumes. You can simply print out a sign that says:

  • Instagram
  • Reality

And you both should wear the same-colored wig, such as this one.

29. Honey Buns

Simple yet fun. For her, you only need a piece of cardboard with the word “honey” on it and a yellow shirt. You can also choose a fun costume like this one. For him, it’s the plastic “buns” that make this costume stand out. These work great.

30. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is an easy couple’s costume and perfect for anyone who may be a little bit quirky or strange. Sheldon costumes are easy to make with this shirt and these khakis. Amy’s costume may be a bit more difficult. Start with yellow/orange stockings, skirts, glasses and you’ll find the top in many Goodwill or thrift stores.

31. Deer in the Headlights Costume

A funny, fun costume is a deer in the headlights. Perhaps you’re stunned by your partner’s beauty or where the headlights are located. You can recreate this costume with relative ease. All you need is a set of deer antlers, and you have a lot of options, like these fuzzy ones or these realistic ones.

For the headlights, the woman in this pin decided to make a pair of headlights, but you can always choose this funny car with headlights.

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