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21 Funny Group Halloween Costumes You Won’t Forget

Looking for funny group Halloween costumes? Get ready for a hilarious Halloween with this list of funny group Halloween costumes! From wacky stick figures to preppy Care Bears with a twist, these costume ideas are sure to stand out. So gather your crew, embrace the humor, and make this Halloween unforgettable with these creative group Halloween costumes. We have 21 costumes that you won’t forget.

21 Funny Group Halloween Costumes You Won’t Forget

1. Stick Figures

Here’s a really fun and easy group costume to put together. Have everyone dress up as wacky stick figures.

Just have everyone wear white outfits and use black duct tape to create outlines for their stick figure “bodies.”

You can use white cardboard or paper to design stick figure faces, hairstyles and even accessories.

2. Horror Movie Villains

Horror movie villains are always a good choice for Halloween costumes, but why not put a funny twist on it?

Most of these costumes can be DIYed with clothes in your closet. But you’ll need some accessories, like:

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3. Seven Dwarves

Funny group Halloween costumes don’t have to be elaborate. Dress up as the Seven Dwarves from Snow White, but give yourselves more fitting names. Bratty, Tipsy and Feisty are all funny plays on the original dwarf names.

You can wear whatever you want, but each “dwarf” should have their own color and matching beanie.

4. Shark Week

If you and your group are fans of sharks, here’s the perfect funny costume: Shark Week. Everyone can wear a shark hat and gray outfits with days of the week printed on them and fake blood.

You could even use a service like Printify to make your own custom dresses or shirts with days of the week printed on them.

5. Ninja Turtles

If you have a group of four, you can dress up as the Ninja Turtles. Make it funny by painting on abs with body paint or wearing green tutus. Each member of your group should choose a turtle and wear their colored headband.

6. Preppy Care Bears

Care Bears is the perfect group Halloween costume for you and your besties. But you can make it cute and preppy to add a fun twist.

Wear furry leg warmers, metallic shorts, colored sweatshirts and animal ear headbands. Don’t forget to add a boa with your Care Bear’s symbol.

7. South Park

Here’s a great group costume idea for South Park fans. And you don’t need an elaborate costume or expensive accessories to make it work. Just make sure you have the right hats and gloves.

8. Spice Girls

Here’s a funny play on the Spice Girls costume. Instead of dressing up as the girl group, dress up as literal spices: nutmeg, ginger, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, etc.

Go with warm fall spices to make it relevant to the season.

Everyone can wear a red apron with their spice label attached and black top hats.

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9. Disney Princesses

Looking for sexy group Halloween costumes? Put a racy spin on classic Disney princess costumes, like Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty. Don’t forget the tiaras and heels. Have fun with your costumes. Wear wigs if you want.

10. Golden Girls

Here’s a hilarious group costume for Halloween. Dress up as the Golden Girls. A local thrift store or Goodwill will have all of the clothes you need for this costume.

You can find wigs online and jewelry to accessorize and complete your costumes. Bonus points if you can stay in character all night.

11. Smurfs

If you’re headed out to a party, dress up as Smurfs. Get some blue body paint, white Smurf hats and white dresses or shorts. This is such a fun and easy costume to put together as a group.

12. Alice in Wonderland

If you want a more elaborate costume idea, dress up as the characters from Alice in Wonderland. You can find readymade costumes for Alice, the Mad Hatter, the white rabbit and Cheshire cat.

13. Traffic Cones

Another funny costume idea is traffic cones. You can make your own cone costumes with fabric and cardboard, or you can actually buy traffic cone costumes for women and men.

Don’t forget to take a group pic on a sidewalk or in an empty parking lot.

14. French Kiss

This group costume is hilarious, especially for Kiss fans. Have each member of your group do their face makeup. Wear berets, scarves and striped shirts with blank pants. Everyone can carry their own wine glass and baguette.

15. Fast Food Icons

If you want to get some laughs with your group Halloween costumes, dress up as fast food icons, like:

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16. Banana Split

Dressing as a banana split is a wholesome and lighthearted group costume. Everyone can dress up as different scoops of ice cream flavors, complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top. 

Have someone sew a banana out of fabric that’s big enough for everyone to carry around.

This is a really simple and cute DIY group costume for work or a family party.

17. Construction Signs

Here’s a funny costume for groups if you’re going to an adult Halloween party. Have everyone make funny construction signs and wear them around their necks, like:

  • Additional parking in rear
  • Route 69
  • Slippery when wet

A costume like this can be hilarious, but just make sure that you’re wearing it to an adults-only party.

18. 3 Little Pigs

Another timeless classic on our list is The Three Little Pigs. You can take the DIY approach that these girls did with their white shirts and pink dresses, but there are many cute costumes already made for you:

19. Titanic and Iceberg

The story of the Titanic is a classic tragedy, but many groups are using this as an inspiration for their group Halloween costume this year. You’ll need to be a bit creative here, but you can get by with the following:

20. Troll Dolls

Group Halloween costumes can be simple, too. Troll dolls are a timeless costume and will require your group to have just a handful of items:

A bit of glue or staples will help you affix the fabric to the foam.

21. Hamburger

What a fun costume for you and your group of friends. Each of you can dress up as an ingredient for a burger, and all you need is:

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re aiming for laughs or sheer originality, these group costumes are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, gather your squad, choose your favorite ensemble, and get ready to slay the costume game this Halloween with these fantastic group Halloween costumes!