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Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For 2023

Looking for the perfect easy DIY Halloween costumes and makeup ideas? Look no further! These awesome options not only exude professionalism, but they’ll also make you the star of the Halloween night. 

Whether you’re going solo or teaming up with a partner or group, these ideas have got you covered. 

The best part? Most of them can be put together using everyday household items or basic makeup you probably already own. 

Trust me, this is our go-to list for foolproof conversation-starting costume ideas. These tried-and-true crowd-pleasers from our collection of easy DIY Halloween costumes will ensure you shine, even in the largest gatherings. 

And guess what? There’s still plenty of time to make it happen, and it’s easier than you think. So, let your creativity run wild, enjoy the process, and always remember: Halloween is the time to let loose and embrace anything that comes your way!

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For 2023

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction


If you’re all about that iconic cinematic flair, then you absolutely gotta consider the Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction costume. Talk about a knockout combo of fierce and fabulous, am I right? 

Get an oversized button down shirt here

Get a black bralette here

Get the wig here

Trust me, they’re the cherry on top of this cinematic masterpiece. Whether you’re hitting the Halloween scene solo, doubling up for a cinematic duo with Vincent Vega’s costume, this Mia Wallace getup is the real deal.

20’s Flapper Girl

Alrighty then! So, check this out – whether you’re all about that Flapper Girl vibe, channeling The Great Gatsby glitz, or busting out the Charleston charm, one thing’s for sure – it’s all kinds of cute and oozes class! Snag the dress right here or this one for plus sizes, add a headband and other nifty add-ons. This dynamite Flapper Girl getup is a rockstar, whether you’re flying solo, paired up, rolling deep in a trio, or even rockin’ the group scene. Time to turn heads and spread those vintage vibes, y’all!

Scar Halloween Costume From The Lion King

Best Halloween Costumes LionKing Scar Halloween Costume from The Lion King
Credit: @brittexasss

If you’re a huge fan of The Lion King why not go as Scar this Halloween? This is definitely the smart take on the popular cat woman Halloween costume! Embrace the essence of Scar from The Lion King this Halloween, a feline twist on the classic sexy costume. Embody the look with fierce eyeliner, bold mascara, and define your nose and top lip with black liner. Make your eyes super dark for that extra bit of FIERCE! The fake scar over the eye completes the effect. It’s a bit different to the usual Halloween stuff and he’s definitely very scary! 

And the best part? This costume can effortlessly be coordinated for a family or a group by including Simba, Nala, and the rest of the characters. Possibilities are endless!

Sexy Pirate

Get ready to steal hearts and turn heads as you rock this stunning outfit. From the tricorn hat to the lacy corset and all the way down to those thigh-high boots, this outfit is full of style. Whether you’re out on a solo adventure or raiding the party scene with your crew, this sexy pirate costume is a chart-topper, guaranteed to steal the spotlight. 

Get the corset here

Get the tights here

Get the dress here

Pirate couple 

Get pirate’s pants for him here

Get pirate’s shirt for him here

Get pirate’s hat for him here

Black Swan Halloween Costume

Gorgeous Black Swan Halloween Costume, Credit: @_evis_room_
Gorgeous Black Swan Halloween Costume, Credit: @_evis_room_
Black Swan Halloween Costume DIY _evis_room_
Gorgeous Black Swan Halloween Costume, Credit: @_evis_room_

One of my favorite DIY costumes to date is the Black Swan which is super quick and easy to create. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on Halloween and look like a star, you can easily turn this costume into a budget-friendly option. Perfect for groups and couples as well, all you need to nail this look is:

With a sprinkle of carefully placed black feathers, bold eyeliner, pale face powder, and lipstick, you’ll master the perfect look without breaking the bank.

And make sure to watch this easy Black Swan makeup tutorial on YouTube:

DIY La Catrina Costume Ideas

Looking for inspiration to create the best DIY La Calavera Catrina Day of the Dead costume? Look no further! Check out these insanely gorgeous costume ideas we truly love! Perfect for groups and couples as well, you can easily find all the things you need for this costume. 

What you’ll need:

Space Cadet Costume Ideas

Perfect for couples

Amazing as a group costume as well!

Well, blast off into the cosmos, fellow explorers, ’cause we’ve got some stellar Space Cadet Costume Ideas that’ll launch your Halloween to a whole new orbit!

Gear up with futuristic outfits right over here and snag those cosmic accessories over here…

Get the exact costume here 

Get the costume for men here

Get the gun here

You’re in for an absolute party sensation, NO DOUBT! This sexy costume is a showstopper, tailor-made for a lone star, couples and groups! Get ready to capture loads of photos.

Mr and Mrs Smith

Ohh this one here is just perfect custom for couples! Inspired by the sexiest couple on earth, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, this costume will definitely make jaws drop at any Halloween event you go to. Be prepared to take plenty of pictures.

Even Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had their own take on this! Check this out…

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Clueless Halloween Costumes

Get ready to channel some major ’90s nostalgia with Clueless Halloween Costumes that are like, totally buggin’ in the best way possible! Slip into these iconic outfits to step right into the shoes of Cher, Dionne, and the whole Beverly Hills crew.

Get the yellow Clueless schoolgirl costume here

Get white high socks here

Get the shows here 

Get the black sexy skirt here

With these Clueless costumes, you’ll be totally ready to make a fashion statement and hit the party scene like a true ’90s queen.

Fortune Teller Costume

Step into the mystical realm of the Fortune Teller Costume, where enchantment and mystery blend seamlessly to create a captivating Halloween look. Inspired by ancient traditions and adorned with exotic flair, this costume is an absolute charmer.

This costume is really easy to DIY because all you really need is a good makeup tutorial and to throw on a few mystical accessories. 

Check this fortune teller makeup YouTube tutorial:

And here are a few fortune teller accessories to complete your costume..

Get the fortune teller turban here

Get a belly dance hip scarf here

Get the fortune teller crystal ball

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Girl Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume

Unleash your inner horror aficionado and get ready to stand out with the electrifying GIRL FREDDY KRUEGER costume! This wicked twist on a classic character is bound to send shivers down spines and make jaws drop at any Halloween bash. 

Get those iconic gloves right here, the hat right here, and the exact dress from here.

Dress Like the Girl Criminals in Spring Breakers


This costume is based off the movie “Spring Breakers.”  The hipster movie features four friends who embark on a wild spring break trip. This is definitely one of the most perfect costumes for a group! 

Get the full face covers here

Get the paper bills here 

Get toy handcuffs here 

Hot Devil Costumes

An irresistibly sexy devil costume is forever in vogue. In fiery shades of red and oozing sophistication, this outfit is a breeze to put together whether you’re going solo, partnering up, or forming a fiery group of devils. Check out this hot devil couple right over here!

And here is a closeup for what you can wear as a devil costume: 

Get the devil horns here

Get this killer devil dress here

Or 2-pieces outfit  here

Get red devil heart sunglasses to complete the look here

Makeup can be nude and red, here it a pretty example for a makeup look:


ScareCrow Costume Ideas

If you’re fixin’ to rustle up some serious Halloween fun, look no further than the scarecrow costume. Perfect for solo and couples, this costume is just too pretty to pass up. Time to saddle up and spread that scare-tastic spirit with this easy DIY Halloween costume!

Check this scarecrow makeup YouTube tutorial to get the perfect look:

Sexy Cupid Costume


This gorgeous and sexy Cupid costume for women will turn heads and make hearts beat faster. Great for solo costumes, and couples, you should be careful where you aim those arrows.

Get the cupid bow and arrow set here

Get the heart headband here

Get the red angel feather wings here 

Kim Kardasian’s Champagne and Butt Costume 

There are two types of people: those who dress up as a cat every year for Halloween, and those who’d rather rock some of the most creative and clever Halloween costumes! 

This time Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her butt and you can turn this into an hilarious Halloween costume!

What you’ll need:

Here is another amazing take of this costume that nailed it!

Halloween Bunny Costume

This outfit rocks a strapless corset teddy, complete with those classic bunny ears, sleek black sheer-to-waist pantyhose for legs that slay, and a snazzy bow tie. Don’t miss the collar and cuffs for that extra charm, topped off with a fluffy cottontail. Fun fact: this costume traces its origins back to the legendary Playboy clubs, drawing inspiration from their dapper tuxedo-clad playboy rabbit mascot. It’s all about adding a touch of allure to a timeless legacy.

Get the bunny costume set here 

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Dressing as Harley is the perfect Halloween costume for women who are heading out solo, but since she has so many different looks, you can easily find inspiration for a best friend ensemble or group getup.

Here are a few cute couple costume ideas:

Loofa Costume

Got your sights set on a super cool Halloween costume? Well, say hello to the Loofa Costume! It’s all about creativity and standing out. This is such a creative halloween costume for girls in college! 

Here’s how you can whip it up:

Start by grabbing 16–20 yards of eye-catching tulle, think lively shades like pink, purple, or electric blue.

Next, do some math magic: divide that yardage by 8 to get the size for each tulle bundle – you’ll need 8 of these bundles for the costume. And don’t forget 2 elastic pieces.

Now, lay out the tulle, cut it into 8 even sections, and voilà – you’re all set to bring this fun DIY costume to life!

 And an awesome costume idea for couples when you add a “Dove” to it! 

Barbie & Ken Halloween Costume Ideas

Inspired by the gorgeous Barbie movie, here are the best costumes for fans. Below are some of the most creative Barbie and Ken costumes and Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Check this video on how to DIY your own Barbie box:

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