11 Gorgeous Barbie Makeup Looks and Tutorials

Whether you’re heading out to see the new Barbie movie again or want to jump on the Barbiecore trend, we have 10+ gorgeous Barbie makeup looks to try today. From hot pink and bold to subtle yet glamorous, there’s something for every taste on this list.

11 Gorgeous Barbie Makeup Looks and Tutorials

1. The Classic Barbie Doll Look

Makeup artist Andrea Yashida gives you a step-by-step rundown on how to pull off this classic Barbie doll look. The end result is nothing short of gorgeous and looks just like the real Barbie doll. Check out the side-by-side comparison!

The white eyeliner really opens up her eyes to create that doll-like appearance.

2. Electric Pink Double Winged Liner

Hot pink double winged eyeliner makes this one of our favorite Barbie makeup looks. It’s futuristic but feminine and so vibrant.

We’re not sure which exact products she used for this look, but this palette from De’Lanci has some gorgeous pink eyeshadow colors that you can use to recreate this Barbiecore style.

3. Doll Eyes and Pink Lips

Here’s another classic Barbie look, but this one focuses more on the lips than the eyes. The cut crease does give the eye some more dimension, but it’s that hot pink lip that really steals the show.

Winged liner and falsies help create that true doll look. If you want to recreate a look that’s really similar to this one, check out this tutorial from Rose Makeup World:

For this look, she uses two eyeshadow palettes:

4. Glamlite Barbie Look

Looking for ultra-glam Barbie makeup looks? Artist Christian Figueroa used the Barbie X Glamlite palette to create this gorgeous look. The hot pink, shimmery purple and electric blue are the perfect combo for Barbie lovers who want an over-the-top look.

Check out his reel to watch him go through each step:


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5. True to Life Barbie Look

Here’s a look that was posted on Creativity On Me’s tumblr page, and it’s about as close to real-life Barbie as you can get. Winged liner, falsies and painted-on undereye lashes pull this whole look together.

We’re not sure exactly which palette she used for this look, but Prism has a highly pigmented palette with matte and shimmer shades that are similar to the ones she’s wearing.

To recreate this look, use a creamy white color on the lid and maroon and pink to build up the crease. For a real Barbie look, pull your eyeliner down all the way to the inner corner of the lid. Getting that perfect eyeliner wing will be key to creating balance with this look.

6. Malibu Barbie

This Malibu Barbie look is gorgeous and perfect for summer. It has that retro 70s vibe with a mint blue color and thick winged eyeliner.

YouTuber Jackie Wyers shares her step-by-step guide to creating this look in the video below:

If you can’t get your hands on a Malibu Barbie palette from Colour Pop, NYX’s Ultimate I Know That’s Bright is a great alternative. It has that bright blue color that’s key to recreating this look.

7. Hearts and Stars

We love this look for a party or night out with the girls. The hearts and stars may take a little practice, but it will be well worth the effort. And they’ll really accentuate your cheekbones.

For this look, you’ll need to apply a hot pink shadow to the creases and along the cheekbone. And don’t forget that little dab of hot pink at the tip of your nose.

The Exotic Flavors palette has beautiful pink shades that you can use for this look. Use the lighter pink or white color to create the hearts and stars. Apply some falsies and add thick eyeliner to the top lid.

8. 90s-Inspired Pink and Purple

Looking for more retro Barbie makeup looks? This 90s-inspired makeup is head-turning without being too over the top.

To recreate this look:

  • Apply a peachy pink color to the top lid and above the crease.
  • Apply a soft periwinkle purple shadow to the bottom lash line. This palette from LA Colors is perfect for this look. Make sure that you create a thick line of color to make it pop.
  • Apply eyeliner to the top and bottom inner corner.
  • Don’t forget the falsies!
  • Apply a pink lip and some soft shimmery and pink blush.

We love how soft and feminine this look is.

9. Lashes for Days

This Barbie look is all about the lashes. The hot pink eyeshadow really pops against her winged liner, glamorous falsies and gorgeous blue eyes. Use black liner for the inner waterline and finish it with a hot pink liner. Apply some white shadow to the inner corners of the eyes to make them pop even more.

A matte pink lipstick is perfect for this look. Pair it with a pink blush that complements your skin tone.

10. An All-Pink Barbie Look

If you’re not afraid to be bold, this look is for you. The bright pink lips and eyeshadow complement her pink outfit. The pale pink lid color balances things out, and the glamorous falsies make her eyes the star of the show.

To finish this look, don’t forget to apply a highlighter to the bridge of your nose and the tops of your cheekbones.

11. Winged Liner

Here’s a beautiful Barbie-inspired look that uses a paler pink shadow and makes the eyes pop with a stunning winged liner. Long lashes and subtle pink blush tone things down. We’re not fans of the lip liner color, but the lip color itself is perfect for this look.

We love this eyeshadow palette for this look, and this lip color will complement the eyeshadow.

These Barbie makeup looks are perfect for summer and celebrating this icon. Whether you prefer big and bold or subtle and feminine, you’re sure to find a look you love on this list.