7 Best Daybeds for Office That Are Full of Style
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7 Best Daybeds for Office That Are Full of Style

Want to maximize your home office space? Invest in a quality daybed for office use! Daybeds allow you to use your office for working, relaxing or sleeping. It can double as a guest room, or a comfy place to take a nap when you need a break.

Best of all, daybeds usually come at an affordable price. We’re going to share 7 of the best daybeds for offices to help you find the perfect one for your space.

7 Best Daybeds for Office That Are Full of Style

1. Chadlee Upholstered Daybed by Mercer41

Chadlee Upholstered Daybed

Mercer41’s Chadlee is the perfect daybed for office use. Its upholstered design gives it a classic sofa look, and we love the mid-century modern style of this piece. The slim wooden feet and clean, straight lines make this a piece that could easily fit into any office space.

The wooden slat base helps improve air circulation, so guests stay cooler at night.

The Chadlee daybed comes in three sizes: twin, full and queen. You can also choose from several different upholstery colors, including gray, navy, green, blue, tan and black.

Just keep in mind that this bed does not come with a mattress, so you’ll need to supply your own. If you don’t have one already, you can save yourself time by just buying one when you buy your daybed.

2. Mr. Kate Daphne Upholstered Daybed with Roll Out Trundle

Mr. Kate Daphne Upholstered Daybed with Roll Out Trundle

Mr. Kate has an awesome daybed for office spaces that features a roll-out trundle to give you two twin beds.

If the kids are having a sleepover or the family is visiting with their children, this daybed will ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to sleep.

When you’re not using it as a bed, it can easily serve as a comfortable sofa or place to lounge when you need a break. The velvet corduroy upholstery adds to the vintage look of this daybed, but you can also choose linen fabric if you prefer.

You’ll love that this daybed has a wood frame for added durability. Both the daybed and the trundle have bentwood slats to support the twin mattresses.

With a length of 44.5,” this daybed can fit into most home offices with ease.

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3. Gymax Twin Size Wooden Slats Daybed Bed Sofa

ymax Twin Size Wooden Slats Daybed Frame Support Platform

Gymax’s daybed has a minimalistic design that makes it perfect for offices. The bench-like design makes it ideal for use as a sofa or a bed.

The frame is sturdy and durable, and you’ll find about a foot of clearance underneath to store whatever you want.

The frame does require some assembly, but it’s not an overly complicated process. The slats will support a twin mattress – no box spring is required.

You will need to supply your own mattress or cushions.

4. Flieks Upholstered Daybed with Two Storage Drawers

Flieks Upholstered Daybed with Two Storage Drawers

Here’s an upholstered daybed that’s full of style. This model from Flieks features a tufted design and storage space. The elegant style of this daybed makes it look just like any other traditional sofa.

Beneath the bed are two pull-out drawers for storage. You can store your pillows, sheets or whatever you need in this space.

The frame of the daybed features sturdy wooden slats. The armrests and fabric backrest add to the comfort and style of this daybed.

This upholstered daybed comes in three colors: dark gray, light gray and cream. You can also choose between twin and full mattress sizes.

Like with most other daybeds, this one does not come with a mattress, so be prepared to supply your own.

5. Bismark 79” Mahogany Outdoor Convertible Sofa Daybed by August Grove®

Mahogany Outdoor Convertible Sofa Daybed

Boasting an indoor/outdoor option, the Bismark is one of the best daybeds for you if you have a nice outdoor space attached to your office. This convertible daybed offers a two-seater design option, UV resistance and comes in a beautiful blue color option.

Durability and strength are added to the chair thanks to the Indonesian mahogany wood that can support up to 500 pounds.

A multistep finish and handcrafted frame make this an environmentally-friendly option for any office. You’ll also receive:

  • 4” cushions
  • 4 toss pillows

Total dimensions with the armrests fully extended are 79” L x 25.5” H x 31” D.

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6. IULULU Sofa Daybed with Adjustable Armrests

Couch Daybed with Adjustable Armrests for Office

IULULU’s daybed is one of the most modern options on our list and it’s perfect for small spaces. Compact living doesn’t get much better than this stylish grey bed, which comes with adjustable armrests.

Add this daybed for office use to your:

  • Apartment
  • Home office
  • Flat
  • Anywhere you like

Featuring a click-clack style, you can lay the bed flat, recline it on one side while reading a book or move it into the upright position. There’s a split back that does allow you to recline one side back, too.

With a weight capacity of 600 pounds, two, three or even four people can sit on the daybed at a time.

The sofa legs are made with a stylish black powered coating, and dimensions are: 71″ L x 33″ W x 31.5″ H. Seat depth is 21.5,” and you can adjust the armrests between four main positions.

7. Novogratz Brittany Daybed with Storage Drawers

Novogratz Brittany Daybed with Storage Drawers

Novogratz’s daybed for office use is a multi-function piece of furniture that comes in a professional, gray linen color. The bed is twin-size, so it’s perfect for a single person and a home office.

You’ll also love the storage drawers at the bottom with dimensions of 35” L x 23.5” W x 6.5” H and a weight limit of 40 pounds each. The daybed itself can hold up to 400 pounds and has dimensions of 81.5” L x 43.5” W x 32.5” H.

The bed is made with:

  • Ribbed tufted backrest
  • Bentwood slat system

Unlike some models, this daybed does have armrests that make it easier to get up and down. You will need to budget for a mattress because it’s not included in the purchase price.

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