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22 Chic Indoor Bench Cushions to Buy Online

Looking for chic indoor bench cushions? Spruce up your space with these 22 cushions that you can buy online today.

22 Chic Indoor Bench Cushions to Buy Online

1. Klear Vu Omega Tufted Bench Cushion

Klear Vu The Gripper Omega Non-Slip Tufted Bench Cushion

Tufted bench cushions are super comfortable, and Klear Vu’s cushions are ultra-plush. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, including turquoise, gray, green, denim and even geometric patterns.

They’re also made with durable upholstery fabric, so you can be sure that they will withstand the test of time.

Just keep in mind that these cushions are on the narrow side (14” wide and 3” thick). If you have a deep indoor bench, you may want to go with another option on our list.

2. Birch Lane’s Sunbrella Cushion

Sunbrella Outdoor 2'' Bench Seat Cushion

Although Birch Lane’s Sunbrella cushion is designed for outdoor use, the color and style also make it perfect for indoor use.

You’ll love that it comes in a wide range of different colors, including a pretty emerald green and rust orange.

If you have a cute bench in your mudroom or entryway, this cushion is perfect. And there are many sizes available, from 2” H X 37” W X 17” D to 60” W X 19” D.

While the design is simple, the vibrant colors and plush thickness make it a great fit for any home.

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3. Sincere Bench Seat Cushions

Sincere Custom Size High Density Upholstery Foam Seat Cushion

The Sincere bench seat cushion is specially designed for indoor benches. But here’s what you’ll really love about these cushions – you can choose your own custom size. So, if you built your own indoor bench and it’s an unusual size, Sincere Store can create a custom cushion for you.

Choose any dimension or shape using the Customize Now feature.

Another great thing about this cushion is that it has a removable cover that’s machine washable. And it has a non-slip back, so the cushion will stay in place.

4. Latitude Run Cushion

Indoor/Outdoor Seat Bench Cushion

Latitude Run’s indoor bench cushions come in beautiful vintage colors, like mustard yellow, tangerine, aqua blue and lime. It’s perfect for benches in entryways, mudrooms or even in living rooms.

Just add some cute throw pillows to tie the look together and make the space look welcoming.

What’s great about this cushion is that you can use it indoors or outdoors, so it’s highly versatile. It’s UV-resistant but still comfortable enough for use inside of your home.

And it has a zipper closure that makes it easy to remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine.

The only drawback? This cushion comes in just one size: 42” W X 19” D X 3.5.”

5. Red Barrel Studio Bench Cushion

Outdoor 3'' Bench Seat Cushion

Red Barrel Studio’s cushion is made for outdoor use, but the fabric comes in so many fun colors that you can’t pass it up. You’ll love the tropical patterns, fun, bright colors and geometric designs that are available.

They’re perfect for breathing new life into your space.

Each cushion has a removable cover and is reversible, so it’s highly versatile. The only complaint is that this cushion only comes in one size: 40” W X 19” D X 3.”

6. Millsilo Bench Cushion

Millsilo Outdoor/Indoor Bench Cushion

Millsilo’s bench cushion is for indoor/outdoor use, so it’s super versatile. It’s great for bay windows, corner nooks and mud room benches. You’ll love that it’s water-resistant, breathable and fade-resistant.

Plus, you can remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine whenever needed.

Rather than having a polyester filling, these cushions are filled with sponge (foam). The foam makes the cushion ultra-comfortable, and the 4” thickness gives you extra cushioning.

Millsilo’s cushion comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and you even have the option of customizing your seat’s shape and features.

7. Seahome Tufted Waterproof Cushion

Outdoor Indoor Bench Cushion

Seahome’s tufted waterproof cushion is great for indoor use, especially if you have a window seat like this:

Along with being plush and comfortable, this cushion is ultra-durable and so easy to clean. It also comes in four great colors (navy, black, gray and red).

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8. Winston Porter Floral Cushion

Outdoor Bench Seat Cushion

Do you love vintage floral patterns? Then you’ll adore Winston Porter’s bench cushions. They’re made for outdoor use, but you can easily place them indoors.

Each cushion has a zipper closer and a reversible design that’s highly versatile. And it’s a great choice for a window bench or nook because it has UV resistance.

9. Rofielty Bench Cushion

ROFIELTY Bench Cushion 45x18 inch

Rofielty’s indoor bench cushions have a tufted design and durable construction. But most importantly, they’re super comfortable. Each cushion is filled with sponge granules that help maintain its shape and comfort level.

Choose from three sizes and 7 colors, or go with the custom option.

10. Dakota Fields Sharwari Cushion

Sharwari Outdoor 3'' Bench Seat Cushion

The Sharwari bench cushion from Dakota Fields has a gorgeous design, with pretty mandala flowers and bright colors. It doesn’t matter that this is an “outdoor” cushion. You can easily bring it indoors and brighten up your space.

Choose from blue and green or pink and orange patterns. And enjoy the water and fade resistance.

11. Winston Porter Bench Cushion

Outdoor 3'' Bench Seat Cushion

We love this bench cushion from Winston Porter because it’s designed for a three-seater bench. And they come in six different widths, ranging from 45” all the way to 63.”

If you have a big window seat or bench and want to add a bright, pretty cushion to your space, this one is it.

12. Pillow Perfect Bench

Pillow Perfect Floral Indoor Outdoor Sofa Setee Bench Swing Cushion with Ties

Pillow Perfect’s indoor bench cushions have really eye-catching patterns that will add character to your space. And you’ll love the fade and water resistance.

Choose from more than a dozen different patterns and colors.

Bonus: You can use these cushions outdoors, too!

13. Kiyeocca Custom Cushions

Kiyeocca Custom Bench Seat Cushion for Indoor Furniture

Kiyeocca’s custom cushions are a great option if you have a bench with an odd shape or size. They also offer standard sizes and over a dozen colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

One thing we love about these cushions is that you can choose your preferred thickness – up to 4.”

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14. Custom Velvet Bench Cushions

Custom Bench Cushions for Indoor Furniture

Love the look of velvet cushions? You’ll adore these cushions, which come in so many beautiful colors: lime, blue, orange, red, purple, pink, yellow and more.

These cushions are thick – 4 inches – and ultra-plush. The corn fleece fabric is soft to the touch, and the tufted design gives this cushion a chic vintage flair.

15. Wade Logan Bench Seat Cushion

Shipton Outdoor 5'' Bench Seat Cushion

Wade Logan’s Shipton cushion is five inches thick (super comfortable) and comes in so many fun patterns and colors, like teal, tropical florals, coral, stripes and more.

Because of its thickness and fun patterns, this cushion would be perfect for a bench at the end of your bed like this:

16. Andover Mills Nook Cushion Set

Indoor 4-Piece Nook Seat Cushion Set

Do you have a nook in your home? Andover Mills has a beautiful 4-piece cushion set that’s perfect for your home. It comes with two longer rectangular cushions, a smaller rectangular cushion and a corner cushion.

There are six colors to choose from: denim, chocolate, moss, burgundy, cream and scarlet. You’re sure to find one that matches your space.

The upholstery is made of nylon microfiber, so it’s super easy to keep clean. The filling is made with polyester, too.

17. Kyaringtso Bench Cushion

Kyaringtso Bench Cushion

Kyaringtso’s bench cushion is designed for indoor/outdoor use, so it’s super versatile. It even has a non-skin bottom to keep the cushion in place.

Choose from over a dozen colors, like teal, pink, purple, gray, beige and coffee. This cushion also comes in two sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your home.

18. SINCERE Custom Cushions for Window Seat

SINCERE Custom Cushions for Window Seat

SINCERE’s indoor bench cushions are perfect for bay windows and feature high-density foam. Multiple length, width and height options are available. Shape options are heart and rectangular and each cushion is machine washable. A non-slip design will keep the cushion in place and the cover is machine washable.

19. JBlWSGT Custom Bench, Chair Cushions

JBlWSGT Custom Bench Chair Cushions for Indoor Outdoor

JBlWSGT’s cushion is designed for indoor use and offers a comfortable memory foam interior. Custom color and size options are available, anti-skid bottoms keep the cushion in place and linen fabric offers fade-resistance and breathability.

Buckle straps are available, along with Velcro straps and other strapping options.

20. Almasi Thickness 2″ Indoor/Outdoor Patio Furniture/Window Seat Bench Cushion

Almasi Thickness 2 Indoor Outdoor Patio Furniture Window Seat Bench Cushion

With over 90 size options, the Almasi cushion has a size option to accommodate any bench size. Two lacing options are available, and the plastic bottom is slip-resistant to keep the cushion firmly in place. You can wash the zipper enclosure to keep the cushion looking its best.

21. Millsilo Custom Bench Cushion

Millsilo Custom Bench Cushion

Millsilo’s bench cushion offers a no-slip design and comes in 99+ color options. You can choose from three thicknesses: 2”, 2.4” and 3”. You can also order a waterproof option, if you have kids or plan to drink while sitting on the bench. You can unzip the cover and wash it, too.

22. Ebern Designs Outdoor 2.17” Bench Cushion

Outdoor 2.17 Bench Cushion

The 2.17” bench cushion from Ebern Designs offers a contemporary style, is wrapped in faux leather upholstery and is filled with foam. Stunning and comfortable, the dimensions of this cushion are 34.02” x 15.98” x 2.17”.

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