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Cargo Pants Are Back in Style: Here Are 21 Top Ways to Wear Them

Cargo pants were a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe in the 90s and early 2000s. They are versatile, comfy, and super flattering. It’s no wonder they are making a huge comeback! However, sporting cargo pants, now compared to the 90s, is an entirely different ballgame. There is a delicate balance between mixing the eras to create a modern look. Luckily, we’ve got you covered!  Here is a list of 21 ways to style cargo pants for almost any occasion.

How to Wear Cargo Pants

1. Pair Them With a Graphic Tee

Pair high-waisted cargo pants with a cute graphic tee and oversized sneakers for a laid-back vibe. Simplicity is the key to pulling this outfit off, so keep the jewelry minimal and accessorize with a small shoulder bag or crossbody. This outfit is super stylish and comfortable, perfect for a brunch date with the girls or running errands.

2. Layer on a Blue Jean Jacket

This look is classy and comfortable and perfect for spring or fall. The jogger-style cargo pants are super chic, and the fitted white shirt adds clean contrast while the denim jacket brings it all together. Add a layered necklace and some simple earrings for an effortlessly stylish outfit, and you’re good to go!

3. Go Chic With a French Tuck

This look is sleek and stylish, and It is perfect for almost any occasion. The cable knit short-sleeved sweater French tucked separates this look, and the sandals make it perfect for spring. Pair with oversized black sunglasses and hoop earrings to complete this look.

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4. Get Trendy With Combat Boots

If you want to make a statement, style a pair of slouchy cargo pants with combat boots and a graphic crop top. Combat boots are super edgy, so pairing them with cargo pants creates the ultimate military vibe that is all the rage. The crop top adds an element of femininity to balance it out.  If you don’t like baring skin, you can opt for a form-fitting shirt or sweater. Add a pair of small gold hoop earrings and a simple crossbody bag to bring this outfit together.

5. Rock Them With Flannel

Pairing your cargo pants with a flannel shirt gives off the ultimate grunge vibe. This outfit is chic and edgy all at once. Complete the look with sneakers or combat boots and form a fitted crop top underneath. If you decide to wear jewelry, keep it minimal. Anything too glitzy will interfere with the cool girl vibe.

6. Style Them With an Off-The-Shoulder Sweater

There is something about an oversized sweater that hangs off your shoulder that’s ultra-feminine and delicate, which is the opposite of the laid-back feel of the cargo pants. The contrast between the two creates a sporty vibe that we totally love. This outfit looks best with a pair of sneakers. But you could also get away with a pair of neutral sandals or flip-flops. You can also transform this into the perfect date night outfit by opting for cargo joggers instead and strappy heels

7. Pair Your Cargo Pants With a Button Down

This look is perfect if you are going for business casual. The high-rise cargo pants paired with a crisp button-down and pointy heels provide an element of sophistication and class. We love the look of the cropped button-down for this outfit, but a regular button-down tucked in will work nicely, too.

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8. Wear Them With an Oversized Sweater

When you want to look super stylish without looking like you tried, wear your cargo pants with an oversized sweater layered over a turtleneck. This look is ultra-fresh and effortless. Complete the look with some comfy sneakers with a bright pop of color.

9. Get Edgy With a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets go with almost anything and can take an outfit from drab to fab in a pinch. We love how electrifying this outfit is; pairing a simple pair of khaki cargo pants with a white flowy crop, pointed-toe boots, and layering on a snappy leather jacket for the ultimate edgy vibe.

10. Wear Them  With a Blazer

This outfit has elements of the old-money aesthetic vibe currently on trend. Old money aesthetics are about quiet elegance, often mixing modern looks with timeless pieces. The blazer elevates this casual pair of cargo pants and relaxed-fit ribbed sweater, making it effortlessly posh. We recommend accessorizing with chunky gold earrings and a delicate necklace.

11. Pair Your Cargo Pants With a Timeless Trenchcoat

Some may think pairing cargo pants with a classic staple piece like a trench coat is a faux pas, but if done correctly, you are sure to make a statement. The key to pulling this off is to opt for jogger-style cargo pants instead of the wide-leg, slouchy variety. Wearing baggy pants with a trenchcoat could look bulky and not complimentary. Pair the outfit with a striped, oversized v-neck and pointed-toe shoes to bring an element of class and style.

12. Get Them in Pink

While most outfits featuring cargo pants remain neutral, this outfit is for those who want to go bold and vibrant. Style bright pink cargo pants with a graphic tee and white chunky ankle boots for a cross between girly and a full-on baddie vibe. Keep it simple with minimal jewelry and a crossbody bag.

13. Wear Them With Red Heels

Pairing a neutral pair of cargo pants with bright red heels will be sure to make a statement! We love this look with a tucked-in band tee containing red because it balances beautifully and is artsy. If red isn’t your thing, get creative with different bright, bold colors like yellow or hot pink!

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14. Wear Them With a Puffer Coat

This outfit is perfect for winter, and we love its simplicity. Puffer coats are super in right now, and styling them with cargo pants and sneakers will make you look effortlessly trendy. We recommend a cropped puffer for this look, or you can bring some personality by pairing an oversized puffer and platform shoes instead.

15. Wear Them With a Tied-Up Tee

If you haven’t caught on, you can never go wrong by pairing your joggers with a graphic tee.

We love the cool girl vibe this outfit portrays. The elastic waistband cargo joggers and white sneakers scream comfy and casual, while the tied-up band tee makes it fresh and exhilarating.

16. Pair Your Cargo Pants With a Basic Tank

Sometimes, you need to stick to the basics. This outfit is perfect for summer and has a trendy boho look. This simple black tank top and slouchy cargo paired with flip-flops is so chic. Pair it with delicate gold jewelry and a crossover bag with some character.

17. Wear Them With a Bodysuit

Bodysuits are universally flattering and pair well with any clothing piece. That’s why we love styling a cute bodysuit with cargo pants. You can dress it up or down depending on your mood or occasion. Choose a high-cut bodysuit and low-rise joggers to bare some skin. Since this outfit is so basic, feel free to go bold with the accessories. This is the perfect outfit to pair with your statement earrings or handbag. Or, keep it simple with a mini shoulder bag and simple hoops.

18. Wear Them With a Belt

We love everything about this outfit! The fitted tucked sweater and rolled-up cargo pants make a stylish statement, then add a chunky black belt and pointed-toe boots, and you have fashion gold. Accessorize this outfit with a statement hat and a simple clutch. This leather newsboy hat has total 90s vibes, and we’re here for it.

19. Go For Denim Cargo Pants

Fresh out of the nineties come denim cargo pants, making a bold comeback. To style a pair of denim cargo pants, wear an oversized sweater with a French tuck, pointed-toe heels, and a large bag. Everything about this outfit is chic and trendy while portraying an element of comfort. It has that laid-back and relaxed vibe while still looking ultra-sleek.

20. Stay in Your Sweats

While it’s nice to dress up, sometimes we just want to stay super comfy in our sweatpants, and this outfit is just that. Pair your cargo sweatpants with comfortable tennis shoes and a crop top or cropped sweatshirt, and run your errands in style. Add a cute baseball cap to this outfit to take it up a notch.

21. Wear Them With an Over-The-Shoulder Sweater

Remember the old money aesthetic? Here is another way to style cargo pants that combines modern and preppy to portray a look that’s totally old-money chic. Just tuck a fitted white tank into a pair of slouchy cargo pants and tie a sweater over your shoulders so that it hangs casually. It shouldn’t fall perfectly on your back. Add a pair of white pointed-toe heels and a statement bag to complete this trendy look.

Final Thoughts

I think we can all agree that cargo pants are a fashion piece you should add back to your wardrobe immediately or dig out a pair from back in the day that may be hanging out in your storage (no judgment). You are sure to make a statement in whichever style you decide to rock.


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